Blame It on the Super Moon

Welcome to Haven Harbor is OUT!!!!

haven-harbor-anthologyYou might recall that Jeanne announced the impending of this anthology in the coming attractions.  Well, the book is available NOW.  🙂  Just in time for the Supermoon last weekend and Halloween next weekend 🙂 All four novellas in the anthology are set in Jeanne’s fictional town, Haven Harbor, which she established with The Witches’ Walk.  I was delighted to be included with Jeanne Adams, Barbara Devlin, and Ellen Dugan in this project. Here’s the blurb:

A Halloween Promise – Jeanne Adams
Veterinarian Dr. Adele Picard is no stranger to finding stray dogs.  Finding a valuable German Shepherd in the road in the middle of the night is a new experience, however.  The dog, the FBI and a kidnapped little girl come together in the witchy town of Haven Harbor.  As if that isn’t enough, Haven Harbor’s sexy librarian Dan Nutter, gets involved.  Adele and Dan have flirted for months, and that connection flares into passion.  Ghosts, magick and a Halloween Promise make Haven Harbor the place to be in October!

Magic, Straight Up – Barbara Devlin
Big city doc Rafe Owen yearns for the simple life and a small town girl. When he accepts a temporary position at Haven Harbor Regional Medical Center, in a quirky little community known for its tongue-in-cheek embrace of witch lore, he falls for a beautiful bartender with a unique ability to guess her customers’ drink of choice…but that’s not the only power she possesses.witches-walk

Gypsy At Heart – Ellen Dugan
Meet Nilah Stefanik. She’s sassy, smart and fresh out of grad school. With a ton of student debt, she’s taken a “dead-end” office job at the Fogg Funeral Home in Haven Harbor, Massachusetts. It’s a toss-up as to what her family disapproves of more…her current place of employment, or that she has no discernible psychic or magickal talents of any kind.  Paranormal predicaments confound Nilah and draw her into a mystery just in time for Halloween. Deep down, Nilah is a Gypsy at heart.  So with a little help from her grandmother, and a trouble-making ghost, Nilah may at last uncover the truth about herself and her destiny.

Blame the Moonlight – Donna MacMeans
Chelsea Davenport turns invisible in moonlight.  She can’t help it, it just happens. Recent sightings of her nebulous, fading form chase her from Hollywood to the opposite coast.  The full moon in Haven Harbor, Massachusetts, and a chance encounter with an old boyfriend, now newspaper reporter, proves problematic.  In fact, problems pile up for Chelsea when the producer she’s working with uncovers her secret as well.  Can the witches of Haven Harbor help?

Sounds like fun, right?  Welcome to Haven Harbor is on sale for the rest of  this month at .99.  Grab a copy today!  Amazon – Nook – Kobo

I wanted to tell you a bit about Blame the Moonlight.  My heroine, Chelsea Davenport, is a contemporary descendant of my heroine from Bound by Moonlight.  She’s Nevidimi and thus turns invisible in moonlight–especially in the supermoon moonlight that we had just a week ago.  In fact, I did some research before I began the story to determine when a full moon would occur, thus my story is set during that supermoon.  As Nevidimi, Chelsea is particularly afraid of the press.  Thus it made sense to make the hero a journalist.  🙂   We writers are devious beings. 🙂

Here’s the set-up for my excerpt.  Chelsea Davenport, never considered the house she attended for a dinner party would have glass ceiling panels that allowed the full moon access to the gathering below. She makes excuses and runs to a room when she feels her body start to fade to invisibility. Borrowing a cape with a deep hood from her hostess, bound-by-moonlight-cover-finalshe exits from a window, catches her foot and falls to the ground. While walking back to her hotel via a woods behind the house, she encounters a boyfriend from long ago.

A gusty wind kicked at the cape’s front opening. She pulled the wool folds more securely around her. In a way it was ironic that she’d be in a New England woods so close to Halloween. Her ancestor, the headless horseman, was known to terrify a similarly situated village this time of year. Fully dressed under a full moon, he used a jack-o-lantern to pass as his head and scare the townspeople. No jack-o-lanterns to light her way. All she had was a phone to navigate her home.

A urine scent suddenly reached her nose. She glanced from her phone to see a wispy steam emerge from behind ahaven-harbor tree, then heard the quick rasp of a zipper.

She froze. She wasn’t alone.

Music from a local tavern played nearby. This could be a customer or a homeless man. She’d seen enough homeless in Los Angeles to recognize the attributes. If she stayed absolutely still, he might never even notice that she—.

“Are you Death?” A man’s slurred voice eliminated her hopes of being unnoticed. He fumbled in his pocket mumbling, “no one will believe this” before a thud suggested something solid had struck the ground.

Crap! Discovery. If she ignored him, he might feel free to come closer. If she spoke to him, maybe she could convince him to go away. It’s not as if he could actually see her to identify later.

She slowly turned, prepared to assure him that she was certainly not Death, but he was kneeling on the ground pushing the leaves about. He didn’t look homeless, in fact, he was well dressed in a casual sort of way which meant he was most likely one of the tavern patrons. She guessed he was about her age, maybe a year or two older, and had those wide shoulders that could make a woman feel protected. A sensation she’d hadn’t experienced in a long time.

spells-and-potionsWhat the heck was she doing, ogling the man when she should run. Now! While he was preoccupied. She turned.

“Wait!” he said as if sensing her desire to flee. He rose to his feet with some effort. “I just want to talk.”

His gaze lifted from the ground where he’d been searching to follow her caped form from her feet up. The very eyes that had been haunting her memories and dreams for years and years, slowly raised to meet hers.


In response, his lips tilted in that familiar half smile she’d loved so long ago.

“I never thought of Death as a woman,” he said. “But it makes sense. Women have always been the bane of my existence.”

What was he talking about? What women? Why was he here in Haven Harbor? Crap! Did he recognize her voice as she had his?

He pointed to her shoulder. “You know you’re in trouble when Death knows your name and comes calling with a sparkly little purse.” He swayed on his feet. “That can’t be good.”

She glanced at her shoulder. Unfortunately, the wind that had been rattling the dried leaves overhead seized that moment to gust toward the ground and push the black hood of the cape clear to her shoulders.

Brandon could see her as she truly was, a headless cape without even a Jack O’lantern for effect.headless

His eyes widened. “Damn!”


Bound by Moonlight is on sale for $.99 until the end of October.  If you haven’t  read it, now’s the time!  Go grab it while you can.




october-prizesPrizes!!!  Can’t let a new release fly without prizes 🙂 .  I have two:  an infinity ghost scarf and some lip balm pods of a black cat (looks like my Kokomo) and a smiling pumpkin.  I’ll chose two people that leave a comment for one of these two prizes.  I believe each of these stories mentions the Halloween Ball.  If you were to attend, what costume would you wear (and if you like, who would be escorting you?).  Let’s chat! 

Please remember – if you grace us with a purchase on any of our books, an honest review is always appreciated. 🙂




  • Mary Preston says:

    I always blame it on the moon.

    I do love the sound of a Halloween Ball.

    I can see myself draped like a wraith. Yards of flowing, whispy fabric.

    The quirky, certainly interesting, Johnny Depp would be the perfect escort to a Halloween Ball.

  • pjpuppymom says:

    I’m a Halloween junkie which makes this anthology perfect for me. It’s downloaded and waiting on my Kindle. Can’t wait to dive in! 🙂

    Donna. I’m so excited to learn the heroine of your novella is Lusinda’s descendant. I loved that book!

    • Thanks PJ –

      I’ve always loved that story as well. Thank you goes to Jeanne who offered an opportunity to keep the Nevidimi alive 🙂 Hope you love the anthology. Thanks for the download 🙂

  • Caren Crane says:

    So happy for this release day! Like PJ, I adore Halloween stories. And my love of anthologies is well known here in the Lair. 🙂

    If I were attending the Halloween Ball, I would definitely dress as a Roma fortune teller. The bangles and earrings alone would ensure that! I would like to be accompanied by the snarky, swarthy Robert Downey Jr, dressed in traditional Roma garb and wearing shiny boots! I would also recommend Gogol Bordello as musical guests. It would be the most raucous Halloween Ball in Haven Harper’s history! 🙂

    • Hi Caren!

      I can tell already that you’re going to love Ellen Dugan’s contribution, Gypsy at Heart. I can see you in bangles and loose swirling scarves. Robert Downey, Jr in boots – yum! Excellent choice! You’re definitely ready for the ball!

  • sharon says:

    Wonderful anthology. I would dress up as a Snow Queen and my escort would be Patrick Stewart.

  • Colleen C. says:

    I have not dressed up in years, but I always wanted to go to a costume ball! I have this cute sorceress outfit that is black and pink. 🙂

    • Hi Colleen!

      My husband was commenting just last night that he’s never gone to a masquerade party. I’d never really considered that we hadn’t as in my imagination, we go to one every year. 🙂 As the ball is in Haven Harbor, a community of witches, a sorceress would be perfect. See you there! 🙂

  • Minna says:

    I would dress as Polgara the sorceress.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    I would go as one of my childhood favorites Wonder Woman. I want Chris Eans to be my date. He doesn’t have to wear his Captain American costume. I’ll take him in a tux.

    • Hi Jane –

      Be still my heart! Any man looks better in a well tailored tux, but Chris Eans–definitely yum. 🙂
      You’d make a great Wonder Woman – and you’re liable to meet many more wonderful women with powers all their own at the Ball 🙂

  • Anne says:

    Dressing up for a ball as a siren to lure the unsuspecting men. Nathan Filion would be my guide.

  • ellie says:

    I would dress up as a Mad Men era working woman. love that period and the look. I would enjoy attending with Keifer Sutherland.

    • Hi Ellie –

      We recently binge-watched all the series of Mad Men. The women wore amazing clothes. Good choice! Kiefer Sutherland is a good choice but he speaks so low – I’d be shouting at him to speak louder the whole evening 🙂

  • Donna, congrats to all of you! I’m so glad the anthology is out, and I love the excerpt. Can’t wait to read everyone’s stories.

    I’d wear a Valkyrie outfit to the ball, and I’d bring Thor as my date. 🙂

  • Pissenlit says:

    *facepalm* I miss checking the blog for a few days and all of a sudden, there’s a bunch of posts! 😀

    Belated congrats on the release! Pretty cover! I’m all about series so I love that your short story is related to your book.

    If I were going to a Halloween Ball, I think I’d dress up all fancy shmancy steampunk-style and I think I’d have Loki escort me…*SHRUG* because Loki. 😀

    • Hi Pissenlit –

      Good you posted as I just popped in to pick some winners. Glad that I get to include your name in the mix.

      I love shamcy steampunk – especially with tight corsets and tiny little hats 🙂 I love the clockwork jewelry as well…and goggles – though I prefer the goggles on guys, not the girls. Great costume. And Loki would be a mighty fine escort. See you there!