Deadly Little Lies

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Billionaire industrialist Dav Gianikopolis believes in working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labors.  He believes in legacies, but given the dark and dangerous legacy his own father passed on, he’s not sure he really wants to take the chance on love and marriage.  Nearly getting killed – and having his best friend nearly die in his arms – changes his mind, and Dav decides its time to settle down.  He decides he’s going to marry Carrie McCray, the woman he’s been drawn to for years, but never been able to reach.  When she finally agrees to a date, everything goes horribly wrong and Dav and Carrie are kidnapped, whisked away to an unknown location, with the threat of death hanging over every move, every word.  Locked away underground in an impenetrable cell, how can Dav and Carrie survive, much less, escape?  When their captors are murdered before their eyes, with no warning, they must work together to escape, or perish.  Having finally found a woman he can trust, and maybe even love, Dav isn’t giving up, and neither are his friends and colleagues Gates Bromley and Ana Burton-Bromley.  In another fast-paced, brilliantly written suspense, author Jeanne Adams has given readers a roller-coaster ride of thrills, chills, suspense and hot, passionate romance.