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All About Cassondra Murray

Cassondra Murray has two life mantras. The first is how hard can it be? Never afraid to take on something new, her sordid career track has including event planning, Search & Rescue dog handling, photojournalism, songwriting and beekeeping. The one thing she’s done consistently since age 11 is write.

She lives with her husband in Southern Kentucky farmland amid grain fields and cows, where she juggles two dogs, five cats, one hive of honeybees and a smack-talking crow. She writes suspense and futuristic romance, and tries hard to avoid the homemade cake on the counter, since her second life mantra is, Life is uncertain…eat dessert first.

If it’s a water gun duel or truck nuts, Cassondra considers it fair game for a blog. So if you see her watching, be careful! You could end up in a post on

The Faux Cinderella~Growing Pains of a Goth Chick Writer

It’s probably no surprise to any of you. I’m guessing it was a surprise only to me. Let’s backtrack here. You see…Owls are my favorite birds.  Odd for that one in the photo to be out in the daytime…hmmm. Most of my clothes are black. I’ve never minded the whole “sleeping in a coffin” persona because it fit. If I had no alarm clock, my natural creative cycle would run from about seven in the evening until about three in the morning. So I work as many—or more–hours as the next person. I just work when the sun is sleeping.
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Reinventing Ourselves–Again~~A Love Letter to Our Readers

Do y’all have certain memories that stick with you? I don’t mean the big moments. If it’s the loss of beloved person, or a special miracle, like the moment you bring your baby home for the first time, it’s obvious that those memories would remain in your mind for many years. I’m talking about the little things—the moments that aren’t huge. Or maybe they are huge—but you don’t know at the time that they’re going to change your life forever. If you’re like me, most of the moments of your life sort of disappear, buried beneath the busy. But some
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The Stuff of Life

I want to be Bandita Tawny. Yes, I do. I mean seriously, have you seen photos of Tawny’s office—the space where she writes? It’s an awesome, cute, table-style desk with hardly anything on it.   Except a dog basket. Yep, one corner of her desk has a basket for her teensy weensy little dog, Daisy Mae. A dog that wears cute sweaters and has an adorable bow in her hair. That’s cuz Tawny is uber-organized. Yesterday I poured my coffee and went to my office, just a few steps away from the coffee maker Dear. Lord. Obviously, it was time for
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