Boxing Day Bounty and more!!

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy holidays to stop by the Lair and join in the fun of celebrating my sale! Thanks too for taking part in our fun quiz.

The answers were …

1. Beth Andrews – In This Town

2. Trish Milburn – Hill Country Hearts

3. Susan Sey – Kiss The Girl

4. Christina Brooke – A Duchess to Remember

5. Jeanne Adams – Deadly Charms

6. Me! – One of my favourite hockey hunks!

7. Anna Campbell – The Winter Wife

8. Tawny Weber – Nice & Naughty

9. Joan Kayse – The Patrician.

Also … there should have been this cutie …

Can you crack the Code for this corset-loving beauty?

Can you guess who she is?

On to the prizes … the Christmas cats have dug into their stockings and pulled out the winner of the Boxing Day prize …

Pat Cochran!

I also have a late prize announcement from Thanksgiving (sorry!). The winner of the magnetic photo frame is …


Congratulations, Pat and Anne! Please could you both send your snail mail details to anna at (without the spaces) and I will send off your prizes in the new year.