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It’s wonderful for a writer to live near Washington, DC as I do. The research resources are fabulous, the scenery is great – complete with monuments, gorgeous public buildings, and the most amazing, weird, convoluted, political people – and I get to be here with the most awesome family, friends and neighbors in the world. I live here with my wonderful husband (he’s my personal hero), my two delightful, growing-too-fast sons, and my silly dogs.

I teach classes on body disposal, making your writing space work for you, and surviving "almost there" in the writing world.

Being part of the Ad(d)ams Family, as you can imagine, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to work in the garden, run my dogs, hang out with my family, and write.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE being a Romance Bandit!

Other than that, as another, more famous author says, the rest is subject to change without notice.


Slackers that we are – me more than Cassondra! – Here’s our winners from the Gravy Wars (12 Days of Bandita Christmas Day 5) and the Fudge Fight (12 Days of Bandita Christmas Day 4) Our winners receive a copy of Jeanne’s DEAD RUN and a German Shepherd Christmas Ornament PLUS a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card from Cassondra! For Gravy Wars – KATE SPARKS!!  (Please message me via FACEBOOK, Kate, with your addy so we can get you your prize!) For Fudge Fight – LOUISA CORNELL!!!  (Louisa, I just messaged YOU on FB!) Back in October, I hosted
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Are you NUTS? A 4th Day of Christmas Cassondra and Jeanne Holiday FUDGE Fight!

Do you ever give gift tins at the holidays?  Or get them?  Those cute little round or square tins with holiday motifs that some wonderful friend has filled with home baked goodies.  I LOVE those!! Cassondra:  *drools*  Oh Yumm!  I love to get foodie presents! Jeanne:  *smiling pleasantly* My favorite to get – and give – is fudge. Cassondra:  Ewwwwww. Jeanne: *ignoring that, still smiling*  It’s one of the best things about the holidays.  Now you can get fudge in the summer, sure, you can, right there at that place at the beach or resort, where they make it in
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A Few of My Favorite Things….

Well, another year older! Wow, 2015 just flew by.  So I got to thinking about what have been my favorite things this year.  Lots of fun stuff this summer – swimming, baseball, a little travel.  Gorgeous fall leaves.  Winter’s coming on so I’m even happier, because as you all know I adore Winter and cold weather. It’s time for sweaters and scarves and the best stuff ever, in my opinion – SNOW!  And FOOTBALL!  And sweatshirts.  Fuzzy sweaters.  Snow Creme.  Sledding.  Yay!!! Can you tell that I love the Winter? And the holidays are here.  Hanukkah started on Sunday.  Yule
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