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All About Caren Crane

Caren Crane writes Southern-inflected women's fiction that often includes a romance. She loves to write about dysfunctional, crazy families like the ones she knows and loves. Apparently, editors in NYC don't know and love the same type crazy families, but she hopes they will one day!

In the meantime, she enjoys spending time with her mostly-grown children and her incredibly tolerant husband. She would love to say she enjoys spending time with her cat, Chaps, but he is a revolutionary and despises bourgeois displays of emotion. Let's say they have figured out how best to get along: she pretends she is deaf when he begins ranting about The Man and he pretends not to notice.

Caren's Fun Facts

Caren is the third of five children. You know, like Hugh (aka "Third of Five"), the Borg they rescued on Star Trek, The Next Generation. A lot like that, as a matter of fact...


Caren grew up in Nashville, TN, the "Home of Country Music" but she is not a fan of country music. Her theory is the old "familiarity breeds contempt" holds true on this one. When you're likely to run into a singer at the grocery store or while you're trick-or-treating on Halloween, it's hard to be a fan.

First Daughters Winner!

We had a great time getting to know the First Daughters of Laura Simcox’s contemporary series on Saturday. Laura was giving away the winner’s choice of her First Daughters series to a lucky commenter. The prize goes to…Elaina!! Elaina, to claim your prize, please e-mail laura @ and let her know which of the three titles you would like, along with your snail mail address. The titles to choose from are: Various States of Undress: Carolina Various States of Undress: Virginia Various States of Undress: Georgia Congratulations, Elaina!!

Laura Simcox Presents the First Daughters

My dear friend and fellow Heart of Carolina Romance Writer, Laura Simcox, joins us today to talk about daughters. Not just any daughters, but First Daughters. As in, the daughters of the President of the United States. Laura, welcome to the Lair! Hi, Banditas and Buddies! I’m thrilled to be visiting with you today! Laura, tell us about your new series. I am intrigued about these First Daughters. Well, the First Daughters are the subject of my fun, contemporary romance series. Their dilemma can be summed up by my tagline, “Their dad might run the country, but he can’t run
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All the Eye Candy You Can Stand

After the men-in-suits montage we had thanks to our good friend Melanie Scott, you may be suffering a bit of ECFS – Eye Candy Fatigue Syndrome. What’s that? No, you’re not? Oh, well that’s good news, because I fully intended to talk about Eye Candy again today.   Not only men in suits, but all sorts of Eye Candy. See, some of us quite enjoy those powerful, suave-looking men in suits. The kind of men who look like your worst nightmare wrapped in perfectly-cut, pinstriped merino wool — hello, Don Draper!     But suits aren’t to everyone’s taste, or even suitable for every
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