Coming in December

Wow, it’s hard to believe the year is already coming to an end!  It’s a quiet month in the Lair, mostly with me hanging out unless someone else decides to pop in.  This is what’s on tap in the Lair for December:

thekillsigncoverOn December 5, Nichole Christoff discusses her Jamie Sinclair thrillers with Nancy.  They’ll chat about The Kill Sign, the latest release in the series, and anything else that comes to mind. Come join in.



the-magic-christmas-guy-finalOn December 15, Nancy launches “The Magic Christmas Guy,” a Light Mage Wars holiday short story. It features Wayfarer Deputy Sheriff Mike McLean, the hunky guy who runs the Wayfarer Christmas Carnival, and Jenny Bridges, the hot new CPA in town. The attraction between these two mages is instant, but Jenny no longer celebrates the holiday because of a tragic loss during the Christmas season.  Can holiday magic heal her grief-scarred heart and lead her to love again?

Donna will be on the blog on December 23rd.  Hmmm…Twas the night before the night before Christmas and everyone was stirring with last minute shopping, cooking and basic panic :-).  Not sure what we’ll chat about, but it will be fun 🙂 .

On December 26, Nancy will be in the Lair with holiday highlights.  Stop by and share yours!

Unless our plans change, we’re going to give the cabana boys and the gladiators the night off for December 31, so we don’t have anything formal scheduled.  Watch this space, though, in case that changes!

Do you celebrate any of the December holidays?  If you do, what do you have planned?  If you don’t, how do you cope with being surrounded by festivities?



  • Debbie Oxier says:

    We kick our season off with Black Friday shopping. It’s a tradition. We go out of town, usually to Ft. Wayne, hit the mall first then any outlying stores (which always includes Best Buy for the guys). My hubby and I, our two daughters and their husbands and our grandson spend the day together, topped off with dinner out at a nice restaurant. This year it was Olive Garden. Then on Christmas Eve we all get together for brunch and exchange gifts. This year, my youngest who is a nurse at our local hospital, has to work Christmas Eve so we will do our brunch the day before. Christmas day is usually just my hubby and I and we often go to a movie.

  • Pissenlit says:

    At the moment…
    16th – Rogue One (okay, maybe Star Wars isn’t really a holiday thing. We shall not mention any holiday special.)
    18th – visiting Black Creek Pioneer Village during one of their Festive weekends when the village is all Christmas-y and going on the Black Creek Brewery tour
    24th – big extended family Christmas dinner
    25th – immediate family Christmas dinner
    31st – New Year’s eve at a friend’s house

    • Pissenlit, Rogue One is on our list, too, though the men in my life have not committed to going the first day. The theater closest to us is doing most of its shows in 3D, which is highly aggravating, as I don’t care for that. We may venture farther afield.

      The pioneer village and the family gathering sound like so much fun! I kind of miss the days when we had 17 for Christmas dinner, when I was growing up.

  • Jane says:

    Happy December. I’ll be having Christmas brunch with my cousin before the big dinner. Also looking forward to the sales after the holidays and hoping to pick up cheap decoration and maybe gifts for next year.

  • Helen says:

    Sounds like a great December I have two grandkids who have birthdays this month and there are lots of get togethers with friends before the big day that will have most of the family together and swimming in the pool 🙂

    Have Fun