Favorite Halloween Treats

I was on deadline. It’s not my fault. I sent my husband out to get the Halloween treats, and he came home with… Cheetos?

Halloween Cheetos

See? I kid you not. Trick-or-treat Cheetos in glow-in-the-dark bags. Clearly a winning strategy from the Cheetos marketing team, since I doubt anyone would’ve thought of this on their own. When I think Halloween, I think candy. And not even just candy. For me, it’s gotta be chocolate.

Hershey's KissesAt first, I was outraged. Cheetos???? Cheetos????!!!! How could he do this to me? It’s been a long time since Halloween gave me nightmares, but this just might do it.

Turns out, though, not everyone agrees with me. I told a couple friends about the Cheetos Catastrophe, and they said they would’ve loved to get Cheetos at Halloween. So maybe we don’t risk eggs splattered on our windows if we give these out. Plus—and I keep trying to convince myself this is a good thing—I’ll be less tempted to sneak into the treats. Cheetos, I can resist. Hershey’s Kisses? Not a chance.

A High-End Finish by Kate CarlisleA TREAT FOR YOU

Readers’ favorite treats are books. (Hey, maybe next Halloween, I should give out books! Nah… kids would get Cheetos all over the pages.) Ahem…. Anyway, I have a treat for you! I’m running a contest right now on my Facebook page, Facebook.com/KateCarlisleBooks, along with mystery authors Miranda James and Jenn McKinlay. On Halloween, we’ll choose a winner to receive a $30 gift card to the bookstore of his or her choice! We’re all celebrating our newest releases. Mine is A HIGH-END FINISH, coming next week… the first book in my brand new Fixer-Upper Mysteries series!

What is your favorite Halloween treat? Would you be happy to get Cheetos? Have you ever tricked someone who didn’t give you a treat?

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Kate,
    I’m okay with Cheetos. I’m actually craving them right now. My favorite Halloween treats were Swedish Fish and Whoppers. I would always eat those first, but if I had extra I would make sure to save some for later.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Beware, Jane. The Golden Rooster loves Cheetos, too! If you bring any into your house, he will be on them like white on rice. You have been warned! 😀

    • I love Whoppers! There’s something addictive about cracking them open and sucking on them until they get mushy.

      Take care of the Golden One! I’ve heard he steals Swedish Fish, so watch out!!

  • Cathy P says:

    Hi Kate! I prefer something chocolate but would be OK with Cheetos or Pretzels.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Chocolate in a form of snickers or tootsie rolls.

  • flchen1 says:

    LOL!! I have to say that while Cheetos are not what I’d have considered a traditional Halloween treat, they are rather festively colored for the holiday 😉 And they are strangely addictively delicious… My favorite treats are gummies. And chocolate, preferably Twix bars…

  • Helen says:

    Hi Kate

    We are really only starting to celebrate Halloween here in Oz and I have have a big bag of lollies (candy) to hand out candied pumpkins body parts and lots more and my grandkids are so excited 🙂 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Candied pumpkin body parts???? That sounds like the perfect Halloween treat! I love it! I can’t think of anything like that here in the States. Has anyone else seen candied pumpkin body parts here, because that honestly seems like something a mystery writer should know about! I should bring them to my book signings.

  • Mozette says:

    Halloween was a fun time for my family. My brother and I were happily trick’n’treating right into our teenaged years and loved it!

    We used to get our fair share of tricks, and we’d trick people too… and get great lollies – which our folks never let us eat until the next day (well, okay, they let us eat probably one, brush our teeth and then go to bed).

    The worse people for Halloween were the old people in the cul-de-sac… man! They used to give out old, used toothbrushes and dental floss… I mean, okay if they were new in the packet, but old??? Then, there’d be the health nuts up the road who gave boxes of saltanas and raisins…. woah!

    On my last Halloween – aged 16 – I decided to play the utimate trick on our next door neighbour – who looked like Broom Hilda. She honestly did! She was tall, wore black all the time, had thick, burgundy, wiry hair and wore a metric tonne of make-up! she was also the crazy cat lady of our neighbourhood… well, I rang the bell, but she called through the door that ‘we’re not home!’ (jeez, how dumb did she think I was?), so Dad turned to leave and I pulled out an apple the health nuts gave me and placed it on the doormat… (you know, from the story ‘Snow White’… she was the wicked witch…hahahahaaa). Well, Dad didn’t get it, but Mum did, so did my brother.

    Well, the neighbour never spoke to me again… and she started to wear less make-up and other colours… after that. I think she got the message she was viewed as something evil.

    But she still had the huge collection of cats – all 19 of them! 🙁

    • Okay, that is beyond wrong, giving out old toothbrushes on Halloween. I think even new toothbrushes are wrong, unless the kid is trick-or-treating in the dentist’s office. Yes, parents should certainly make their kids brush their teeth after all that candy… but don’t give out a toothbrush as a “treat.” Fail!

  • Shannon says:

    Back in the day a) I wasn’t allegoric to chocolate and b) mass marketing hadn’t hit northern Idaho.

    When I was pretty young, we got homemade cookies, some lady’s frosted brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts, and caramel apples. As we got older the scares meant that people handed the wrapped chocolate treats, of which Hershey’s dark chocolate, nestle crunch, and three musketeers were my favorites.

    On the modern adult end, I was reading an on line chat about the holiday. One woman was fretting about a neighbor’s comment that they should not/not be turning out the porch light and both parents taking multiple young kids trick or treating. Their neighbor’s reason was one of them should be there reasoning that if they were getting they should be giving. One person shot back, “your kids are only young once; you’ll have many years to be at the door.” People pointed out they had tried the bowl on the porch to see the candy and the bowl disappear. One chatter reported that his colleague had to rush home to put out an empty bowl with a note “Sorry all gone.” I never knew all of this went on in my big-city.

    • LOL! He started out the night with an empty bowl and a note saying “All gone”? That’s just poor sportsmanship!

      I agree with the people who said the kids are only young once. No one should feel obligated to stay home to hand out candy. There are plenty of people who enjoy it (like me). Kids don’t have to get candy at every single house!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Kate, as kids we really looked forward to Halloween. Since there were 5 of us, we would get our haul, go home, and begin the massive sorting project.

    My mother was the recipient of all Almond Joys, since none of us liked those. The Mounds were dead to me, since I didn’t like coconut then, so they got tossed aside. Some of us had particular favorites among hard candies, like the extra-cinnamony ones. I always LOVED the peanut butter taffy chews with the tiny speck of peanut butter in the middle. Those things are still awesome! You rarely find them anymore, though, except in “vintage candy” collections.

    These days, it’s all about the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, baby. I would trade almost anything in a treat bag for a Reese’s! Also, those pumpkin-shaped candy corns. OMG, those things are like sugar bombs!

    • Ooooh, Reese’s! And how do you eat them? Do you just bite in, or do you nibble away the edges?

      I have such fond memories of the Great Candy Sort every Halloween! Works out so well when the kids in the family have different favorites.

      • Caren Crane says:

        I usually mix up my Reese’s technique, depending on my mood and how much time I have to indulge. I am fond of nibbling the chocolate off the edges, then enjoying the peanut butter with chocolate just on the top and bottom. Of course, they almost destroyed me when they came out with the DARK CHOCOLATE ones. Those are heavenly. Fortunately, they don’t have them around much, so that’s good. Otherwise, I would be weighing in at least 30 pounds more than I am now. Can’t have that!

  • Laurie G says:

    My favorite Halloween treats are M&M’s and Milky Ways.

    I would love Cheetos too. They’re my favorite salty

    I’ve never tricked someone who didn’t give me a treat.

    • You’re a kind woman, Laurie. I’ve never tricked anyone, too. I imagined some very devious tricks, but never followed through.

      I love M&Ms! The problem is, I never know when to stop. They seem so small and harmless, but they’re like ants… dangerous in numbers!

  • Deb says:

    I used to buy the cheap candy….just so I wouldn’t get into it, but, then, went back to buying the good stuff. Any Hershey’s chocolate or Snickers or Tootsie Rolls are my favorites. Not sure we will turn our porch light on this year. I have appointments that day, and lack if funds makes me question about forking out candy. My daughter is in 8th grade and won’t trick-or-treat. Our rule was 7th grade, then done. It does irritate me to see high school kids come to my door, but really irks me when they have no costume.

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    I like Cheetos! I would prefer chocolate in just about any form but Cheetos would work too. I never tricked anyone, it was just a thrill for me to be out and about. When I was a young’un there was no time limit and I lived on a main roadway, Dad would let me walk a way then drive me up for another stint of walking. My cut off time was around 9 but I remember kids coming to the house even after midnight.
    I am not happy when I see teenagers or even older gathering candy with no costume and absolutely no manners whatsoever. If I didn’t say thank you without prompting my dad made me put the candy back, no lie!
    The littles ones get about three pieces, the big ones that should be home get one tiny piece,

  • Rita Wray says:

    I love Milky Ways, I think I’m addicted to them lol I like Cheetos too when I want something salty. No I’ve never tricked anyone.

    • Milky Ways… all that marshmallowy goodness, with caramel and chocolate… yep, I could go for that!

      I’m still not 100% convinced about the Cheetos, but I’m coming around.

  • catslady says:

    I think you’re fine with the Cheetos lol. Variety is nice and I usually like a little bit of everything. One thing I did hate though when my kids use to go trick or treating was the drinks. For a while there everyone seemed to be giving them out. They’re so HEAVY and not very exciting lol.

  • Hey Kate –
    LOVE that cover!!! Love the concept for the series, but I especially love that cover –

    Okay – Halloween – As a kid, I loved all things chocolate – and those little peanut butter chews. I think they were called Mary Janes. And those bulls-eyes, the caramel wrapped around powdered sugar. Guess I like all things sweet 🙂

    I give out candies that I wouldn’t mind eating myself if we don’t get a lot of kids. I especially like baby ruths and almond joys. Oh and Kit Kats and reese cups. 🙂 I really wouldn’t mind a bag of Cheetos – it would be a nice change. I’ve never played a trick on anyone on Halloween…but looking over my post, I think my passion for sweets have played a trick on me, i.e. the mirror. 🙂

    • Thanks, Donna! I have been smiled upon by the cover gods! 🙂 Wait until you see the cover of THIS OLD HOMICIDE, the 2nd Fixer-Upper Mystery. It’s delicious! I just loooove it!

      Anything with peanut butter and chocolate has my stamp of approval! YUM!

  • Kate, the glow-in-the-dark bags would win me over to the Cheetos. Ordinary bags, not so much!

    My favorite Halloween treat is midget Milky Way bars (which I do not EVER fry even though some people like them that way), and I’ve never tricked someone who didn’t give me a treat.

    I’m so excited about your new series launching. Can’t wait to read it!

    • I can’t quite wrap my brain around the idea of frying a candy bar. Who on earth came up with that idea in the first place? Maybe a secret ploy by the manufacturers of heart stents.

  • Cassondra says:

    Cheetos in Glow bags? I would be totally good with that!

    I’m serious! I love Cheetos. And the bags would seal the deal. In fact, if I had a choice of a bunch of other candy or the Cheetos, I’d probably take the Cheetos because of the cool bags!

    My favorite treats were the homemade ones. My mom made popcorn balls and real caramel hand-dipped apples, and every kid got one of each. The lady down the street made Bourbon balls for all the kids.

    Yeah, Bourbon balls–strong ones–for the kids.

    Nobody ever said anything, but usually the parents ended up with the Bourbon balls.

    Just sayin.

  • I LOVE that cover, Kate! Cannot wait to get into this series!

    I do like Cheetos, so the glow in the dark bags would be a perk!

    My favorite Halloween candy is anything Reese’s!

    And I have never tricked someone who didn’t give me a treat!

  • deb meredith says:

    Cheetos are definitely different for Halloween but I wouldn’t mind getting them. And they are the perfect color for the season.

    My favorite treats were Stickers, Three Marketeers and homemade popcorn balls. Of course these days I wouldn’t let a child touch home made goodies until I know who made it. Developing a nut allergy has ruined my enjoyment of most candy and a lot of desserts but I can still enjoy Hershey Kisses and do every chance I get. Lol

  • honeychile says:

    I went for the Cheetos this year, but it’s purely financial. We are participating in a trunk or treat and have been told to prepare for at least 200 kids. Chocolate and other good candy is not in my budget for that many. My grandson and I are dressing like chefs (with the hat and apron in Halloween fabric) and we’re planning to have the packages in a caldron. As we take each pack out, we’ll “charge” the glow-in-the-dark package with a blacklight flashlight and hand it to the child brightly glowing. I hope that will be fun!