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Some years back, Golden Heart ® Award Winner Susan Sey gave up the glamorous world of software training to pursue a high powered career in diaper changing. Two children and millions of diapers later, she decided to branch out and started writing novels during nap time. The kids eventually gave up their naps, so now she writes when she's supposed to be doing the laundry. She currently resides in St. Paul, MN, with her wonderful husband, their charming children and a very tall pile of dirty clothes.

And, like many of us, she cannot resist a naked cowboy.  

Ka Is A Wheel….

Any Dark Tower fans out there?  Stephen King describes this epic series of his as a mash up of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly and The Lord Of The Rings.  It’s an epic-fantasy-western, if you can even wrap your mind around all of those genres in one story, & it’s not for everybody.  But I love a good hero, & the Dark Tower provided. Heroes are very important to us romance novelists (and romance readers!), after all.  We love men.  Love figuring those stubborn souls out.  We want to know what they think, how they feel, and what matters to them.  We
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I’m not dead yet…

Today is not my last day on the blog.  Everybody’s been doing these beautiful farewell posts, & I love them, but I still have another blog coming up & I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. Also, the Oscars are coming up this weekend, & I want to talk about movies.  Specifically movies that have provided a line so perfect, so useful that it’s been subsumed into the Sey Family Lexicon.   Here, in no particular order, are three movies that have so blessed us: 1)  From TANGLED:  “This is the strangest thing I have ever done!”  –Flynn Rider, upon discovering that
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Quick Five with Susan

Hello, dearest bandita buddies! So I’ve just now–like ten minutes ago–finished binged watching all 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.  I didn’t intend to do this.  I didn’t intend to sit down & watch an unconscionable amount of television all by myself.  (Mr. Sey isn’t a fan, & the girls are far too young for the soapy goodness that is Grey’s.)  But Mr. Sey was traveling a fair bit back in the fall & I found myself up late a few evenings with a pile of laundry that needed folding.  I figured I’d treat myself to some trashy TV. But I
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