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Some years back, Golden Heart ® Award Winner Susan Sey gave up the glamorous world of software training to pursue a high powered career in diaper changing. Two children and millions of diapers later, she decided to branch out and started writing novels during nap time. The kids eventually gave up their naps, so now she writes when she's supposed to be doing the laundry. She currently resides in St. Paul, MN, with her wonderful husband, their charming children and a very tall pile of dirty clothes.

And, like many of us, she cannot resist a naked cowboy.  

Perfect Saturday Morning

This is the first free Saturday morning our family has enjoyed in a long time.   I can’t even say what we’ve been doing that’s been so busy.  It’s just a lot of life.  A little of this, a little of that.  Sports, dance, meetings, vacations, work.  But this morning?  Nothing.   Absolutely nothing.  Here’s how I plan to enjoy it.  1) Wake nobody up.  I wake people up all week long & believe me, nobody thanks me for it.  This morning I’m letting those cranky pants stay in bed. 2) Read the newspaper.  Most mornings my girls stage a
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Because I said so…

So it was St. Patrick’s Day recently.  This was always a big deal in our house when I was a kid.   My mom emigrated from Ireland when she was almost ten, & has always been proud of her heritage. We didn’t go all shamrock-crazy on March 17th, but we definitely all wore our green every year, and proudly.  But we were Irish all year long, too, and in many ways.  For example, my oldest sister is named Maureen, & my next oldest sister is named Kathleen.  My dad put his foot down when I came along & insisted on an
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I will survive….

…February.  As God is my witness, I will survive February.   But, darn it, I hate this month. Why?  Let me explain. No. Is too much.  Let me sum up.  (Thank you, Princess Bride.  Best. Movie. Ever.) 1)  The winter wear is wearing out.  Coats don’t zip, mittens have gone missing, our scarves smell like dog, and our boots are blowing out.  We only have maybe two more months to hang in there, so you don’t really want to splash out on replacement gear.  You’d rather buy a bikini. Which is convenient, because that’s all the stores are carrying anyway.
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