Chocoholics Unite!


Valentine’s Day is coming up, so of course it’s time to talk about chocolate. 🙂

If you don’t like chocolate (unnatural person!) this blog really isn’t for you. Just stick your fingers in your ears and say lalala for a while. We can debate the finer points of potato chips some other time.

Lindt 1

First, we have to cover what kind of chocolate we like. I’m a milk chocolate chick all the way, with occasional forays into white chocolate if I’m in the mood. Dark chocolate often tastes like soap to me for some reason, although of course it’s supposed to be better for you than milk or white.


Now we come to specifics. If I do say so myself, I am something of a chocolate connoisseur. I am choosey when it comes to chocolate and I must say that over the years, my tastes have changed somewhat.

For sheer indulgence, I can’t go past Lindt chocolate pralines, specifically a chocolate that has a peculiar name of gianduja. It’s creamy, nutty and chocolatey all at the same time. To die for!

ScorchedLindt used to be the kind of chocolate you could only buy in department stores in Sydney and Melbourne. When I was a child my father would bring back Lindt assortments when he went on business trips.

Now, you can get Lindt in supermarkets in Australia and I must say the ready availability of it has meant that it’s not quite so special any more. Although I recently discovered Lindt hot chocolate, which is a true guilty pleasure for me. It’s so rich, I only have it very occasionally.

I love almonds or hazelnuts in chocolate, so scorched almonds (roasted almonds covered in chocolate) or Ferrero Rochers are right up my alley, as is Nutella. Let it not be said I’m a chocolate snob! I have been known to snack on a Snickers bar, to crave a Kit-Kat, to munch a Mars.


I do NOT like soft centres (other than caramel) or mint of any kind with chocolate. After dinner mints get two strikes–one, they are dark chocolate, two, they are filled with soft peppermint. Blech.

I also say no to orange flavoured chocolate or *heaven forbid* sultanas, raisins or any other kind of dried fruit (Death to Cherry Ripe!)*. Wafers, peanut brittle, liqueur chocolates… yes please! Unless they are the liqueur chocs with the cherry brandy that tastes like cough medicine. Then, I’ll pass.

What about you? Are you a devotee of the cocoa bean? What is your favourite type of chocolate? What chocolate do you loathe and despise?

*A chocolate bar filled with coconut and glace cherries.

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Christina,
    That pic is tempting me to buy a fondue maker. I love chocolate. I don’t mind dark and white chocolate, but my favorite is milk chocolate. I also hate raisins in my chocolate, but nuts are fine and every once in a while I’ll crave one with a coconut middle. My friend used to buy a little box Leonidas chocolates when he came back from working a flight to Amsterdam.

    • Jane, I do not own a fondue maker but it’s sooo tempting, isn’t it? I have a particular fondness for melted chocolate, I must confess! I have never had Leonidas chocolates. Must investigate!

      And congrats on the rooster! He must be quite at home at your place by now!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! You’ll never keep the chook out of the chocolates…don’t even try. He can sniff them out no matter how well you hide them…

      So can a daucshund owned by a friend of mine. Amazing dog…also a PITA if you’re trying to keep your choco stash to yourself!

      Congrats on the rooster!

  • ki pha says:

    Oh Yes!! And it has to be Ferraro Rochers!!! The creamy milk chocolate and hazel nut surprise is just delish!!!
    And of course Lindt’s Lindors truffles~ is divine. I love the mint filling. mmmm~

    And I dislike coconut so anything with coconut even with chocolate covering them is off the table. And maybe certain fruit fillings and toffee.

    • Ki Pha, I am undecided on coconut. Love Golden Rough. Not so keen on Bounty Bars and Cherry Ripe. Maybe it depends how integrated the coconut is with the chocolate! Yay for Ferrero Rochers!

  • Kaelee says:

    I’m a dark chocolate fan. I used to eat my mother’s dark semi sweet baking chocolate all the time. If the chocolate has hazelnuts in it I’m in love.

    Right now my favorite, readily available bar is Lindt Excellence Intense Blackcurrant/Cassis Intense (dark chocolate with blackcurrant and almond silvers).

    I’m not a fan of coconut or strawberry in my chocolate. I didn’t find salted caramel to my taste either.

    I do love a good mole sauce when I’m eating Mexican food.

    • Kaelee, the cassis flavor sounds very nice! I must see if I can find that one.

      Now I have to look up mole sauce! I’ve tried chili chocolate and quite liked it for something different, although it wouldn’t be my first choice.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Kaelee, I’m glad someone else isn’t a fan of the salted caramel. I’ve tried to like it, really I have, but…no go.,

  • I love chocolate – dark, milk & white – Love it all. I’m not fond of creams or fruit & nut (blech!) but I love chocoate covered nuts, or crisps. I like chocolate mints – I LOVE thin mints – the cookies of Girl Scout fame. I think my favorite chocolate is Mozarts. My husband brought home a tin of the hazlenut chocolates from Sweden one year. Shortly thereafter, Mozarts bakeries opened up in Columbus. They stocked the tins of chocolates so I can get them now whenever.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I LOVE chocolate, of any kind. I am not a fan of chocolate and fruit and I abhor chocolate covered cherries. But add any nut and I’m a happy camper.

  • Lucy says:

    I adore chocolate!!!
    Absolute favourite chocolate is Haighs chocolate truffles right here in South Australia 🙂
    I will be buying some for my husband on Valentines Day after we stop having 43 degree (Celsius) 109 (Fahrenheit) weather.

    I too loathe Bounty bars and cherry ripes!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Lucy, it’s so hard to keep chocs in the heat isn’t it? In out summer we like to freeze the common candy bars – milky way, mars, baby ruth, etc – for the kids to have on really hot days. :>

    • Lucy, I haven’t tried Haigh’s chocolate truffles but I went on a special expedition to Haigh’s when I was in Melbourne last to buy my mother some chocolate dipped shortbread. It was SO hot that I didn’t buy anything else for myself except a choc and hazelnut chip cookie. Mmm! In the 40 odd degree heat I was worried the chocolate would melt by the time I got back to our apartment.

      Hope you’re surviving the heat and fires ok. Stay safe!

      • Lucy says:

        Yes, definitely chocolate melting weather!
        We had to evacuate for a close by fire Saturday morning but very thankfully the wind dropped and it was brought under control for us to return that night 🙂
        Cooler weather tomorrow so off to buy Haighs chocolate then!

  • Patty L. says:

    Milk chocolate for me. I adore Lindt chocolates. The only plus to valentines is the marked down chocolate after the 14th. Lol.

  • Helen says:


    I love chocolate I am not a fan of dark chocolate on its own but I do love soft centres with dark chocolate I am not fond of mars bars but I love cherry ripes 🙂 and of course I love Lindt chocolate seeing as how I pretty much visit the Lindt cafe at least once a month LOL one chocolate that I will never have is an orange flavoured one never but most chocolate I love and my favourite would be cadburys so snice

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Mmmmm, Cadbury. MMmmm. Good Choice Helen!

      I gather that Christina is NOT a fan of the Cherry Ripe – we don’t have them in the States that I know of – and I wouldn’t be a fan either, given the cherry. However, orange-chocolate is something I DO like….grins.

    • Helen, I thought of you when I was talking about the hot chocolate! Wish we had a Lindt cafe in Brisvegas!

  • Mozette says:

    What about you? Are you a devotee of the cocoa bean?

    I do love the cocoa bean… it’s something chocoholics just can’t do without, right? Well, I’m without chocolate in the house right now, and it’s bumming me out badly… but tomorrow is shopping day! So – yay! – three big dark chocolate blocks will be coming home with me!

    What is your favourite type of chocolate? What chocolate do you loathe and despise?

    Okay, you know what I love… dark chocolate… but what I hate is milk chocolate. And I’ll eat white chocolate only if it’s the really good expensive stuff… because it’s just pure sugar otherwise.

    I hate it – in particular – when you eat a chocolate and it tastes all grainy.. eewww!

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    I love, love, love chocolate! My favorite is Russell Stover. The caramel ones especially. I also love the dark chocolate marshmallow hearts, pumpkins, Christmas trees, whatever form it comes in depending on the season. I sometimes buy boxes of them before they can run out and keep them in a kitchen cabinet for whenever the mood strikes. Love dark chocolate but not a big fan of white chocolate. Don’t like a lot of nuts in it like a Snickers, do occasionally go in for a Mr. Goodbar or better yet, Bun. Creamy in the middle with nuts and chocolate on the outside. Now I am craving something chocolate!

  • Laurie G says:

    Semi sweet is my favorite type of chocolate closely followed by milk chocolate.

    I prefer it plain but I will eat chocolate covered caramels, York Peppermint Patties and Health bars on top of or in ice cream.

    White chocolate is too sweet and dark chocolate is too bitter.

    I do not like chocolate covered nuts, or cherries. I detest nougats.

    Chocolate covered pretzels are OK.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hey Christina! What a fun post! I’m not a chocoholic, other than at “certain times of the month” if you know what I mean. Then? Ohhhhh, yeah. Gotta have it. :>

    Like Laurie G, I hate the nougats and as mentioned, don’t like Cherry flavored anything, much less syrupy cherry in my delicious chocolate. I don’t like it in Coke either, as you’ve all famously “heard” Bandita Nancy and I banter about. She LOVES cherry coke. Bet she like choc covered cherries too. Blllleeeeeech.

    Anyway, I like chocolate with nuts. All the nuts in the basket can be dipped in, rolled in, or slathered with chocolate and I’ll eat ’em. Gooooo nuts!

    Orange is about the only fruity flavor I like with chocolate. No to the rasberry or other fruit – esp. cherries – and just a hint of the orange, like they have in the Orange Milanos from Pepperidge Farms. Yum!

    Abhor the nougats. Yuk.

    Love caramels, peanut butter or rice crispy thingies with chocolate (Nestle crunch, anyone?), and simply adore the salt/sweet of chocolate covered pretzels. Yumbo!

    Don’t like white chocolate. Most of it has an aftertaste I can’t get past – kinda like you saying dark tastes like soap to you, Christina, white gives me that same soapy aftertaste.

    Love dark chocs in small doses. Sometimes I really want it. Other times, meh, I can leave it.

    And for someone who says she’s not a chocoholic, I sure do have an opine, don’t I? Grins.

    Choclate icecream, and Three Musketeers (the only nougaty thing I like, b/c it’s more like creame or caramel than nougat) round out my selections for the day.

    As for brands – Sees, Lindt, or Godiva!

    • Psst, Jeanne, try chocolate covered Ritz!

    • Jeanne, thank for the comprehensive run-down. It’s interesting to see everyone’s differing tastes. Understand what you mean about the white chocolate. I have to be in the mood. I can take or leave dark, but I’ve been on a diet where I allow myself two thin squares of Lindt dark with almonds if I have not eaten between meals, stuck to the diet and done a big exercise session that day. So I’m developing a taste for it. I dip it in peppermint tea to make it melt. Mmm.

      Nougat–depends what kind but I can probably take or leave that, too.

  • Diana Huffer says:

    I am a dedicated chocoholic! Being diabetic makes it sooooo hard to feed my addiction… 🙁 I can have it in moderation — my diabetes is well under control — so I am very picky about what I have. Dark chocolate is my fave and I haven’t found a chocolate I didn’t like! There’s a local chocolatier who make the most luscious sugar free chocolates I have ever had!

    • Wow, Diana, the sugar free chocolates sound great! So sorry you’re diabetic. I suppose we should all be limiting our intake of chocolate, shouldn’t we? Sigh.

      • Diana Huffer says:

        Please don’t feel sorry for me because I’m diabetic. It’s a horrible disease if you don’t take care of yourself and follow your doctor’s orders. I do fairly well, even with adding small amounts of sugar now and again. I am on oral medication only, which is a testament to how good my doc and I work together as a team. 🙂 There are so many menu options now than there were when I was originally diagnosed. Making a healthy and filling meal is a challenge I enjoy exploring every day! 🙂

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          THat’s great, Diana! I have a friend who manages it that way as well, and she says that working with her doc and getting her nutritionist info was the best thing ever. :> If she has to have the disease, she says, this is the best management of it. :>

        • Diana, what a great attitude! I’m glad you’re doing so well. It is great that there are so many more options for than there used to be.

  • Christina, what a fun post. I’m actually really enjoying my Christmas chocolate booty still (hmm, the Christmas chocolate has contributed to the size of my booty too!). Guylian and Lindt seemed to be the chocs of choice this year. I must say recently I’ve become a convert to Ferraro Rochers. Love the nuts and the chocolate together. And can I express my love for the poor derided Cherry Ripe?

  • A plain Hershey or Cadbury bar is sometimes just so, so good. I love those giant peanut butter cups made by chocolatiers.

    I’m lucky to have a chocolate shop nearby that has a bakery and coffee bar within it. Our local Lady Jane Reading Salon meets there every other month! (Naperville, IL)

    • Stephanie, what a perfect place to hold a Lady Jane’s! Similar to a romance readers’ group our Helen attends that holds their meetings at the Lindt cafe.

      Living in Australia, we didn’t have Hershey’s readily available until recently but my U.S. assistant introduced me to PBCs. Wow. They are so addictive!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *makes note to go to the Naperville Lady Janes*

      Stephanie, sometimes that plain Hersheys is just SO good, isn’t it?!

  • catslady says:

    The only kind of chocolate that I dislike is coconut centers – yuk lol. I taught myself to like the dark chocolate because they say it is better for you and now I really do like it. Luckily, I can control myself – we actually still have some Halloween candy lol.

    • Catslady, you definitely have the right idea. I’m trying to wean myself onto a very small amount of dark chocolate but I have to say it’s just NOT the same. I wish I didn’t love the creamy milk chocolate so much!

  • Christina,

    Love LOVE chocolate here. But before I get into the chocolates I love, let me say there are two very decadent chocolates I’ve made lately. Chocolate covered potatoe chips and chocolate covered Ritz crackers. You get chocolate, crunch and salt all in one. YUM!

    I love both dark and milk chocolate, but my dark chocolate can’t be that organic 85% cacao the experts say are good for you. Nothing that nasty can be good for anyone!!

    I love Turtles, with the milk chocolate, pecans and caramel! In fact, anything with chocolate and caramel is my favorites. Unlike you, I do love chocolate covered mints and chocolate with raspberry in it is yummo.

    My son discovered this little homemade chocolate shop in town and OH. MY. GOD. You can go in and get a cup of rich hot chocolate. Then you pick out the flavors of chocolate to take home. Good son!

    • Suz, how do you train a son to fetch chocolate? I wanna know!

      Wow, chips and crackers covered in chocolate. I don’t know what that would taste like! I’m right into the salted caramel and chocolate ice cream at the moment and I get the salty sweet thing so I’d be willing to try… 🙂

  • EC Spurlock says:

    Christina, I think we need to share a box of chocolates – it works out perfectly because you dislike all my favorites and vice versa!

    I am a dark chocolate girl all the way, the darker the better, although I won’t say no to any kind of chocolate. I do love the occasional Coffee Crisp and Cadbury Fruit N Nut that I get from my friend in Canada, and since the rest of my family doesn’t like coconut I’ll happily scarf up a Mounds or Almond Joy or anything else they don’t want. I have had chocolate covered bacon and while curious it’s not something that I’m wild about. Not excessively fond of caramels or nougats but I’ll eat them once in a while.

    My favorites are Dove Dark, Ghirardelli Dark, Lindt 70%, and Meiji Black. And every time I go to World Market I have to get my Asher’s Chocolate Covered Graham; that’s my super special treat!

    • LOL EC, we definitely need to collaborate! You love all the things I don’t! I bet you’d adore Cherry Ripe!

      I’m still not getting the chocolate covered cracker thing, although we do have choc covered wheat biscuits (digestives) which are fantastic!

      • EC Spurlock says:

        Yes, I’m a big McVitie’s fan too! I don’t much care for the chocolate covered Ritz or potato chips, but the graham crackers really work (kind of like a s’mores without the marshmallow but with extra chocolate! Or like a sweeter McVitie’s.) And Asher’s chocolate is just specially made to go with them, so it’s really really good.

  • Becke Turner says:

    Since it’s “Cookie Night”, I prepared and devoured one of our favorite treats. OF course it involved chocolate-dark chocolate please.

    S’mores: Break one graham cracker in half and spread one side w/ peanut butter. Sprinkle with slivered almonds.
    Top one side w/ a square of dark chocolate and the other with 1/2 of marshmellow.
    Broil, put together and enter paradise!

    The only centers on chocolate should be nuts, peanut butter, or caramel. Fruit creams-yucky!

    • “The only centers on chocolate should be nuts, peanut butter, or caramel. Fruit creams-yucky”

      Oh, my whole-hearted agreement there, Becke. Wow, the S’mores sound amazing! I’ve never had one before. What does S’more stand for? Some more?

      • EC Spurlock says:

        Exactly, Christina! Because once you taste them you always ask for s’ more! 🙂 It’s a classic camping treat, too; you toast the marshmallow over the campfire, then sandwich it between two graham crackers with a square of chocolate bar in between. I’ve never tried it with peanut butter, that sounds divine!

  • Christina, I totally, utterly adore chocolate! I go first for milk, then for white, but won’t say no to dark. I have a special fondness for the Ghiardelli white chocolate with peppermint bits in it, backed by milk chocolate. Godiva makes a yummy white chocolate bar with peppermint bits and no milk chocolate on it.

    My favorite is milk chocolate with a caramel center. Cadbury is great! I love the Godiva milk chocolate shield that has the knight on it and caramel inside.

    Nuts are okay. Mint is okay. I don’t love coffee flavor, though it’s okay. Not crazy about goopy fruit centers, though fresh fruit with chocolate can be great. I recently had a milk choolate bar with caramel and sea salt that was fabulous!

    The dh makes mini-tarts of chocolate ganache with cherry bits in it that are mind-blowing.

  • Wow, Nancy, that husband of yours is definitely a keeper! Wonder if he’d make those mini tarts for Valentine’s. Seems appropriate! Oh, I forgot the “Top Deck” chocolate with white and milk — I do like those. And I’m with you on caramel. I’m a big fan of the salted caramel too. There’s an ice cream I get with salted caramel and chocolate covered hazelnuts that’s simply divine!

  • eli yanti says:

    I liked dark and mint chocolate and nothing i hate about chocolate 😀