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It’s wonderful for a writer to live near Washington, DC as I do. The research resources are fabulous, the scenery is great – complete with monuments, gorgeous public buildings, and the most amazing, weird, convoluted, political people – and I get to be here with the most awesome family, friends and neighbors in the world. I live here with my wonderful husband (he’s my personal hero), my two delightful, growing-too-fast sons, and my silly dogs.

I teach classes on body disposal, making your writing space work for you, and surviving "almost there" in the writing world.

Being part of the Ad(d)ams Family, as you can imagine, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to work in the garden, run my dogs, hang out with my family, and write.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE being a Romance Bandit!

Other than that, as another, more famous author says, the rest is subject to change without notice.

Did you ever see….?

 Did you see The Butler?  The movie, that is.  What about White House Down?  Or it’s equally ridiculous, but fun counterpart, Olympus Has Fallen? What about Taxi?  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Or Princess Bride?  Or that perinnial favorite around our house, Robin Hood, Men in Tights? Have you seen How To Train Your Dragon?  Kung Fu Panda? (1 and 2!) Or, what about Hotel Transylvania? Two of my (nearly grown) nephews were here this weekend, one with his fiance, and we ended up in a fabulous discussion of movies and books and ranged out from there.  It was
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The Joys of Chocolate!!

Hey gang!  You thought you were rid of me, right?  Snork! Cassondra had technical difficulties with power outages in her area, so her blog didn’t get posted for today.  Instead, you get MEEEEEE!!!  Bwahahahah! So, let’s talk chocolate. I just read an article that said that people from other parts of the world think we here in America have terrible chocolate.  Having been in Hershey PA for a baseball tournament recently, and going through the neat-o presentation they do on making chocolate, I’m thinking we use waaaaaay too much sugar for most people’s taste.  Grins.  (This from a woman who
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Car Trouble…

 I have a love/hate relationship with my car. I love my van.  It Goghs.  (Snork!  That’s a really old Mom Joke…When Vincent’s Van Won’t Gogh…)   On any given day ’round my place, it will hold a lot of guys with baseball gear and get them to the game on time.  And on another day, it’ll hold a buncha guys with Tae Kwon Do bags arguing about the variations in Minecraft texture packs.   It hauls mulch.   It hauls furniture.   It hauls friends for a girls night out if I get the short straw as designated driver.  
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