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All About Joan Kayse

I live near Louisville, Kentucky a place known for its famous horse race, the departure point for the great explorers Lewis and Clark, a famous baseball bat and orthopaedic nurses whose greatest passion is writing. No children, at least of the conventional sort but I have two baby cats, Cricket Marie and Grayson the Monkey cat. They are a mess but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. While I haven’t met my Prince Charming yet, I firmly believe he could be just around the corner.

Um, excuse me while I go check around the corner.

At the risk of sounding cliché, I have been writing stories all my life. My first story was written in fifth grade when I composed a dramatic piece about a picture of a lavender flower. Mrs. Pierce had no idea what she started with her weekly creative writing exercises when she asked me to come to the front of the class to tell my tale. But I still remember the pride and excitement I felt at having my story recognized.

My early success did not end there. In eighth grade I once again dazzled the educational world with my gripping adaptation of "The Little Match Girl". I concede that the world was not quite ready for the, ahem, brilliance of "The Little Flashlight Girl" but I persevered.

I began pursuing publication in 2001. My three completed Roman Historical manuscripts have received many accolades including a final in the 2006 RWA Golden Heart where I met the other crazy people, er the other Banditas of this blog. Currently, I’m hard at work on a new and exciting paranormal series based on Irish mythology. Not surprising since Ireland is my spiritual and genetic home. And believe me, driving in Ireland you become spiritual real quick!

I’ve told you about me, now tell us about you! Join us daily as we talk about life, love and the pursuit of happiness be it chocolate or great books.

Joan's Fun Facts

Did you know?  I'm a multiple ribbon winner at the Kentucky State Fair! Cakes and cookies are my specialty resulting in over 100 ribbons including a Cake Sweepstakes! Cake that's won the most? Chocolate Chip Cake.

I've been to Ireland five times! I have an Express Scone card :D

I love my baby cats!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The winner of a Kindle copy of RUARC: BOUND IN STONE is….bodhran drum roll please…   EC SPURLOCK! Send the email associated with your Kindle to and as soon as he’s uploaded, he’ll be on his way…

My Luckiest Day

Well, I think it’s pretty fitting that my  blog day lands on Friday the 13th. It fit perfectly into the theme for this last post. I am so damn lucky. Yes, it was a choice to join up with a handful of 2006 GH finalist to build The Lair. I’ve learned a LOT from these ladies about a LOT of stuff…including but not limited to, writing, Indie publishing, networking, the wonder that is Costco 🙂 and loads of other things. Lucky for me we’ll still be together on FB, twitter and other venues. I also had a great opportunity to
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It’s The Little Things

It started at a stoplight. No, not my latest book (though…there IS a car involved in Ruarc and Aine’s first meeting ;D) No, I’m talking about the idea for this blog. Several weeks ago, sagging against the post-holiday stress, I sat in my car waiting for the light to change. It was a cold, rainy, rainy day. I noticed a young family standing at the uncovered bus stop, glad to know they had coats and hats and their little 3 year old guy was happy and dancing around his Dad who kept a good hand on his son’s parka…traffic, yanno.
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