Booty Prize from Charming the Professor

1BanditBootyCan I just say that I love you guys!  Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my awesome cover.  I don’t think a better set of readers exist anywhere in the world!  So I’m giving away 10 prizes.  Granted the prize is a short story that I’ll be emailing to you – but you’ll be the first to read it, so that’s something 🙂  The Moor’s Tear is a prequel to Charming the Professor so I’m hoping you’ll be curious enough to want to read the novel.  Let me know.Charming the Professor final

The winners are:

Fichen,   Ki,   Heathercm,   Sally Schmidt,   Trina,   Rae Latte,   Helen,   Jean LaGue,   Catslady,   Deb Meredith

Send me an email at with your contact info and I’ll send you the short.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Donna MacMeans



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