Choices, Choices – Quick Five Fun!

I can’t believe it’s April already! I know it must be, because we had all those silly April Fools jokes yesterday. Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy them? (well, apart from the one about finding Boudicca’s chariot in King’s Cross, in London *g*). I saw an idea on FB that I prefer – April Surprise – where you do something nice, as a surprise for someone.

Anyway, spring is definitely here in Cambridge. The cherry trees are in full bloom and the spring flowers are beginning to show. Just daffodils, for the moment, but they look so cheerful and sunny. And, speaking of sunny, the temperatures have been positively balmy (for us!) the past couple of days. Is it time to put the winter woollies away? More importantly, can I get out the sandals and peep-toes?

To celebrate spring, sunshine, flowers and warmth, I thought I’d do a fun Quick Five today. Very simple – all you have to do is make your choice!

1. Which daffodil?






















2. Which cherry tree?































3. Which cupcake and what flavour should it be?









4. Which Matthew/Matt? (From left to right: Bomer, Smith, Damon, Macfadyan, McConnaughey, Lanter).

matt bomer Matt Smith matt_damon matthew macfadyan matthew_mcconaughey matt-lanter


































5. Which Musketeer (because I love this show and they’re all fab!)? [from left to right – Porthos, D’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis]?









Enjoy! And as a bonus question: next time I do a Choices Quick Five, what or who would you like to choose between?

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  • Kaelee says:

    Top , yellow Daffodil.

    Middle cherry tree ~ lots of potential

    Cupcake with Daisy on it ~ Lemon Flavored.

    It’s a tie ~ Bomer and McConnaughey,


    • Kaelee, the rooster has started to say all for one and one for all – it’s VERY annoying! Hit him over the head with a newspaper if he tries it with you!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks for playing, Kaelee. You’ll probably need a whole tray of lemon, daisy cupcakes to deal with that pesky bird!

      We planted that middle cherry tree not long after we moved back to England in 2009 – it’s fruiting cherry and each year we’ve had more and more cherries! We’ve also learned how to beat the birds to the ripe fruit!

  • flchen1 says:

    Classic yellow daffodils, please.
    Bottom cherry tree–I like how the branches are bending.
    Bottom right cupcake with the dahlia and rose–I’m with Kaelee–lemon sounds yummy!
    Bomer or Damon, please.
    Not familiar with the show, but we’ll go with Aramis.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hi Fedora! I love that weeping cherry too. It’s still young and a slow grower, but it’s so beautiful in full bloom. In another ten years, I think it will be glorious!

  • Helen says:


    I am glad it is warming up for you it is still hot over here we have the air con on at the moment sad I need some cooler weather LOL

    I like the top yellow one
    The top pink cherry blossom (we had one of these when I was gowing up brings back memories)
    One with the pink rose and velvet cake
    Damon 🙂
    Athos must catch this show

    Have Fun

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hope you had a lovely birthday, despite the hot weather, Helen. Loved the pic of you and your hubby on FB too!

      Oh yes, definitely try to catch The Musketeers. Such a fun show and very easy on the eyes 😉

  • Jane says:

    Hello Anna,
    Are you feeling better?
    1. The ones in the middle.
    2. Top cherry tree.
    3. The daisy cupcake. Red velvet or chocolate.
    4. Definitely Matt Bomer, but Matt Smith is a close second.
    5. I’m going with Aramis. I’m so happy that we’ll get to see the show in June on BBC America.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      A lot better, thanks, Jane! I can actually walk/sit/stand without being crippled by pain! Who’d have known that such a silly fall would cause so much damage to muscles. I’ll have more respect for hockey players with pulled muscles from now on! 🙂

      Aren’t those daffodils lovely? They were actually a free offer, so we weren’t sure what we’d get – so unusual! They look so pretty against the brick wall.

  • Anna, always enjoy your quick fives. And I have to say I’m jealous of your English spring. That’s such a magnificent time of year to be there. Fingers crossed next year I might be lolling among the daffodils in your backyard (please don’t run over me with the mower!).


    Yellow daff.

    First cherry tree.

    Rose cupcake and vanilla flavor

    McFadyen (loved him as Mr. D!)

    Haven’t seen the 3 Musketeers yet (although it looks like it might turn up on the new BBC channel they’re advertising starting on our pay TV network in April). From a pick, I have to say Aramis looks VERRRRRRRRRRRA interesting!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Why thank you, Anna! They’re fun to compile 🙂

      I’m so looking forward to you being here – you can loll among the daffodils to your heart’s content – I’m sure Doc Cambridge would be only too happy to not have to mow LOL.

      Aramis is VERY interesting indeed. He’s played by Santiago Cabrera – who is apparently well-known for other TV shows like Heroes and Merlin. Apparently, social media went nuts when he had a shirtless scene in one of the episodes of The Musketeers!

  • Mozette says:

    1. Definitely the Yellow ones. 😀
    2. The first cherry tree – so pretty!
    3. Daisy Cupcake with vanilla icing
    4. Matthew McConn- um… the forth one. 😛
    5. ooooh… the clean-shaven one… the second Musketeer… he’s got the advantage of nice long hair 😛

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks for playing, Mozette! That first cherry tree is opposite my office and such a lovely sight. It’s one of those cherry trees with red leaves, so it’s lovely throughout the spring and summer.

      Yes, D’Artagnan is very pretty 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    1. Top Yellow Daffodil
    2. The weeping cherry tree
    3. The cup cake (there seem to be two) with the pansy (s) in yellow and blue-purple.
    4. I’m not picking, they’re all gorgeous.
    5. Athos

    • Anna Sugden says:

      LOL Shannon – this is why you fit in so well to the Lair – you appreciate the selection of hunks! They are a good-looking lot, aren’t they?

      I think the pansy cupcakes are really unusual – never seen any like them before. Very pretty!

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    Yellow daffodils, first cherry tree, any cupcake, any flavor, Matt Bomer, and don’t care about three musketeers. What would be a good fast five? Food, movies, books, pet names, superheroes, weather, vacations, sports teams and athletes, seasons, Christmas, colors, for fast five suggestions.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks for playing, Debbie. Any cupcake, any flavour works! 🙂 Although, I have to say that those are almost too pretty to eat!

      Great suggestions too – many thanks! I’ve written them down and will use them for future Quick Fives!

  • Hey Anna! It’s definitely spring in Dallas! Roses are starting to get leaves. The weather is muggy due to impending summer storms and I was awakened by the guys cutting the lawn for the first time this year!!

    So my picks:

    Daffodils: #3
    Cherry Trees: #1
    Cupcakes: Daisies…and they need to be chocolate on the inside.
    Matthew: McFadyan…(love him on Ripper Street)
    Musketeer: Athos…have always loved his character in the movies and book

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hey Suz – you could be in Cambridge – our roses are starting to get leaves and it is muggy here today too!

      Athos is a very interesting character in this series. In fact, they all are. This isn’t a true adaptation of the book, but ‘inspired by the characters’. It’s such fun though and captures the spirit of the story perfectly.

  • Anna, how fun and spring-y!

    Yellow daffodils
    Cherry tree #3
    Cupcakes with pink roses–chocolate!
    Bomer. Definitely Bomer.
    D’Artagnan. For me it’s always D’Artagnan, no matter who plays him. And I did love Michael York’s version, lo, those many years ago.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      I always loved D’Artagnan too, Nancy – and I remember fondly the Michael York version. This D’Artagnan is lovely and such a great character … but a tad young for me 😉

  • Lovely post, Anna !

    1. Middle daffodils please! They remind me of the ones I saw when I visited Ightham Mote!

    2. Top cherry tree because it is so lovely !

    3. Peony cupcake with chocolate cake!

    4. Matthew Macfadyan, please! Loved him as Mr. Darcy and I LOVE Ripper Street! Second season comes out on DVD this month!

    5. Aramis, I think. I haven’t seen this show. Must search for it!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks, Louisa, and thanks for playing!

      Lots of love for Matthew McFadyan – saw him recently in the West End, in a Jeeves and Wooster production and he was fabulous! So tall! He’s actually built like a rugby player!

  • Susan Sey says:

    Hey, Anna!

    Fun choices today! I’m going with:

    Daffodil A, because it’s bright & sunny & yellow, three things we have not seen in Minnesota lo these many months. Also, we’re scheduled to receive 6-12 inches of snow by this time tomorrow. I could use a decent daffodil. I’ll take any color, really.

    Cherry Tree A, because see above. I need something big & bloomy, stat.

    As for cupcakes, I’ll take the whole box, please. If we get the full foot of snow, I’ll need a second box just to comfort myself. Flavor hardly matters at this point.

    I suppose it would be greedy to say the same thing of the men? I’ll Matt Damon, then, please, & any musketeer you have handy. Not that they’re interchangeable but…I already have Matt & I don’t want to be fussy.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Susan, I’ll totally girl fight you for Matt Damon. I know you’re wiry, but I could sit on you. You have been warned!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Oh Susan – not more snow! Sending you a rainbow of colours (there happens to be one outside my window, as we speak – the sun has turned to rain, but I’m not complaining!). You’re also welcome to the whole box of cupcakes!

      You might find Porthos interesting because he has the best one-liners! He cracks me up 🙂

  • Yellow daffodils because that’s what I have, and their appearance always improves my mood because I know winter is pretty much over.

    Top cherry tree. Looks like my neighbor’s.

    All those cupcakes are pretty, but I’m partial to the ones with the daisies. And chocolate, of course. 🙂

    Matt Smith! I just got to meet him on Saturday, and he’s just so sweet and fun. But I’m also really liking Matt Lanter on Star-Crossed.

    I haven’t seen the new Three Musketeers yet, though I’m looking forward to it.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      LOL I included Matt Smith just for you Trish – after seeing your pics of him on FB!

      I feel the same about daffodils. And also snowdrops – when you see the snowdrops appearing, you know winter is almost over. Then again, with the strange English weather, we’ve had snow in June before now!

  • catslady says:

    I like all the daffodils, cherry trees, and cupcakes and Musketeers lol. I will pick Matt Damon though – he seems like such a nice guy.

  • the daffodils reminded me I should peek out my window and see if mine are coming up.

    Matt Bomber is the nicest choice looks-wise out of the guys and I don’t even watch the show he’s on. Maybe I should!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Are they up, Stephanie? Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods?

      I can recommend White Collar – Matt Bomer plays the role brilliantly and it’s a fun series. Really good character arcs and development.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Oh, Anna, what choices!

    1. I love the middle daffodils, the ones with the double heads and extra-sweet smell. Mine are blooming now!

    2. I love the first cherry tree. Can’t stand a weeping cherry (my mother loves them :P).

    3. Ooh! I want a cupcake with a lovely white daisy and tiny, gorgeous flowers. It should be wedding cake flavor. 😀

    4. MATT DAMON! The other Matts/Matthews are cute and all, but MATT is the man!

    5. Aramis – I’ve had a crush on him since I read the book as a teenager. Love me some Aramis!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Those double-headed daffodils are gorgeous, Caren, and they turn pink in the middle as they age!

      Oh, poor weeping cherry! I see them as a fountain of cheer in the spring!

      I’m making popcorn to watch you and Susan duke it out over Matt Damon.