Santa's rideSlackers that we are – me more than Cassondra! – Here’s our winners from the Gravy Wars (12 Days of Bandita Christmas Day 5) and the Fudge Fight (12 Days of Bandita Christmas Day 4)

Our winners receive a copy of Jeanne’s DEAD RUN and a German Shepherd Christmas Ornament PLUS a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card from Cassondra!

For Gravy Wars – KATE SPARKS!!  (Please message me via FACEBOOK, Kate, with your addy so we can get you your prize!)

For Fudge Fight – LOUISA CORNELL!!!  (Louisa, I just messaged YOU on FB!)


Back in October, I hosted some lovely authors for a day.  Then things in my world went a little haywire – a family emergency has had me on the road through Oct., Nov., and Dec.  I didn’t get these winners chosen and posted.  SO…for the the now-creaky-cobweb covered October Post featuring Barb Devlin and all her De WOLFE Kindle Worlds Friends, here’s the Winner’s List….

From Catherine Kean – The BOXED SET – Iris Pross;  Dance of Desire – Leslie  CONGRATS!!

From Lana Williams – Kindle Only – Trust the Wolfe – SANDYG265 and Rae Latte

From Barbara Devlin – Copy of LONE WOLFE – Helen Sibbritt; Copy of LONE WOLFE – Ki;  Copy of LONE WOLFE – Fedora

And drum roll please….the KINDLE FIRE from Barbara Devlin, for this event, goes to longtime Bandit Buddy, JANE!!!  Congrats Jane!!

Please email our authors via their FB pages!!!