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It’s wonderful for a writer to live near Washington, DC as I do. The research resources are fabulous, the scenery is great – complete with monuments, gorgeous public buildings, and the most amazing, weird, convoluted, political people – and I get to be here with the most awesome family, friends and neighbors in the world. I live here with my wonderful husband (he’s my personal hero), my two delightful, growing-too-fast sons, and my silly dogs.

I teach classes on body disposal, making your writing space work for you, and surviving "almost there" in the writing world.

Being part of the Ad(d)ams Family, as you can imagine, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to work in the garden, run my dogs, hang out with my family, and write.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE being a Romance Bandit!

Other than that, as another, more famous author says, the rest is subject to change without notice.

Rivalry Football and Looking Forward to Thanksgiving…

So y’all know that I love Football, right?  SERIOUSLY love football.  I won the chance to kick a field goal at halftime at an NFL football game, and was one of the only women willing to do it.  When they called me, they were hesitant…did I want to do it?  Attempt a field goal ON the field? I had three words for them:  I’m SO THERE.  (I didn’t win the car, but I got some great Carolina Panther gear and had a BLAST! And I made it from 25 yards, just couldn’t make it from 35) That was a Carolina
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All Hallows, Samhain, and the Joys of Trick or Treat!

Hey everyone!  Its my favorite time of the year again!  WOOHOOO!!!  Love me some HALLOWEEN!  Now, most of you know this about me and have been enduring my Halloween posts for the last 8 years.  Ha!  This year will be no exception.  Everything orange and black for me, ladies!  Its just delicious, you know! Did you know they made Halloween Crispie M&Ms this year?  OMGOSH!  Fabulous. Just one more thing to make me love Fall. My sons and I will carve the last of the pumpkins tomorrow, yay!  The house has been decorated for a few weeks now, which has
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The de Wolfe Pack Invades!!

WELCOME!!  Come one, come all to the Wolfe’s Lair, home of the legendary de Wolfe family.  Men who’ll make your heart beat a little faster, women with grit and determination despite their circumstances, and heat and action galore! This is the world of the de Wolfe men and women, created by Kathryn LeVeque, and expanded upon by fifteen different authors who’ve had a blast playing in Kathryn’s rich, imaginative world. When our frequent Bandit guest Barbara Devlin told me about this intriguing de Wolfe Pack Kindle Worlds project, I was thrilled for her to be going back to writing in the
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