Coming to the Bandit Lair in October…..Spooky, Serious, Fabulous, Fun…

Hey everfall_leavesyone!  Can you believe it’s October already?  It’s going to be a rockin’ fun month, as always!

On October 4th, Bandita Jeanne will be doing a special blog in the #HoldOnToTheLight theme that over 90 authors have been doing across the blog-o-sphere in September and October, encouraging people to bring mental health issues into the Light.

On October 8th, Bandita Jeanne will do her usual October blog.

On October 20th, Bandita Jeanne will do a LAUNCH PARTY! for Welcome to Haven Harbor!

Bandita Donna will be back to share a bit from her story in Welcome to Haven Harbor on October 23rd.hh-jpa

On October 31st, Bandita Jeanne will do her usual Halloween Blog!