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It’s wonderful for a writer to live near Washington, DC as I do. The research resources are fabulous, the scenery is great – complete with monuments, gorgeous public buildings, and the most amazing, weird, convoluted, political people – and I get to be here with the most awesome family, friends and neighbors in the world. I live here with my wonderful husband (he’s my personal hero), my two delightful, growing-too-fast sons, and my silly dogs.

I teach classes on body disposal, making your writing space work for you, and surviving "almost there" in the writing world.

Being part of the Ad(d)ams Family, as you can imagine, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to work in the garden, run my dogs, hang out with my family, and write.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE being a Romance Bandit!

Other than that, as another, more famous author says, the rest is subject to change without notice.

The Great Donut War – A Cassondra and Jeanne Food Fight

Cassondra: A really, really bad thing has happened. Jeanne: Oh no! Cassondra: That’s a picture of the bad thing down there on the left. See it? Jeanne: *squints* Is that a donut shop? Cassondra: Oh, heck yeah. That’s a brand new Krispy Kreme donut shop. It opened this week in MY town. Jeanne: Ew. Yes. That is a bad thing. Cassondra: *takes a moment*   Wait. You’re serious?  *takes another moment* Are? You? Kidding? Me? Jeanne: Nope. Don’t like ‘em. Cassondra: You are my evil twin!  HOW can you not like Krispy Kreme? OMG. They’re from your home state! Wait…don’t say
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C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me….To Eat!

COOKIES!!! I LOVE Cookies.  I love them in all shapes and sizes and varieties. I love short cookies (not so sweet, more cake-y) and gooey cookies (the gumdrop cookies I put in the recipe book I’ll mention in a minute), and soft cookies (ginger molasses and chocolate and chocolate chip) and crisp cookies (sugar and gingersnaps and pecan sandies). I love shaped cookies like gingerbread people and sugar cookie stars and hearts and christmas trees.  I love blob cookies (AKA “drop cookies”) that you slide off the spoon and onto the cookie sheet and hope they end up in some
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December’s Coming Attractions!

Welcome to the Holidays, Bandits and Bandit Buddies! Have we got a Jingle Bell Lineup for YOU!!! On December 5, Allie Burton returns to the Lair with her newest LOST DAUGHTER OF ATLANTIS book – ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES On Tuesday, 9th December, lair favorite Annie West ( returns to talk about the latest instalment in her HOT ITALIAN NIGHTS series, the sizzling novella BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN. Isn’t that a gorgeous cover down below there on the right? On December 12th, we have a very special interview in the Lair!  Longtime Lair Buddy and dear friend Louisa Cornell!  We who know
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