Long ago and in a galaxy far away, the stars and the moon aligned and nineteen aspiring authors came together in a collision known as the 2006 Golden Heart Finalists. They joined forces, built the Lair, and started blogging about romance, reading and life.  Along the way, they published several books, took some esteemed writing contests by storm, and acquired a Golden Rooster with an exalted opinion of himself.

Welcome to the Lair.

And keep a wary eye out for that rascally bird.

Jeanne Adams

Christina Brooke

Anna Campbell

Kate Carlisle

Caren Crane

Suzanne Ferrell

Joan Kayse

Donna MacMeans

Trish Milburn

Cassondra Murray

Nancy Northcott

Jo Robertson

Susan Sey

Anna Sugden

Tawny Weber

Golden Rooster