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Reading led me to writing, as I suspect it does many authors. When I was a preschooler, my grandfather and I drew stick figures and made up stories about them, but something new and serious sparked in my imagination after I read my first super-hero comic book at age 7 (I’d talked him into buying it for me). By that time I’d progressed to stories I illustrated in crayon, mostly fairy tale retreads. Comic books led to science fiction, which joined YA romances, mysteries, and adventure stories on my reading list.

While a succession of teachers who liked realism led me to read more and write less, I never stopped inventing worlds and people in my head. College and graduate school revived my need for escapism, and I returned to writing, this time in the form of comic book fan fiction, much of it with a heavy romance slant. Encouraged by friends to write something of my own, I tried my hand at a novel. Figuring out how to write something that long led to a few fits and starts and lots more fan fiction, but I eventually finished my first novel and went on to give it siblings.

I read pretty much all genres, including comic books, but love romance and read very few books that don’t include a romantic arc. I’m also a lifelong history geek and Anglophile, so I read a lot of history. I majored in history as an undergraduate and spent a fabulous summer studying Tudor and Stuart Britain at Oxford University (as well as learning to drive on the left side and observe local customs in pubs). My college classes mostly covered who fought whom, when, why, and how, and I’ve been delighted to discover how much material is available about the ways people of different eras lived.

I enjoy all forms of wordplay (love crossword puzzles!) but consider fiction a unique window to the human heart. My books include historical romance and fantasy, paranormal romance, traditional fantasy, and romantic suspense, but all of them combine adventure and romance in the development of true love for my characters.

When I’m not blogging with the Banditas, I read, write, or try to convince my husband Prime Minister’s Question Time on C-SPAN is a really cool show.

Me with the Stargate Atlanta stargate backdrop, Dragon*Con 2010 (Yes, my eyes, unfortunately, are closed.  *sigh*)

Nancy's Fun Facts

I'm a pretty much lifelong geek girl.  I had a crush on Superboy and Robin the Boy Wonder when I was in grade school, and never mind that they existed only on four-color comic book pages.  The boys around me, not having superpowers or a cool utility belt full of gadgets, just didn't measure up.  *g*  I knew the dh and I had potential when he loaned me a Smithsonian history of comic strips he was reviewing.

A Change of Pace for Gerri Russell

My guest today is well known for her Scottish historical romances, but now she’s branching out.  Her first contemporary romance, Flirting with Felicity is a February release from Amazon Montlake.  As of this posting, it’s #1 in Contemporary Fiction in the Kindle store.   Congratulations and welcome, Gerri! How did this change of pace come about? How I started writing contemporaries isn’t a very exciting story. My editor asked me if I’d like to write a contemporary romance, and I said yes. The interesting part was deciding what to write. I figured if I was going to venture into unknown
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Love and Money

If you’re a regular here, you might remember my post from last October about slogging through the rain in Portugal.  A high point of the slogging was meeting a fellow romance reader and Georgette Heyer fan, Helen Fordham, amid the academics.  Helen was kind enough to send me an article she and her colleague Barbara Milech wrote together, “Romance, romantic love, and ‘the want of a fortune.’” I enjoyed it so much that I asked Helen if they could condense it to be a blog. Helen and Barbara (whose short bios are tucked in at the end) came to write this
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The Balance Sheet 2014

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a merry one and those of you who didn’t had a relaxing day.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems like a mad dash, full of chaos that has to be dealt with at an ever-accelerating pace.  Then, suddenly, it’s December 25.  Everything here hits a full stop.  And the quiet gives rise to reflection. When I was in grad school, I saw a cross-stitch pillow kit in a craft store window.  The pillow had holly on it along with this rhyme: Never a Christmas morning/Never an old year ends/But somebody thinks of
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