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Like many writers, I penned my first story at a young age. However, a family and a teaching career put my writing dreams on hold until my Advanced Placement seniors conned me into writing my first complete manuscript. That story, which subsequently won RWA's Golden Heart Award in 2006, was THE WATCHER.

From the moment I put my fingers to the keyboard, the
barrier between my brain and the paper lifted, the story flew from my mind, and I fell in love with everything about the process of writing.

Raised as an Army brat, I lived in Germany as a child, Northern Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Idaho, and Utah before finally settling in Northern California. Whenever I visit my sister in Virginia or my brothers in North Carolina and Florida, upon returning home I remember again why I love Northern California, home of the ancient redwoods, the fecund forests and the rugged Pacific coastline.

Two for One Offer — Brenda Novak’s Curated Boxed Sets

  Hi, Readers, I’m very excited to tell you about an EXCLUSIVE 2 for 1 OFFER!! As you know, to help raise money for diabetes research, I’ve joined with Brenda Novak and twelve other authors who have contributed brand-new novels and novellas to create a boxed set titled SWEET DREAMS. This boxed set is available only until June 30, 2015, after which it will be gone forever as a collective work. We’re hoping to reach our goal of $300,000. Purchase SWEET DREAMS (which has a beautifully-written foreword from best-selling author Lee Child!) before the end of May and receive your choice of SWEET TALK
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Engaged in a Worthy Cause

Growing up, in your school, community, or church, you may have heard the admonition to be actively engaged in a good cause. There are so many places for our limited resources – time and money – to go that we may feel overwhelmed sometimes about finding a worthy cause. Many of us donate a portion of our income to our local church or give generously during collection-plate time; others find interest in causes that touch their lives because of family or friends – Breast Cancer Month, Heart Disease, or Domestic Violence. I was raised to believe I should give, not
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Such Sweet Sorrow

You’ll recognize the line from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” that bitter-sweet romance so appealing to teenagers and adults alike — “parting is such sweet sorrow.” Saying goodbye to people you love, like or have grown close to is much like that – sweet and sorrowful at the same time. The Banditas have been saying goodbye, so long, farewell all month long to our devoted and faithful readers, even though we know the Banditas aren’t going too far away from social media.  We’ll be here on the blog telling you about our news and contests, releases and special offers, as well
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