Coming in February!

This is Valentine’s month, so we’re celebrating!

This is what we have planned:

A Perfect Compromise Cover

On February 4th, Nancy and Anna Sugden get together to talk about the latest release in Anna’s award-winning New Jersey Ice Cats series.

February 14 will be our Valentine’s Day Bash with assorted banditas

On February 26, Nancy Northcott blogs about guilty pleasures.  Join her and share yours!



What’s your favorite thing about February?

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  • flchen1 says:

    Ooh, how fun, Banditas! Lots to love about February here in the Lair 😉

  • Jane says:

    Happy February. The Lunar New Year is in February this year, so we’ll be looking forward to getting together with the family. Also looking forward to picking some Valentine’s candy on clearance after the 14th.

  • Ki says:

    Oh, buying chocolate after Valentine’s Day. What’s the point in buying them before when they go on sale after? 😉 But I do get excited when it’s Leap Year. Not that I’m a Leap Year baby but it’s just exciting.

  • EC Spurlock says:

    What do I like most about February? It’s my birthday month! And my son’s – and my late husband’s. So — lots of cake!!! 😀

  • Amy Conley says:

    Hi all! The only good thing about Feb is the fact it is short! I HATE Feb. Years ago when I had a kinda blog, I wrote about all my reasons for hating it and I usually dig it up and post it on fb at some point in the month. This Feb doesn’t look to be any different and I still HATE it!

  • Helen says:

    Happy February everyone for me it is the last month of summer although usually the hottest but things should start to cool down soon 🙂

    Have Fun