Darynda Jones and the Grim Reaper….


Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful All Hallow’s Eve! I know I usually talk about pumpkins and leaves and trickertreating and all that, but I thought I’d change it up a bit and invite The Grim Reaper. Bwahahahaha!

Actually, I’m inviting the wonderful DARYNDA JONES, and her fabulous character, Charley Davidson, AKA The Grim Reaper. Darynda started this journey with a Golden Heart win with FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT, then once published hit the USA Today Bestsellers list, and the New York Times Bestsellers list, then won a Daphne du Maurier award and a Rita. Whew! Charley’s been BUSY!

In amongst that, she’s also written a YA called DEATH AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, which came out earlier this month. The fourth book in Charley’s saga came out YESTERDAY!!! Order it NOW on your Nook or Kindle! WOOT!

(And if I’m slow to comment, it’s probably because I’m reading FOURTH GRAVE UNDER MY FEET!  Of course it could also be because I have no power, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but…I can still read!  Since Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys, she’s going to be here even if I can’t be!)

Darynda, WELCOME to the Bandit Lair!

Darynda: Thank you so much for having me!!!

Jeanne: So, first, tell us what got you started in this crazy writing game. Were you like some of the Banditas, writing since you were small? Or did you have one of those epiphanies: “I can DO this!”? Or something entirely different?

Darynda: The making-up-stories part came to me very early. I would pretend to write a story even before I could write, and the minute I learned how to, I started writing stories for real. I would write anything. I started with plays and poetry and advanced to short stories and news stories. If it could be written, I’d do it. But it wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized I wanted to BE a writer. I thought you had to be a stone genius or have a major addiction to even consider writing as a career. I was neither a genius nor an addict, but a friend convinced me I would write despite these drawbacks.

Jeanne: Okay, I’m snickering over the addiction bit. I guess you don’t mean an addiction to books! Hahaha! We love Call Stories in the Lair. In fact, we’d love to hear BOTH your call stories, for FIRST GRAVE and for DEATH AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR!

Darynda: Winning the Golden Heart helped move the sale along quite a bit. Within days of the win, my newly acquired and super savvy agent, Alexandra Machinist, had several requests. And about a week after she submitted First Grave, we had our first offer from Jennifer Enderlin of St. Martin’s Press for a three-book deal. But I didn’t know that because I was in a district-wide meeting.

I was working for the schools at the time as an interpreter, and this was our first day back. So after a few games of phone tag, Alexandra finally got a hold of me and asked if I was sitting down. The offer was amazing and I admit it, I cried. Then I’m pretty sure I slipped into a state of shock, one I stayed in for quite some time. My husband freaked out too. It was funny.

I still had meetings all that first day and I could barely sit through them. It was quite torturous really. And don’t even ask how I slept that night! By the next morning we had a couple more offers, and just before it went to auction, Jennifer swept in with an amazing preempt we couldn’t turn down. Jennifer called me that afternoon so we could meet “voice to voice”. She was so wonderful. I am so amazingly blessed to be working with her. We are currently on our 7th book together, and I am more convinced she is a genius with each one. Both Alexandra and Jennifer are incredible.

As for the call story for Death and the Girl Next Door, again, I was shocked. Jennifer wanted it too! How lucky can one girl be, honestly?

Jeanne: That’s outstanding! I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s, having worked with her on the Washington Romance Writer’s Retreat for a number of years. And St. Martin’s is a wonderful house to publish with! But, with your success with Charley, what made you turn to YA? Or did you already have the YA written when Charley hit big?

Darynda: You guessed it! I already had the YA written. I wrote it years before FIRST GRAVE, but believing it would never sell, I stole a lot of the elements out of it to put in the Charley Davidson series. So I had to rewrite the whole story with an all-new underlying foundation, and believe me, that is FAR easier to say than do. Never again. LOL

Jeanne: *wince* Yep, I’ve “been there done that” so I can empathize. Ouch. Now, for what I really want to know…How did you dream up the absolutely sexy, delicious character of Reyes?

Darynda: Thank you! I’m fond of him, too. Basically, I just wanted a mix of power and bad boy, and who better to carry out that responsibility than the son of evil incarnate? I wanted my hero to be just a TAD more powerful than my heroine. For now, at least. And I wracked my brain trying to come up with a being that would fit in my paranormal world and be able to give Charley a run for her money. I think he does a splendid job! And being the son of the most beautiful angel ever to grace the clouds of heaven? He had to be gorgeous. How could he not be?

Jeanne: *Dreamy sigh* Uh, absolutely. *wipes drool off chin* Sorry. Got lost there for a minute. :> And to completely change the subject so I don’t get any more hot and bothered over Reyes, what does Charley think of Halloween?

Darynda: I asked Charley she said (and I quote), “Halloween is great! I mean, it’s orange! How can any unrecognized holiday that is orange not be great?” In her defense, she does have an attention problem that affects her view of the world.

Jeanne: And what about Reyes? What does HE think about Halloween?

Darynda: Okay, it took a while to track him down (and then I had to stop and stare a bit), but he said Halloween is no different than any other day of the year except for the fact that Charley dresses all sexy sometimes. So that makes it A-OK in his book.

Jeanne: Well there you go! He maybe atypical in some ways, but that is just a typical “GUY” response!  Ha!  Nevertheless, two YES votes for Halloween! Huzzah!   And since we’re on the subject of the spooky and sexy, you must tell us about Lorelei, Jared and Cameron from DEATH AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR!  Where did this story “come from”?

Darynda: Their story just kind of hit me one day while I was working at the high school in my hometown. I thought how fun it would be to take a bunch of kids and force them to face impossible odds. You know, like a supernatural war on Earth that only they can stop. Fun times, let me tell ya! And the trilogy was born.

Jeanne: Would you like to share an excerpt? Set it up for us…

Darynda: I would love to share an excerpt from Death and the Girl Next Door. This is where our heroine, Lorelei, first meets our hero who is going by the name Jared.


I scanned the distance back to see if Mr. Davis was still standing watch. Instead, I found Cameron Lusk. He hadn’t gone to class. I could see him through the plate-glass windows that lined the front of Riley High. He stood leaning against the building, looking directly at me, a strange expression I couldn’t decipher shadowing his face.

I offered my own glare, completely perplexed. The guy had never shown the slightest bit of interest in me. Then, out of nowhere, I couldn’t turn around without finding him waiting for me, watching, like he was mentally calculating how long it would take to strangle the life out of my body. A cold chill shimmied down my spine with the thought.

And worse, I didn’t know what to do about it. I didn’t want to alarm my grandparents. They had enough to worry about. The anniversary of my parents’ disappearance always put them in a strange state, as it did me. I didn’t want to call the police. Naturally, they would have to tell my grandparents. And I was nowhere near moronic enough to pretend I could take him. Boys, no matter how lanky, were generally strong.

“I’m stronger.”

I jumped at the sound of a male voice behind me and whirled around to slam face- first into a brick wall. My notebook flew out of my arms, launching a ticker tape parade of science notes into the air. They floated down to land in whispery chaos on the ground.

For a second I just stood there in shock until humiliation took hold and surged through me with a fiery vengeance. I could feel my cheeks heating as I looked up. And up. Into the eyes of the offending wall.

I stilled.

It was the new guy. And his eyes were amazing. Dark, steady, penetrating. Penetrating?

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Where’d penetrating come from? I felt my cheeks grow even hotter. “Of course,” I said, glancing down to hide my face and my bruised pride. I tucked a curl behind an ear and bent to gather my notes.

Supernova knelt to help me.

“You don’t need to do that,” I said, even more embarrassed as he scooped up my messy notes before I could get to them. Honestly, why couldn’t I at least try to write neatly?

“I don’t mind,” he said, lifting the drawing I’d done that morning.

I snatched it out of his hand before he could get a good look. He glanced at me but not in surprise at what I’d done. More like curiosity. His dark gaze was startlingly intense. The contrast of molasses- colored eyes and hair made his flawless skin appear almost translucent. The effect was haunting.

I forced my thoughts back to the present. “I’m Lorelei,” I managed at last.

He hesitated as he had with Mr. Davis. After a quick glance over his shoulder, he stood and offered his hand. “I’m Jared.” I almost looked at the poster again. Instead, I shut my eyes as a slow dawning crept over me. I recognized his face. I’d drawn it that very morning. I’d been dwelling on it for three days. It was him. The boy. Only the puzzle was complete, and what a puzzle it was.

Jeanne: WOW, that’s outstanding! Love it! And can’t wait to finish FOURTH GRAVE and start on DEATH AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. (It’s my treat for finishing edits!)

Darynda: Thank you! And I’m convinced rewards like that are essential. Edits are hard!

Jeanne: They are hard, but they do make the book better so I’m slogging through. Ha! Now that I’ve plied you with endless questions, do you have one you’d like to ask our Bandita Buddies and Banditas?

Darynda:  I do! Here’s my question for the Bandits and your readers. If you met Death in any shape or fashion, and he wasn’t there for YOU, what would you ask?

Jeanne:  GREAT question!  Okay, Banditas and Buddies, have at it.  BTW, Darynda is giving away a copy of DEATH AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and FOURTH GRAVE UNDER MY FEET – one to a commenter today, and one will be in the Members Only prize package in November!

(Photos are from my own collection, courtesy of Darynda Jones, Wikimedia Commons and Pinterest Free)

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  • Fedora says:

    Oooh, very interesting, Darynda! I’m not sure what I’d want to know–maybe how it felt to be the bearer of such a “job”… what life is like to be the taker of life…

    I’m sure it would be fascinating and troubling!

    • Fedora, congrats on the rooster!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Fedora! Congrats on nabbing the Golden Rooster. :>

      What a great question! Charley tends to “reap” after people are already dead, and solve crimes, which is cool. On the “taking” however, there’s an interesting take on that in Piers Anthony’s series where Death is a job you get for a decade or so. Grins. That’s To Ride a Pale Horse. It really interferes with your day job too…

    • Yes! Congrats on the rooster! LOL. And I understand. I think talking to Death would be…intimidating. 🙂

  • Darynda, welcome! I loved First Grave on the Right. This is a wonderful idea for a series.

    What would I ask Death? Hmm. How about “How do you know whom to pick up and when?”

  • Efthalia says:

    Hi Darynda and Jeanne,

    I’d ask, “Do you you want a beer?” Sheesh… even death has to complain about his/her job at some point.


  • blodeuedd says:

    Truthfully I do not think I’d ask him anything, I’d be too afraid

  • Valerie Dechevres says:

    HI Darynda and Jeanne,

    I’d ask him one hour with the loved ones I lost to talk to them one last time.

    Thanks for your great books Darynda.

    Valerie from Belgium

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Valerie! *waving toward Belgium!*

      That would be cool. Anyone in particular you’d like to chat with? I’d love to ask my mother for four or five recipes, and ask my great grandmother her real name…genealogy’s hard when you don’t know a name! Grins.

      • Valerie Dechevres says:

        Yes I’d love to chat with my mum. I lost her a long time ago and my godfather who died last may. My mum had some great recipes too I’d like to ask and I need some advices from her. And to my godfather I’d like just to tell him I love him. I didn’t have the time.

    • Oooo, Valerie, I love that! What a great idea. Thanks!

  • Helen says:

    Whoo hoo what a great story love it and the sound of the books must get these.

    I would probably be in too much shock to ask a question or shaking like a leaf LOL

    It is Halloween here in Oz and I have had some kids dressed up really good knocking on the door and we had chocolates that Hayley and Jayden were so excited to hand out.

    Have Fun

    I hope you get your power back on soon Jeanne and that you are all safe.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, Helen! It IS catching on, even in Oz! Too cool!

      We have power!! Hallelujah! The Frankenstorm hit us hard, with massive amounts of wind and rain, but we were spared the brunt of it here in DC. Not to downplay those who are out of power, or have downed trees, but we got off lightly. We lost power for a while, but have it back. Whew!

      Really keeping those in NY/NJ and points North and East in my thoughts and prayers. Yikes. Some of the pictures are Halloween-scary-spooky, and not in a good way. Going to donate blood later. Hope, if folks can here in the states, they will too.

    • Oh yay! Hope you are having fun, Helen!

  • Mozette says:

    Now, I’m gonna sound like a crazy person here, but I have regular contact with Death. He’s not a nice character. He’s very much like a bully at school who keeps following you around and picking on you… and doesn’t get it that you’ve grown up.

    Having cheated Death once in my life, I know he doesn’t like me. And so, when somebody close to me is near passing away, he pays me a visit through a dream or – if he really wants to be smart-arse – while I’m awake (and that really creeps me out).
    The first time I met him one of my neighbours was very sick. I had become close friends with my neighbour and his wife… and I dreamt of this very famous person who was all over the news; and he was a very hot young man. So, the first thing I did was say hi – not knowing who the heck he was – and give him a hug. As soon as I did, I realised it was the wrong move. He didn’t smell like a human being, he was clammy and cold, and yet didn’t sweat like a human; instead, I felt as though I had come close to a walking, talking cardboard cutout of a human. Stepping back a bit, he introduced himself, “You don’t want to get that close to me again, okay? I’m Death.” I was repulsed. He kept talking telling me all about my friend and his sickness, and how he was going to die in 3 day’s time… and what time too. Exactly 3 days later, on the exact time he told me, my neighbour’s sick husband died. Two weeks later, I had a dream about him – the husband – and found him at their first house where their settled after the kids grew up. He was around 40 years old and said he’d wait there for his wife; and for her to take her time. I passed the message on to his wife before she moved away… but I knew she was happy to know he was happy where he was and relieved he wasn’t pining for her.

    The last time I saw Death was 2 days before my Uncle’s passing this April just gone. I was washing up in his kitchen. Dad and Uncle Allan’s friend, Frank, was cleaning the pool when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a suit standing on the back deck leaning on the treadmill watching them. I dared to look straight at him and he didn’t vanish (like hallucinations normally do), instead he turned and looked at me. I knew exactly who he was and said, “What are you doing here?” little did I know Frank had come inside and he answered me, “We’re here to clean the pool.” and I nearly crapped myself and looked around at him. By the time I looked outside at Death again, he was gone. I knew right then, he wasn’t coming home again. Two days later, my Uncle had passed away.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Wow, Mozette! That’s…both scary and cool. I’m sorry you get the “advance warning” on this though. That’s got to be a bit of a burden.

      And I could see the whole cold/clammy thing….*shiver!*

      • Mozette says:

        You know, it was really hard to tell her about when her husband was going to pass away; as one of our other neighbours kept taking her little girl over there all the time. I ended up asking her to keep her at home on the night of when he was going to pass away – begging her to – but she didn’t listen to me. Her daughter needed counseling for about a year afterwards; and she’s autistic, which made it harder for her to understand what happened.

        But when I told the widow about the second dream, it was easier as I asked her a few simple questions about where they lived; and knew I had the right place. She was amazed at how detailed the dream was, where the house was and how spot-on I was about things – like the fact that there was a Jacaranda Tree that had been struck by lightning out the front by a storm and the local council had removed it; and I had arrived only days later as there were still flowers on the ground to collect – so it was around November when I showed up. And the fact her husband had picked their first home after the kids moved out… she loved it. I said that when she does leave to pass away, that’s the place to go to. She said she’d remember that. I hope she has. 😀

    • Caren Crane says:

      Mozette, you are really a cool customer. I would have been crapping my pants even during the dream about the movie star, much less the in-person encounter. Yikes! You are amazingly strong. I’m sure you were a great comfort to the widow, too. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, this gift of yours!

      • Efthalia says:

        Hi Mozette,

        Wow, that’s one talent. Although it’s scary and difficult to live with the knowledge that it’s going to happen and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

        You’re a tough cookie. That’s why you can see. Not everyone can do that.


        • Mozette says:

          Hey gals,

          The one thing you have to remember with Death is that he can’t change what’s going to happen. He’s not really big on his job either; so when somebody cheats him out of work, like I did surviving a cancer (I was 6 months off dying. All I did was get surgery done and I avoided cancer), he wasn’t pleased.
          However, when my Grandmother passed away a few years after that, she opened a kind of door way for me. She returned in a dream and apologised for lying to me on her last few days… ‘but the Boss upstairs needed me badly’. After dreaming about her, I began having dreams about dead people and Death. Whatever Grandma did, she knew I could handle it. But I’ve had a few like-minded people help me along the way in understanding it better too.

          One guy, Will, has stuck close by me as a friend and a love interest because he wants to know more about how I do this dance/talk with Death and yet avoid getting hurt or spooked out. And you know, I find that I don’t get scared of weird things as much as I used to before my Grandma passed away. I guess she helped me become a stronger person in myself by having this gift in that aspect too.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry about your losses, Mozette. But wow. That is kind of cool. Or I think it is. Since it’s not me… One never knows. thank you so much for your story!

  • ellie says:

    Death would be a fascinating subject to talk about. I would ask why it takes some people earlier than others and what is the justice in that. Welcome Darynda. Your books are unique and captivating. best wishes.

  • pearl says:

    Since most people avoid speaking about the end I would approach death with a question. Why at the end do we welcome death.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Pearl! Welcome to the Lair today. :> I like that question. I can think of several ways to answer that, but since I’m not Charley, then I’ll keep my answers to myself! HA!

    • Wow, I was just thinking about this, Pearl! I was listening to an audiobook on my way home from a book signing last night, Jim Butcher’s Storm Front, and when Harry thought he was going to die, he welcomed it. I thought, wow, that seems to be true quite often. Maybe it’s an acceptance of the inevitable. A shedding of worldly responsibilities. Great question!

  • Connie Fischer says:

    What a question! Maybe I would have to approach him in a humorous way (which, hopefully, will result in him giving me more than my allotted time) and ask him if he just hates his job!

    Congratulations on your successes!

    Happy Halloween, Everyone!

  • jo robertson says:

    Welcome to the Lair, Darynda, and congratulations on your wild success! Loved the YA excerpt.

    Hmmm, I think I’d ask Death when he came for real to make it quick and painless. I’m a wiennie that way!

  • anne says:

    Welcome Darynda! Death is what we prefer to avoid but it is inevitable. I would like to why many die too soon and we are left bereft and grieving for so long. thank you.

  • diane says:

    Death awaits but please wait for a while. I have been fortunate so far. Why do some suffer while others live a lengthy, healthy and easy life healthwise. Genetics? Luck? Please elaborate.

  • {{hugs}}} to Darynda! fantastic post. loving all your success cupcake! Keep bringing us more!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Kimbacaffeinate! If you’re about coffee, you’re my friend. Grins.

      I’m lovin’ Darynda’s success as well. And I’ll second your “keep ’em comin’!”

  • Marie Brown says:

    If death was here but not for me, i would so ask him if he takes requests…LOL..jk..i think.

  • Janga says:

    What a perfect Halloween guest, Jeanne! Congrats to Darynda Charley on the new release and on the GoodReads Choice nomination for Third Grave Dead Ahead.

    I’d ask Death what he/she thought of John Donne’s Holy Sonnet 10 (“Death, Be Not Proud”).

  • Na S. says:

    Happy Halloween! It’s great to celebrate it with candies and a spooky, scary or fun paranormal book.

    If I met Death I would ask that he spare me and my family for many years yet.

  • catslady says:

    I’m surprised no one has asked, “when are you coming for me.” That way I would know to go out and have a ball or continue to be thrifty. And my kids would want me to clean out my house if I had advanced warning – I’m a bit of a pack rat lol.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Good thinking, Catslady, and your question appeals to the pragmatist in me. I would want to get all my junk cleared out, too, and spare the kids the burden! 🙂 And it really would be great to know how much of that nest egg I could blow on a trip to Italy…

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heehee. Now that you mention it, now one HAS asked that! Ha! I’m of two minds about that question – whether I’d want to know or not. :>

      Then again, I think I’d want plenty of time to burn those journals and clean up some things. Hmmmmm….

      • Cassondra says:

        Oh HE** yes, I would want to know.

        I need to get some stuff ready.

        Hmmm….maybe I should get it ready NOW.


    • Clearly, Catslady, you are a genius. Wow, what would we do if we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when our time was up? Now I’m plotting my next story. Gah!

  • Wow great question. I have no clue what I would ask. I definitely don’t think I could handle knowing when someone else would die so I would probably ask them something random like what their favorite color is.

  • Pat Cochran says:

    catslady, that was my question, but I’ve
    thought of another!

    Mr. Death, it’s bad enough having to leave,
    why must most deaths be so painful? Why
    can’t we all just slip away peacefully?

    Thanks, Jeanne and Darynda, for a great post
    topic for Halloween!

    Pat C.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Darynda, welcome and Happy Halloween! We always have a great time on All Hallows Eve in the Lair and I can’t think of a more perfect topic than Death himself. 🙂

    If I had a chance to ask Death a question, it would probably be, “Who do you think has captured you best in a film depiction?” I’m fond of Meet Joe Black myself, but Death may prefer other films…

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      That is a good one, isn’t it, Caren? There aren’t many films that portray Death Him/Herself, but Heaven Can Wait and Meet Joe Black are both good ones.

      • Caren Crane says:

        Jeanne, I always think of the Ghost of Christmas Future from A Christmas Carol, too. Or rather, I think of the one from my favorite version of the tale, Scrooged. Ha!

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Oh, Caren, my Sistah! i adore Scrooged!!!

        • Cassondra says:

          Me too!

          And ,my favorite version is A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Because it has Michael Cain and Kermit the Frog in it.

          And Gonzo and Rizzo. And all the rest of the Muppet characters.

          The music is phenomenal.

          Hmmm…I may blog about that.

    • Thank you, Caren! And what a great question! I would absolutely love to hear that answer.

  • Hi Jeanne! Hi Darynda! Darynda, great interview and congratulations on all your fantastic success! It’s been wonderful watching a new star blaze in the romance firmament! Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m going to GenreCon tomorrow and the amount of stuff I have to do today is genuinely scary! 😉

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Anna! So excited for Darynda as well. :> And I hear ya’ on the spooky outlook for getting ready to go somewhere. I’m supposed to go to a board meeting…have I packed? Ohhhh no! EEEK!!!

    • Anna! Thank you for taking time to stop by! I am so with you. I’m so behind right now it’s unreal. I try not to think about it lest I get heart palpitations. Have fun!

  • Melody May says:

    I don’t know if I really would want to talk with death, even if they were in a form of a hot guy.

  • Cassondra says:

    Hi Jeanne and hi Darynda!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Darynda, I’ve actually just started this series. I was saving it as a reward for getting through a project, so I’m not far into it, but far enough to tell you that Reyes is smokin.’ Jeanne told me about this series a while back, and I was immediately intrigued. HUGE congratulations on your success with this. I love to see something fresh do well. I think it’s great for readers.

    Jeanne, thanks so much for bringing Darynda for our Halloween party!

  • Susan Sey says:

    Wow, if I mean Death & he wasn’t here for me,huh? And I get one question? I think it would be something like,”What will it take for you to leave my loved ones alone?” I’d bargain. 🙂

  • Hi Darynda, welcome to the lair! Jeanne thanks so much for taking the time out from your busy schedule to lure Darynda to the lair today.

    Love Charley! It’s such an original concept and you have such a snappy voice to carry it off. Best of luck with the YA series. THe excerpt sounds great!

    I think the first question I’d ask Death would be what are you doing here?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      He stopped by for a beer, Madame! Hahahah!

      I’m delighted to have Darynda with us today! So glad she could be here as I really am enjoying both Charley’s stories and the new YA!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Exactly, Christine. “Are you here for the party? That’s next door!” Throw him off the scent. 😉

    • Cassondra says:

      Oh that’s a GREAT question!

      Or…Can I pour you a drink? I have some really excellent Woodford Reserve. I make a mean Mint Julep. Have you ever had a Mint Julep, Death? NO?

      Well…maybe that’s why you’re always running around striking things with your sharp blade thingy. Sit right there. We will have a loooooonnnnnnggggg talk and some excellent Bourbon. I’d like to get a handle on your philosophy. It’s so interesting to me how Death would approach life.

    • Thank you for having me, Christina, and that is a great question! So….. logical. LOL.

  • My question for death – Hey dude – What’s up with the scythe?

  • Pissenlit says:

    Yay! More Charley and Reyes and a new YA book!

    Hmm, I think I’d ask Death, “So, what do you do for fun?” 😀

  • Hey Darynda! Thanks for hanging out in the Lair with us today!! As you can tell we’re a wild and talkative bunch. Thanks for inviting her, Jeanne.

    Well, I have some very serious questions I’d like to ask Death, but since this is sort of a party, the one I’d ask would be, What’s the most unusual way you’ve seen someone die?

  • Jacki says:

    I’d ask Death, “please tell me that you’re here for my ex-brother-in-law!!!” 🙂

  • THIS IS SUCH A GREAT GROUP!!! I always love coming here. Thank you guys so much for having me! And thanks, Jeanne, for the invite. <3

  • Barbara Elness says:

    I’d probably ask Death what or who he was there for and maybe suggest someone he could pick up if he wanted. 😀

  • Margay says:

    That is an amazing question! I think I might want to ask what’s on the other side.

  • Kim says:

    Congrats on the new release. I’d probably want to know who he was there for. hpefully, no one I know.

  • Dana Alma says:

    Hello Jeanne and RB,
    I so wanted to stop by yesterday, but was busy sewing a costume! Better late than never! Super site, an amazing array of authors, too. Mrs. Jones has got me wrapped around her finger for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being that she is an uber author, she loves her fans just as much as we do her. I’m a bit partial on the subject, due to the fact that I am her number one stalker! Secondly, Reyes is the BOMB! Thanks for the interview! Best of luck Jeanne, I look forward to catching up with your Deadly series. 😉

  • Karin Anderson says:

    Why can I see you right now?

  • Hmmm…..That’s a hard question. I would probably pass out from fear. LOL

  • Sarah says:

    I think if I could ask Death anything, I think I would ask them where they vacation. Do they chose somewhere sunny and warm? Or somewhere dreary like the bottom of a volcano?

  • Misty Speer says:

    What a great interview! I loved reading how Darynda got the big news about her book, so exciting! I can’t imagine what an awesome feeling that must have been. Darynda definitely deserves so much success, she is an amazing author!

  • Misty Speer says:

    Oh! I almost forgot about the question I would ask Death…I guess I would just ask, “Want to hang out sometime?” 🙂

  • Mary Preston says:

    The series looks like such great reading. I do believe in books as rewards.

    I’d ask DEATH for a favor actually. I want to go peacefully in my sleep. Not for quite a while yet though. Too much to do.