Charming the Professor Launch Party!!!!!

Light the chandeliers!  Bring out the eats!  Roll out the Jazz Band!  It’s time to celebrate, New Orleans style!

Kate and LeopoldToday I’m launching a new time-travel set in modern day New Orleans.  Do you recall as a child pretending you had a friend –another child–only the friend was from a century earlier?  You had to explain all the wonders of the modern age to them…or was that just my childhood fantasy :-0 .  That is basically the premise of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR.  A French woman from 1853 suddenly finds herself in modern day New Orleans and her best chance to get back home is with a Physics professor.  This is a fun book that involves the assistance of a six-year-old with an open mind (unlike her professor dad).  Think of the movie KATE & LEOPOLD and add some New Orleans spice.

The Charm Gates have stood at The Court of Two Sisters for more than a century with no one guessing the secret they hold. A jealousCharmingtheProfessorfinal vindictive queen and a blackmailed alchemist have encased French “charm teacher” Madeline Charlebois’s essence inside the gates, at least until a grieving professor touches them during a storm and Madeline tumbles out, not in her own 19th century Spain, but in 21st century New Orleans.

Quantum physics Professor Grant Stewart has mourned his wife’s death for the last three years.  But he must move on for his young daughter’s sake, the child who delights in terrorizing babysitters.  Grant needs adequate childcare to pursue tenure at Tulane.  What he doesn’t need is a French beauty believing nonsense like time-travel and voodoo, and whose very being is melting his heart.

Maddie may be without resources but she’s good at making new friends, even if they are on the quirky side. She believes Professor Stewart can return her home, but first she must earn his trust to win his cooperation.  Babysitting his daughter gives her both proximity, and love for the child. Will Grant be the key to returning to her time? Or will she, in turn, unlock his frozen heart? All they need is time and maybe a little voodoo…

So let’s celebrate!

CHARMING THE PROFESSOR contains a dance sequence at the Tulane faculty dinner-dance.  Madeline and Professor Stewart are there – although not with each other. dancers-clip-art-Kcnkpzncq Grant’s bestfriend, Professor Richard Gaston invited Madeline to the dance.  Grant is there with his career-focused girlfriend, Jennifer.  peacock-feathers-8176918A jazz band is playing and the tables are decorated with lots of peacock feathers (naturally).  We have gumbo and alligator tails with bananas foster and pralines for dessert.  Hurricanes are served in a tall glass.  Either you can come as someone from the past and have someone from this time as a date…or your date must be from the past and you–will be you!  🙂

So tell me the identities of your party and – well, whatever else you want to tell me 🙂  Let’s have some fun!

I’ve got a Mardi Gras mask ornament (because – hey – it’s Christmas season!) and a voodoo keychain along with a digital copy of CHARMING THE PROFESSOR, and some digital copies of THE MOOR’S TEAR for someone leaving a comment.

Oh – I forgot to mention the voodoo element.  My voodoo practioners do no harm, but they have been known to slip a love portion into the punch.  Did you get a cup?

You can find CHARMING THE PROFESSOR at  (just click on Amazon or the appropriate link and you’ll be taken to the site)


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  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    Congrats on the new release and thanks for the invite to this launch party. Does Sven have a plate of beignets he can bring over? My date is the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte. I figured since he has a connection to New Orleans he might have some admirers at this party.

    • Oh Jane – Good Choice!!

      YES! We have beaucoup de beignets — those lovely parcels of dough rolled in powdered sugar. Beignets are in the book as well. As my mother said, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Which is really gross when you think about it. LOL, Watch out for the sugar on the dance floor.

    • Jo Robertson says:

      Jane, you are wicked! I wish I’d thought of a pirate. There’s something deliciously wicked about them!

  • flchen1 says:

    Ooh, happy new release, Donna! Don’t mind if I have some beignets–delish! 😉

    Are we traveling to Louisiana? Or are we just enjoying their treats? Maybe I’d like to come as Nancy Wake, a real-life part of the French resistance during WWII…

    More treats, Sven!

    • Hi Fichen –

      Definitely traveling to Louisiana as Charming the Professor is set in contemporary New Orleans. Even if you haven’t done the touristy thing, you’ll probably recognize many of the buildings and sites by reputation – Jackson Square, Our Lady of Guadalupe church along with its shrine to St. Jude, the carriage rides, and Tulane University.

      What an excellent choice of character! She was quite a bombshell. The “white mouse” seems like it would be a misnomer. The white fox would have been more appropriate 🙂

    • Jo Robertson says:

      I don’t know Nancy Wake, Fedora. Enlighten us. I love the period during WWII and the French Resistance. It must’ve taken great courage to be among those fighters.

  • Mary Preston says:

    I am attending as myself. My escort just happens to be Clark Gable aka Rhett Butler. Not a stranger to New Orleans and all of its delights.

    Such a gorgeous cover & a fabulous story line.

    • Mary –

      What an excellent choice! You know – I think all my heroes are based on Clark Gable – his spirit, more than his looks – which are, of course, superb. Hang on tight to his arm as you’re bound to have some competition for his company 🙂

      Thanks for the cover love. That’s the work of Suz’s talented daughter. It’s perfect for the story.

    • Jo Robertson says:

      Oooh, I’d be afraid Rhett would look at the refreshments and say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

      Good choice.

  • Dianna says:

    Sounds interesting Donna, can’t wait to read it!

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    Coming as myself with no date unfortunately. With the cabana boys wandering around dates just get jealous.

    I can’t wait to read this Donna, a very interesting turn on the time travel.

    • It is a fun twist – not what you normally think for a time travel. But don’t you just love that cover? Lyndsey did a great job. It’s not easy to find an historical heroine and a contemporary hero in stock photos – but she did it.

      Those cabana boys are cuties, aren’t they?

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    Congratulations on the new release Donna! I’ve been looking forward to this one, and reading The Moor’s Tear made me even more intrigued. 🙂

    This sounds like a fun party. Time travel is always fun. I think I’m going to bring Leonardo DaVinci with me. I bet that guy has a lot of interesting info to share.

    • Heather !

      I was hoping you’d stop by. Can you drop me a private email when you get a chance? I need your email addy.

      Leonard DaVinci would be a hoot. Heck, he could probably explain why time travel is possible (if it truly is). Have you been watching Davinci’s Demons? I gave up after the first season but he certainly would be an interesting date.

      • Heathercm2001 says:

        I almost watched Davinci’s Demons, but I never did. It seems like it could be good. He probably has the answers to so many secrets. A very fascinating individual. I’ll send you a message through your website now. 🙂

    • Jo Robertson says:

      Da Vinci is a great choice, Heather, especially if he looks like the young Leonardo in the TV series. Do you watch it?

  • Kat Sheridan says:

    Oh, I do love that cover and the story sounds absolutely fabulous! So fun! Since there will be dancing, I’m bringing Fred Astaire. He looks so debonair in a tux. I’m no Ginger Rogers, but I loved her floaty dresses, and I can pretend! You can keep the gator meat, but pass the Hurricanes, please! Best of luck with this wonderful new book!

    • LOL good choice Kat –

      Fred Astaire would be perfect to take to a dance. All eyes will be on him with his smooth, lithe moves. Loved Ginger Roger’s ostrich feather dresses dresses as well. What a fun image.

      Thanks for the cover love. It’s a beauty. Directing a tray of cold Hurricanes your way 🙂

    • Jo Robertson says:

      Ooooh, great idea, Kat. If you bring Fred maybe I’ll bring Gene Kelley as my backup guest. They could have a dance contest!

  • Laney4 says:

    I would be a thinner me (who wouldn’t?) – so I guess that would be a past me – and bring a current Mark Harmon along. He produces NCIS in New Orleans, as well as stars in his own NCIS show, so I’m thinking he knows the city well. Seems like a nice guy (despite that we are both married happily to others), but this is MY fantasy, and I just love his quirky smile!

    • Good Choice Laney!

      And sounds like you plan to do a bit of time traveling yourself – back in time. LOL. Love the New Orleans connection.

    • Jo Robertson says:

      Harmon has long been a fantasy of mine, too, Laney. How can a man age and look better and better.

      I’d definitely bring my thinner self! I lost 15 pounds from my surgery and the holidays (yes, I’m blaming them!) have put most of them right back on. So sad.

  • Oberwon Wonch says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations, Donna! Charming the Professor is next up on my TBR list. All the best to you.

    Cheers! Or do they say something else in New Orleans?

    • Laissez le bon temps rouler! (Let the good times roll)

      Thanks on the congrats. It’s always a great feeling when an idea becomes a story then becomes a book. As you know, having seen COME TO ME come to fruition 🙂 So congrats right back at you, Oberon!

    • Jo Robertson says:

      I bumped my copy straight to the top of my list, Oberwon. This is a keeper.

      Donna, your French is impeccable, m’lady!

      • Merci, madam 🙂

        Actually, there’s a small, very small, bit of French and Spanish in the book. I had a friend who truly is impeccable in both languages help. Good, talented, intelligent friends are invaluable 🙂

  • Pearl says:

    Congratulations Donna. Wonderful celebration. I would bring Bogie and have a memorable visit.

    • Great choice Pearl! You don’t need to dance with Bogie, just sitting at the table staring at his soulful eyes would do just fine 🙂 . Be sure to keep the hurricanes coming, though.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Oh, Donna, I’m so excited about this book! I had to interrupt my post reading to go buy it. I love the idea of time travel and one of the characters having to teach each other the “new rules.”

    Having a child be the “smart” one is a tried and true concept which I enjoy.

    • Thanks Jo –

      I came up with the premise long, long ago but it got interrupted when I finalled in the Golden Heart (as you did that year as well 🙂 ) So it’s been perculating for some time. I thrilled to see it make a debut.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    If I were attending this party, I’d most certainly want Hugh Jackman as Leopold. I loved his character in that movie. I don’t want to be myself, though; I’d rather go as flapper from the twenties who scandalizes Leopold with her forward behavior.

    • LOL Jo – you hussy 🙂 I loved Kate and Leopold as well – especially Huge Jackman in that bath tub scene that got cut, I believe, from the movie. The DVD has it though.

      You really need to check out Nancy Wake. She was an amazing women who accomplished great things all the while being a bit of a hussy, herself. Do a Wikipedia. She’ll inspire you to write another book 🙂

  • I’d bring along LaSalle from NCISNew Orleans. Too young for me, alas, but he’s got a great sense of humor and is a sincere do-gooder besides.

    • Hi Ursula!

      Great choice! The question is, will you be sharing with your sister 🙂 (I know, I’m bad) Hope you give Charming the Professor a try. I know you love New Orleans so will have a special affinity with the story.

  • Colleen C. says:

    Happy Launch Party! 🙂 I am a bit of a wallflower, but I can definitely enjoy a virtual party!

    • Hi Colleen!

      That’s the beauty of a virtual party. You can be the belle of the ball! That’s one of the things I love about writing. I can have my heroines say and do the things I wish I had thought to say or that I wish I had done in similar circumstances. Not that I’m a wallflower. I believe I could use more wallflowerishness in my makeup 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Minna says:

    Congrats on the new release! I think I’ll bring Rolf Magnusson (from Miranda’s Viking By Maggie Shayne). He’s sort of another timetraveller. Or maybe sleeping handsome would be more accurate in his case.

    • Hi Minna!

      LOL Sleeping handsome is ALWAYS welcome. We’ll just warn the hockey players and the gladiaters that he’s one of the good guys. A Viking might be a tad intimidating otherwise 🙂

  • Janie McGaugh says:

    This book sounds like a lot of fun. For the dance, if the fictional past is okay, my date would be Jamie Fraser (assuming I could snag him away from Claire!).

    • Janie –

      OMG Jamie Fraiser would be welcome at any party. I’d take either Jamie Fraiser, the best hero in all the literary kingdom, or Sam Heughan, the actor that plays Jamie on TV. Did you see the scene with Jamie in the stream by the waterwheel? (Fanning myself) Excellent, excellent choice.

  • Helen says:

    Woohoo Donna

    I am so excited about the release of this story and really looking forward to it 🙂

    I am going to bring Hugh Jackman to new Orleans to help celebrate and entertain everyone the drinks will be following and there will be much fun and laughter 🙂

    Happy Release Day

    Have Fun

    Sorry I am late I am having big internet issues at home at the moment 🙂

    • Helen –

      Bummer on the internet problems. You never realize how dependent we are on the internet until it’s not working and we feel cut off from everyone. Hard to imagine that it’s a fairly new utility in the stream of things.

      Love Hugh Jackman and the man can definitely dance! Excellent choice, Helen.

  • Late to the party, but I am so very excited about this book! New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world! I’ve studied the voodoo practiced in Louisiana and parts of Georgia for a number of years.Therefore I would come to the party as a young Marie Laveaux and bring Gerard Butler as my date. A little Love Potion No. 9 might make for a very exciting night!

    • Louisa –

      I’m so glad you posted! I researched voodoo for the purposes of the book and was struck with the similarities between voodoo and Catholicism – especially with the saints/loa. You’ll see that in the book. I was sort of hoping that Voodoo would be more of the Hollywood depiction, but discovered that was not so. I hope I was fair in my book…but I did incorporate a little love potion no.9 🙂

      • Voodoo is a fascinating religion and belief system.There is a great deal of intertwining of Catholicism with the voodoo religions. It allowed those who brought the practice of voodoo with them from the Caribbean and Africa to continue to practice their religion without the risk of religious persecution – especially in areas where Catholicism was the major faith. And a little Love Potion No. 9 never hurt anyone. 🙂