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Like many writers, I penned my first story at a young age. However, a family and a teaching career put my writing dreams on hold until my Advanced Placement seniors conned me into writing my first complete manuscript. That story, which subsequently won RWA's Golden Heart Award in 2006, was THE WATCHER.

From the moment I put my fingers to the keyboard, the
barrier between my brain and the paper lifted, the story flew from my mind, and I fell in love with everything about the process of writing.

Raised as an Army brat, I lived in Germany as a child, Northern Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Idaho, and Utah before finally settling in Northern California. Whenever I visit my sister in Virginia or my brothers in North Carolina and Florida, upon returning home I remember again why I love Northern California, home of the ancient redwoods, the fecund forests and the rugged Pacific coastline.

Why I Love “Madame Secretary”

Thank you, CBS! Okay, it’s not about the absolutely adorable actor Tim Daly, who plays Madame Secretary’s husband Henry McCord on the ABC drama that debuted this year.  Nor the equally delightful Téa Leone, whose acting and low husky voice I’ve always enjoyed (uh, imagine Dr. Big hanging over my shoulder as I write, saying “Yeah, man!”).  Nor is it the we’re-going-to-finish-this-story-in-forty-four-minutes attitude the drama takes, although I’m eternally grateful for shows whose story-lines are actually concluded in the one-hour time limit. For me, it’s about the universal drama, angst, love, and politicking of family.  Yes, family.  CBS has taken
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BRF Syndrome

Have you ever heard of this syndrome?  BRF Syndrome? Chatter about it has been going around the internet-sphere for quite some time now, but it meant nothing to me until my daughters reminded me of their growing up years as teenagers. I led the congregational music in our church.  It was a non-demanding job and I enjoy the great hymns from centuries ago, as well as modern music. Hymnal music is very moving, so I thought I was doing a really good job, swinging my arms around, trying to get the congregation to speed up or slow down, put some emotion
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Angels We Have Heard

According to Luke, angelic voices sang the birth of the world’s saviour over two thousand years ago.  The story is lovely, whatever your personal beliefs:  an infant born in a cave among the animals, the shepherds awed by the heraldry, the wise men’s travel from afar to see a miracle. Whatever an angel means to you – a loved one, long gone; God’s winged creature protecting you; a symbol of hope, love and charity – angels surround us every day. It’s easiest for me to see angels in the faces of children, innocent and untouched as yet by life’s trials
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