Bandita Booty – No Comfort for the Lost and Fly Swatters

Hi all – Between vacations and the RWA conference, this post sort of got lost – but Nancy has informed me that Nancy's bookshe has chosen


for a copy of No Comfort for the Lost.  Pissenlit, please go to Nancy Herriman’s website at and give her your contact information.  She’ll send a copy of the book right out.

LOUISA CORNELL – I took my fly swatter to conference but I didn’t see you 🙁  (of flyswattercourse, there were several thousand people there and I was running like a rooster with their head cut off).  Could you drop into my website at and send me your mailing info.  I’ll get this fly swatter and a $10 Amazon gift card right off to you.  Thanks

PS – Loved the story of the New Orleans zoo trip!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the blog!

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