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Christina Brooke is a former lawyer who staged a brilliant escape from the corporate world and landed squarely in Regency England.

She was the first Australian to win the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award for her first published novel and was nominated for a RITA award for her second historical romance, writing as Christine Wells. Her books have also been nominated for RT’s Reviewer’s Choice Award, Bookseller’s Best and the Australian Romantic Book of the Year Award.

Christina makes her home in sunny Queensland, Australia with her husband, two small boys and one enormous girl dog called Monty. Monty is the inspiration for Ophelia, the Great Dane in the Ministry of Marriage series. However, the resemblance of any human characters to real life people is purely accidental. Christina loves to travel, particularly to England for research and most especially to see her dear friends and colleagues in the United States. She also loves walking, window shopping for antiques and enjoying good food, good wine and good times with her friends and family.


There was a fun TV series called Seachange that aired in Australia years ago about a high-flying city lawyer, Laura Gibson, whose life falls apart. Her husband is indicted for fraud and has lost most of their savings, including their house. Not only that, but she discovers he’s been having an affair with her sister. Her son is expelled from school and the partnership she has neglected her family to attain is denied her because of the scandal over her husband’s shady dealings. All of this happens in the space of 24 hours and sees her melting down faster than
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April Coming Attractions

March was an AMAZING month in the lair. Our fabulous Tawny Weber hit the New York Times List as a part of the Lucky 7 Bad Boys boxed set, which features her story Naughty Vegas Nights. And if that wasn’t enough, Anna Campbell won the Australian Romance Readers Award for Best Continuing Series AND was nominated for a RITA award in the historical category for A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS!  But never fear that we’ve been too busy partying in celebration of our banditas’ successes. We have an action-packed April for you this month!  On April 2nd, Robin Giana returns to the
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Processing the Process

Recently in the deepest layers of the lair, we had a conversation that touched on our writing processes. I’m paraphrasing here (and apologies if I’ve misrepresented anyone!) Suz said she had this great new technique to show us if we were interested. It was a pre-writing tool for our characters, designed for pantsers. (She said more but at this point my fingers were in my ears and I was saying lalalala so I didn’t hear it). Then Tawny said, Blah… Venn Diagram… Blah … Colour-coded… blah. Then Nancy joined in the conversation raising the Plot Dr. Binder and Jo mentioned the T
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