Are you NUTS? A 4th Day of Christmas Cassondra and Jeanne Holiday FUDGE Fight!

ChristmastinDo you ever give gift tins at the holidays?  Or get them?  Those cute little round or square tins with holiday motifs that some wonderful friend has filled with home baked goodies.  I LOVE those!!

Cassondra:  *drools*  Oh Yumm!  I love to get foodie presents!

Jeanne:  *smiling pleasantly* My favorite to get – and give – is fudge.

Cassondra:  Ewwwwww.

Jeanne: *ignoring that, still smiling*  It’s one of the best things about the holidays.  Now you can get fudge in the summer, sure, you can, right there at that place at the beach or resort, where they make it in humongous batches.  But there’s nothing better than homemade fudge at the holidays.  I love making fudge as prezzies for people, I like getting the colored wax paper and filling gift tins full of yummy, nutty, slurpy, chocolate fudge.  Yum!!

bc71ff31cb762ad6dcd11d52773b8638Cassondra: Yuck.

Jeanne:  *glaring now*  Will you hush?  I’m having a moment here.

Cassondra:  Fine, fine.  Wax sentimental, why don’t you?

Jeanne:  Thank you.  And it’s wax paper.  (Snork!)

Cassondra:  *rolls eyes*

Jeanne:  Anyway.  My mom used to make fudge, but only at the holidays.  Perhaps that’s why I love it so much this time of year.  I got to cut up the pecans to go in it, but I also got to pick out those perfect pecan halves to put on top.  YUM!

Cassondra:  You already said that “yum” part.

P1100727-32Jeanne: Did I? Yeah, I did!  Still, it bears repeating.

Cassondra: *rolls eyes harder*  Whatever.  Sounds like you should’ve married a tin of fudge, romance girl.

Jeanne:  Hmmm… maybe…WAIT!  Are you telling me you don’t like fudge with nuts on top?

Cassondra:  Oh I love the nuts just fine. In fact, I love nuts period.  In even more fact, the nuts are the only thing about fudge that allows the stuff to be considered actual…you know…food.  I generally don’t like nuts in things, but most especially chocolate fudge. It’s an abomination to put those wonderful nuts in such a disgusting mixture.

Jeanne:  You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t like fudge?  What happened to our evil twin love fest with food?

Cassondra: It got cooked to soft ball stage.

Jeanne: *snork*

Cassondra: And nope.  I don’t like nuts in or on things as a rule.  There are only two exceptions.

Jeanne:  Ha!  I knew it!!  th

Cassondra:  *holds up hand in STOP motion*  Here’s the thing.  Chocolate fudge is so rich-sweet that I can eat exactly one bite of it before I keel over and start to turn all gooey pink and sicky-sweet like Glinda, that fluffy witch from the Wizard of Oz who flew around in a damn soap bubble waving her sparkle wand.  How sickeningly sweet is that? *makes barfing sounds*

Jeanne: *speechless for a moment at this spew of vitriol…Finally she raises her eyebrow* Sparkle wand?  It turns you into a glitzy blonde with a sparkly crown and sparkly wand??

Cassondra:  I’m much more akin to Elphaba.

glindaJeanne:  Who?  Oh, right.  The other one…

Cassondra: The green one. You know…the one who died so unfortunately. *whispers* Death by melting. *shivers* Ahem.  She was a good person at heart.  Misunderstood.  But she was not sicky sweet.  That’s fudge.  Glinda-sicky-sweet. So sweet you can’t stand it.

Jeanne: *raises other eyebrow* I’ll give you that part about misunderstood.  I mean, seriously, you grow up green it does something to your perspective, you know?

Cassondra:  Totally.  But back to the point.  Let’s get real here.  More often than not, fudge resembles sand. Mixing chocolate with it does not make it viable food. It’s grainy and the sugar is still granulated and just….gross.  You can’t even taste the chocolat-ey-ness of it because it’s so darn rich-sweet that it’s just a big sweet attack (you know…kinda like the pink froo froo witch with the big glittery tin foil crown thing, and the eyelashes out to here and the sparkle wand) The only thing even remotely food-like in said chocolate sugar-sand is the nuts. Sand was made to walk on.  On the BEACH. pecans

God made nuts after all.  The almighty did not mean for sand to be taken as food, and the whole thing is a waste of perfectly good nuts.  Nuts were not meant to be mixed into sandy goo and cooked up into concoctions.

Jeanne:  I love nuts in food.  And fudge is NOT sand, or sandy!  I protest!  Fudge is smooooooooth.  It’s as smooth as a flying monkey’s….uh…flight pattern!  It’s delicious, fudgey, chocolaty goodness wrapped around the most divine nuttiness ever.  Nuts, and chocolate.  It’s a tradition.  Almond Joy. Fudge Snickers.  100,000 dollar bars.  FUDGE!!!  WOOT!!  And it doesn’t have to be that ooogy sickly sweet stuff you get at the fair.  Besides, adding the nuts makes it better and tones down the sweet.

Cassondra: *shakes head, taps foot, waiting for the end of the happy dancing* Ick.  Nine times out of ten, fudge is a sandy, sicky-sweet, so-rich-you-can’t-taste-it, gross waste of perfectly good nuts.  I bet you like nuts on your ice cream too.

Jeanne:  *smug*  Yep!  CHOCOLATE ice cream.  Like fudge, everything is improved with nuts.   Bread (as in banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc), dairy products (you know, like ice cream) and I’ve even been known to add walNUT oil to other baking to improve the flavor.  So there!ice cream

Cassondra: Oil doesn’t count. It never did have any inherent crunchiness.  But as to the rest? Ewwww.

Jeanne:  Wait.  How can you not like nuts on ice cream, at least?  I know it makes them cold…SNORK…wait, cold nuts.  SNORK!  Okay, so while that’s not good in a partner, it IS good on ice cream!!

Cassondra:  What can I say?  I’m picky about nuts.

Jeanne: Snork!!!!

Cassondra: On ice cream they’re waaaaaaay too much of a contrast. Ice cream is supposed to be smooth. Smooth is part of ice cream’s nature. Same with peanut butter.  Putting nuts on it–or in it–is just wrong.  Ruins the ice cream. Ruins the nuts.  It’s wrong I tell you.

03-jif-crunchy-peanut-butter-lgn-jpg_001036Jeanne:  Nuh-uh.  It gives that smooth, cool goodness an extra boost of texture and warm, nutty deliciousness.  Kinda like crunchy peanut butter.

Cassondra: OMG!  Even the photo of that JAR of crunchy peanut butter makes me ooog out.  EWWWWWW!

Jeanne:  *tapping foot* You said there were two exceptions.

Cassondra:  Yes.  My mom made this stuff that’s technically called fudge, but has no similarity to any fudge I’ve ever eaten.

Jeanne: Ha!  Your mom made fudge and you liked it!

Cassondra: No!  This stuff was an island amid other disgusting fudgey-ness.

Jeanne:  Okay Miss “my fudge is an island” fudge hater.  How was it different?33608

Cassondra:  Look, I’ve had all kinds of fudge.  The chocolate kinds are all just disgusting disgraces to everything that is chocolate.  I can’t even look at that ring thing you posted on the right.  What’s worse than fruitcake? One made of fudge.  It’s basically mud disguised as dessert. Gah!

I can tolerate the peanut butter fudges a little better because they generally have a very high ratio of peanut buttery-ness.  Even so I would never choose those over, say, a shortbread cookie, which is a far more subtle, gently textured, perfectly balanced bit of yum–

Jeanne: Ha! You used the word yum!

Cassondra:  *closes eyes, reaches for Zen*  My mom’s recipe is for sour cream black walnut fudge.  It’s incredibly mild.  Really subtle and not at all overpowering.  Because of this, the flavor of the black walnuts really shines. It’s the most prominent flavor in the candy, with the semi-sweet sour cream base as a backdrop.  It’s amazing.  It’s…yum.

Jeanne: *sing-songs* Cassondra likes fuuu-dge, Cassondra likes fuuuu-dge!  With NUTS.  WALL nuts.  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Gotcha!!!  So, since you’ve made the concession of saying that there is ONE – albeit ONLY one – type of fudge that will willingly pass your lips, WITH NUTS, I’ll concede that I cannot STAND crunchy peanut butter.  Grins.  Peanut butter needs to be smooth.  But anything else?  Bring on the nuts!  What’s your second exception?

Cassondra:  Ha!  And yet you posted that jar of vile crunchy peanut butter just to taunt me!

Jeanne:  *looks smug, bats eyelashes*

Cassondra *sigh* My second exception is MotherGrant’s German Chocolate Cake, made from the recipe on the actual label from a bar of Baker’s German Sweet Chocolate from the 1920s. Takes 18 eggs.  *looks smug right back*

Jeanne:  German chocolate cake icing is total goo. With nuts.

Cassondra: Yes. Yes, it is.  But it has coconut too, which doesn’t actually COUNT as a nut cuz it isn’t crunchy, and homemade German Chocolate Cake icing is not just good.  It’s Goo from God. And I love it.  But that’s the ONLY nutty goo I like.  Chocolate fudge is disgusting and just out.

Jeanne:  Goo from God. The title is perfect. You are nuts.

So what about you Bandits and Buddies?  Do you like foodie gifts?  Towers of snacks, tins of cookies or fudge WITH NUTS?

What about fudge in general?

Chocolate fudge or flavored fudge?

Nuts or no nuts?  Ever?  In anything?  Or just in some things?

Cold nuts? (On ice cream, you perverts!)

Crunchy peanut butter or smooooooooooth only?

Here’s my favorite fudge recipe to date, I’ve made it several years running (WITH NUTS) and love it: Aunt Teens Chocolate Fudge

(Photos are the authors, Wikimedia commons, and Yahoo Images. )

Jeanne will be giving away a signed copy of Dead Run and a German Shepard ornament!  Cassondra will give away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card to the same winner!


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  • Amy Conley says:

    I love fudge, I love nuts. BUT I hate “mixin” foods! So, I want my fudge plain, just like my peanut butter! Do NOT buy me Crunchy Jif, it is the only Jif I refuse to allow pass my lips!!!!

    I used to do food tins and I do love getting them, fudge is a rarity for me and my non-cooking abilities. But maybe this year I’ll try some. I found out a neighbor, because of unseen circumstances, hasn’t been able to do anything for anyone except the grandchild who lives here (she also has 2 more) so I am thinking of things I can get for her and her hubby and fudge is PERFECT! So if I can, I’ll do both of you fudges, minus any nuts, for all of us. I’ll let you know after Christmas which fudge goes over best. And if anyone would like to send a picky eater some nut-less fudge, I’ll gladly share my address (anything to get out of cooking!).

    • Amy Conley says:

      Why doesn’t is say there aren’t any comments, when I left one?

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Amy, they were in moderation. Mine are going into moderation too. *heavy sigh* We’ve been having this issue for a few months now and our web guy has not been able to solve it. Ever since we got hacked, we’ve had problems with this. Hope to have it resolved soon, and we apologize for the trouble.

        We know it’s a hassle to comment and not see it appear. Sometimes we have to go in and manually approve even our buddies. It’s very frustrating for everyone. :0(

      • Amy, I know that’s frustrating, and we appreciate everyone’s persistence. My comments also go into moderation unless I’m signed into the site. As Cassondra says, this is a remnant of our hack experience that just won’t go away.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Haha! Another person who does not like nuts in fudge!
      Although, Amy, I’m sorry to say if you don’t like those, you would not like the sour cream black walnut fudge. The black walnuts are the reason to eat it. The candy is so mild flavored that it’s really just a base for the pungent black walnut flavor. I wish I had the recipe, but I don’t. :0(

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Amy! I”ll add my apologies to Nancy and Cassondra’s. Ugh. It’s such a pain that everyone goes randomly into moderation.

      Anyway, thanks for being here! Obviously, the rooster wants to make fudge, since you’re gettin’ him today! Ha!

      And how nice of you to think of your neighbor. Go, you! :>

      Enjoy the fudge making!

  • catslady says:

    I’m sorry to say I really don’t like fudge – I know lol. It is just too sweet for me. Ahh but I love most nuts. And they are better for you than fudge hahahaha.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Yes, yes yes!
      I know I’ll lose this food fight, because fudge is so popular, but I’ve got one vote right out of the gate! Cha-Ching! *sticks tongue out at Jeanne*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *rolls eyes at Cassondra* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Catslady, it can be sweet, yes, but the nuts do make it soooooo good.

      Then again, you’re right. Nuts alone? Yummy goodness. Grins.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne and Cassondra,
    Love foodie gifts, but don’t get them often. I did get a tin of Starbucks coffee. Still waiting on a tin of cookies. I’m down with fudge. I bought pounds of it when I visited Mackinac Island. I’m picky with nuts. Fan of pistachio, hazelnut and almonds, but just meh on walnuts. Smooth peanut butter for me.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ah, Jane, I’m not surprised that I lost you to the fudge side of this one. But at least you’re with me in loving some Starbucks!
      And Christmas cookies. I’m not a huge cookie eater, other than some very select kinds. But at Christmas, cookies seem to be extra good.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Bwahahaha! Fudge rules! *sticks tongue out at Cassondra*

      Love the Starbucks tins. Don’t they do a nice gift package? And I love all those nuts too…Wait, does that sound bad? Snork.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Cassandra, where is the recipe for your mother’s black walnut fudge, made with sour cream? Or the German Chocalate Cake? Both sound incredibility YUMMY! And my fil love german chocolate cake.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Oh, shoot Amy. I don’t have the fudge recipe. Only my mom has ever made it.

      I do have the German Chocolate Cake recipe. I thought I had that in the Bandita recipe files, but I’m looking and I don’t see it.

      I’ll try to type it out and anybody who wants it can let me know. I’ll email it.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      I want it too, Amy. I’ll have to see if I can find something similar on the internet. Sounds SO GOOD!! Grins.

  • Pissenlit says:

    You can’t see the horrified look on my face right now but I’ve got one. *points* It’s right there and it’s pretty horrified. *SHUDDER*

    I love foodie gifts. Less so the tins because they take up storage space. But nuts? Usually, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NO NUTS!! Unless they’re peanuts(which aren’t actually nuts), pistachios or macadamia nuts(which I don’t much like). Everything else is all, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!! I’m allergic to all other nuts ranging from “Omigosh, I feel ill.” to *ACK* <- deathy sound. I usually prefer not to have nuts in anything even if they're the safe nuts. But I do very much like peanuts and pistachios on their own.

    Nutless fudge is awesome. Chocolate is good. Maple is better.

    Smoooooth peanut butter! Crunchy is acceptable if there's no other option.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Pissenlit, that’s interesting that you’re allergic to tree nuts but can eat Macadamias and pistachios.

      And I will just forego peanut butter if it’s crunchy. Just can’t go there.

      Are you also allergic to coconut? Nut allergies intrigue me. And they can be deadly and that means you have to be so careful to ask about food constantly. That must be aggravating. :0(

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Snork! But Cassondra dear, you avoiding admitting that she LOVES FUDGE!! (Maple, to be exact!) SNORK!!

      Pissenlit, you cracked me up with that “Ack” (deadly sound) bit. Heehee.

      I love all the nuts, and coconuts too, so I’m thankful every single day that I don’t have an allergy! (So sorry you do!)

  • flchen1 says:

    This is our Christmas go-to food gift:

    And I guess I’m just a heathen–I’ll eat it all… fudge, nuts, no nuts, cookies, candy, WHATEVER! Bring it! The homemade stuff over the holidays is what I live for! Mmmm……

    • Minna says:

      You’re not the only one…

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Not a heathen.

      I used to be more this way too. But I’m getting picky in my old age. *grin* When I was little I loved those pre-made ice cream cones you get from the convenience store freezer–the ones covered in soggy nuts. Tried one recently for sake of nostalgia and just couldn’t finish it.
      Being less picky is a gift. Revel in it girlfriend!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *Happy dancing again* Fudge and nut lovers, UNITE!!

  • Sandyg265 says:

    I can’t eat fudge because of the dairy but I love nuts and cookies.

  • Mary Preston says:

    I like food gifts from my mother. From anyone else it is just not up to snuff. I guess it is what you are used to & love.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Mary, it’s always so, isn’t it? Whatever you grew up eating is what you still love forever. Although I’ve gotten to where I like more flavor and spice than my mom used to put in her food, I still love her cooking and now that she doesn’t cook much anymore I surely miss it.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, Mary, I used to just drool waiting on Christmas goodie tins from my mom. She had such a hand with cookies and baked goods. (including FUDGE! With NUTS!) Grins.

      And yes, it’s hard to beat that “mom” flavor. :>

  • Brenda Rumsey says:

    LOVE food gifts. It’s fun just walking down the Christmas isle and see all the tins and food novelty items with such cute gadgets attached. Yesterday my neighbor brought me a Santa plate filled with three types of homemade fudge. It was such a wonderful surprise.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ah, I was right. Most folks are falling on the side of fudge.
      Its’ okay. Y’all can have all of it. I’ll hang over here by the pie and cake table. *grin*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Yay! Another fudge lover! Grins.

      But Cassondra, alas for my weight, I love the pie and cake table just as much! Grins. German Chocolate Cake – NOM! – and pumpkin pie. LOVE them!

  • Pearl says:

    Love fudge that is plain. Chocolate too. Delectable treats and goodies are my ultimate favorite .

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Pearl I see Jeanne got you with this one too. Fudge lovers are a big group.

      Sounds like you don’t like nuts in your fudge though, so not a total loss for my side.

      Yummy treats are nearly always a win.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      What’s not to love about delectable treats, including fudge? Grins.

      Ah yes, Cassondra, we are far and wide, we fudge lovers!

  • Aaaaand here we go again! *g*. Holidays around here would be boring if you two liked all the same foods.

    My mom made fabulous chocolate fudge from the recipe on the back of the marshmallow cream jar. She put pecans in it. I don’t make it because I never mastered the soft ball stage.

    One year she made this green stuff with pineapple in it, supposedly Hawaiian fudge. Ugh. Not for me.

    To me, it’s not fudge unless it’s chocolate. And if it’s grainy, Cassondra, it wasn’t made right. I hate grainy fudge.

    As for the questions, I love getting foodie gifts. I loaned my maternity clothes to a friend. Like me, she’s tall, and she was having trouble finding things long enough. A few days after she mailed them back, a Harry & David tower of treats arrived. Fabulous (and I have no connection to Harry & David, FTC)!

    Fudge is chocolate. Period. Like I said. I’ll eat things in other favors called fudge, but that’s not what they really are.

    In general, I like nuts, but I prefer my fudge without them. We keep a walnuts/almonds mix on hand for snacks.

    Ice cream with nuts, I like if I’m in the mood. Like butter pecan. Or pistachio.

    We buy smooth peanut butter.

    I like coconut but am not a big fan of German chocolate frosting. There’s just something about it I don’t really like.

    Fun battle, y’all!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Shoot. I lost a Bandita to fudge.

      Ah well, it was bound to happen.

      Nancy, if sandy fudge isn’t made right, then I’ve had a LOT of poorly made fudge, because more often than not, it’s grainy. But even smooth, most fudge is too over-sweet for me. I’m sure that’s its appeal to some folks, and why it’s usually cut into small pieces. But even those are too big for me. Alas.

      • It’s very sweet and very rich, so I think you’re right about the small pieces. I don’t have the capacity for it that I once did.

        As an aside, I’m not a big marshmallow fan. I love s’mores, and I loved my mom’s marshmallow cream fudge, and that’s about it. I want marshmallows far, far away from my hot chocolate and my sweet potatoes. And anything else I happen to be eating.

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Yes, Nancy! Other than fudge and S’mores and roasting them on a stick, I stay away from the marshmallows. Bleech on putting them on sweet potatoes. Just…bleeech.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You’re so right, Nancy. If it’s grainy, it wasn’t made right. Bleech.

      Had to LOL at your list. We keep nuts around for snacking all the time too, btw :>

      I’m shuddering over the green pineapple fudge-like substance. Sounds….oogy. Snork!.

      Mmmm, you’re missing out on the gooey goodness that is German Chocolate Cake frosting. More for me! Bwahahahah!

  • Anne says:

    I’m a plain fudge person, no nuts, no special flavorings. I tried dark chocolate fudge last year and it was really good, but regular chocolate is still my preferred.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      No nuts? Sigh. Okay, but still, FUDGE!! Yay!! I’ve not tried dark chocolate fudge. Bet that’s fabulous!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      I love love LOVE dark chocolate candy. But not fudge, unfortunately.

      But hey! Score for no NUTS IN FUDGE! Ha! I should get at least half a point for that. *grin*

  • Colleen C. says:

    Oh I do enjoy foodie gifts… I have kept a few cookie tins I thought were pretty looking… As for fudge, never tried making it… actually have not eaten much of it either… but nuts yummy… especially in chocolates! I used to love crunchy PB, but lately I have been sticking with smooth! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Colleen! Aren’t the tins great? Love those.

      And yes to fudge!! Woot! And nuts in things. Double woot! Score one for my side! Hahahah!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      The holiday tins are so lovely, but I admit that I don’t store them. I don’t have room. I either donate them, fill them and regift the same year, or recycle them. (REALLY hard to toss some of those gorgeous pieces of art into that bin.)

      Love getting them and eating the goodies.

  • EC Spurlock says:

    Foodie gifts are my specialty! I regularly give cookies, peppermint bark and homemade jam for gifts (usually in Tuperware, not tins, cuz you can use those all year.) One kid likes nuts and the other doesn’t so I have to have some with and some without. And I am with you on the crunchy peanut butter, I can’t stand the stuff (although I will add my own almonds or trail mix to a peanut butter sandwich to give it a little more body; go figure.)

    I am not a huge fudge fan but I will take it in small amounts, with or without nuts. My personal favorite is the apple pie fudge made by one of our favorite orchards – 2 layers of white chocolate fudge with apple pie filling sandwiched between. Heaven! My MIL also had a specialty of brown sugar fudge she made every year for Christmas. I never got her recipe but I later stumbled across a different recipe which even my dear departed hubby had to admit was even better than his mom’s. It’s much harder to make, though, so I don’t make it often. And Cassondra, look for fudge recipes that use confectioner’s sugar rather than granulated; that gives it a whole different texture so it’s much smoother and not as sandy.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, homemade jam! *drools* I love homemade jams and jellies. My mother used to make this apple jelly? OMGosh, it was fabulous. I’ve never mastered the making of jams and jellies, alas.

      The apple pie fudge sounds yummy!

      And I love that you do goodie-gifties! How cool. Laughing too about the one kid eats nuts and the other doesn’t. My oldest brother eschews (har, har) the nuts. Me? I’ll have mine and his too!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      EC, I will do that. As a cook myself, I’d like to try it just to see the difference. And if I could find fudge that was not so overhelmingly in-your-face sweet, I’d be more open to it. (which is why I like my mom’s–it’s less intense)

      I think I got ruined when I went on the Atkins diet a few years back. I had no sugar to speak of (only some Stevia here and there) for two years. I can’t even deal with sweet tea now. I have to cut it by about two thirds with unsweet.

      Even regular candy bars are usually too rich for me, and cheescake, which I used to love, is nearly overwhelming.

      Fudge tops all of those for the sweetness-to-volume ratio, and it was too sweet/rich for me even before I was on that diet. I’m afraid I’ll likely never be able to appreciate that level of intensely sweet stuff again. Good thing, since that much sugar does nobody any good, but it changed me and made me even more of a fudge grinch.


      • EC Spurlock says:

        Try looking for dark chocolate or semisweet fudge, it’s not nearly as overwhelmingly sweet. Hansel & Gretel’s in Helen GA makes a good one, and so do many artisanal chocolate shops.

  • Lianne says:

    Yes. please to fudge.

  • Pissenlit says:

    I’m also allergic to a good number of tree pollens. I’m not allergic to the fruits from those trees but my body mistakes the fresh versions of those fruits for those eeeeeevil pollens so I can’t eat them unless they’ve been cooked or canned because only then can my body tell them apart. 😛

    I’m not allergic to coconut! Unfortunately, I find the taste and texture of it to be somewhat vile. I do like coconut milk in my curries, though.

    Ya, it’s pretty sad. All baked goods and some suspicious-looking foods are a no go unless I know what the ingredients are. I recently learned that gluten free baked goods are potentially off limits when I found out that a supposedly awesome(so I’m told) gluten free bakery in town uses almond flour. I didn’t even know almond flour was a thing. 🙁 Good thing I’m not gluten free or I’d be even more limited in tasty tasty baked goods.

    • Pissenlit says:

      Oops. That was a reply to Cassondra’s reply of my comment 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      I so didn’t know that about almond flour. Learn something new every day! Grins.

      And yes, sometimes the program jumps the comments down to their own space. It was doing that to Jo the other day on her launch party!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Aww, see….it’s getting more and more complicated to know what’s in food I think, as ingredients become more widely and easily available. That said, I did know about the almond flour because of being on a low-carb diet. That’s one of the flours you substitute for the high-carb wheat flours.

      I haven’t really used much of it, but we drank a lot of almond milk when we were on that diet. Learned to like it, but it doesn’t taste like milk milk to me.

  • LOL – I feel like I need an umpire’s official whistle when I read your food-fight posts 🙂

    Love gift tins of cookies. Not so crazy about gift tins of fudge. Cassondra is right in this – it’s just too darn sweet! I could tolerate it when I was younger but now I can’t even touch the stuff.

    But – I love nuts in everything. I recently had a chocolate christmas cake (which is like a light chocolate fruit cake) with lots of nuts, raisins, and chocolate bits – Yum. Nuts are wonderful in chocolate chip cookies and on top of ice cream (or in ice cream like butter pecan). I love crunchy peanut butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but prefer the smooth stuff when I’m baking.

    LOL – Now I’ve a taste for Christmas cookies. Gotta go! 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Donna! So you’re with Cassondra on the fudge and with me on the nuts and ice cream! Grins.

      I have a whistle, that could be fun! Grins.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! A non-fudge lover! I got one!

      I’ll forgive you the nuts Donna. I like them too. Just can’t stand the fudge.

  • Helen says:

    Woohoo loved this post Ladies 🙂

    Well I do love nuts but I prefer them on their own but do eat them mixed in cakes etc and I have them on an ice-cream sundae I am not a big fudge eater and have never made it and I don’t get homemade food presents although I do make Christmas cakes for friends as presents I should do this next year tins and cookies and fudge 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, I love hearing you talk about your cakes and “slice”, Helen! Fudge is really easy. Grins.

      And see, Cassondra? Helen likes nuts in cold things – sundaes! Grins.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! Helen doesn’t love fudge!!!!! YAY!

      *sticks tongue out at Jeanne again.*

      Helen, I did know what causes the sandiness in fudge even though I didn’t admit it on the blog. And we get a LOT of sandy fudge. Apparently it’s how you heat the mixture. The sugar can crystalize the wrong way and you get the graininess. So I think fudge is easy, but truly smooth fudge is a bit of an art.
      I’ll go for your cookies and slice and Christmas cake though!

  • Anne says:

    Fudge, brownies and cookies with no nut interference is perfection and delightful. I love to bring and give food gifts since they are from the heart.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Sigh, well at least you like FUDGE!! Hear that Cassondra? No nuts, but she likes fudge!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      HA! I’m scoring more points than I thought just by getting the half points in.

      I love doing food gifts too, Anne! Used to do that for all my neighbors. Got too much going this year, unfortunately.

  • Shannon says:

    I love nuts–food and people! Not that I’d see any in here. They can be in food or eaten more or less naked. Now to raid the kitchen for nuts or something else. You made me laugh and made me hungry.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Snork! Well, there are plenty to be found….ahem…just not here, right? SNORK!!

      Glad we made you laugh. We crack ourselves up on a regular basis, so it’s always good to have company. Grins.


    • Cassondra Murray says:

      This is the place to be if you like people who are off half a bubble. Never met a writer who wasn’t.

      Hmmm….what about the fudge question? Did I score a half point? Do you hate fudge? *raises eyebrow*

      • Shannon says:

        I”m allergenic to chocolate. (Trust me I ate my share in my teens–with and without nuts.) So no fudge for me, and no I cannot remember which I liked better. I do eat the peanut butter version, but I’ve never had that with nuts, just pure sugar as noted above.

  • Elaina says:

    If I ever received food gifts they would be my favorite since they are meaningful and everyone can enjoy the wonder of such talent.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Too true! Hope you get some sometime soon. Grins. Thanks for popping in!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Hi Elaina–
      Yes, I think food gifts are wonderful because they took the time to make. That’s more valuable than the money we often throw at things, though I love any gifts or cards because it’s just so much fun to receive surprises.

      A tin of homemade goodies is one of the best things you can get, or give.

  • Deb says:

    I cannot make good, old-fashioned fudge. But, I do make a good No Fail Fudge. 🙂 I like plain chocolate, but chocolate-peanut butter is very good. Anything chocolate-peanut butter is good!

    Smooth peanut butter…even right out of the jar!

    Pecans, yes. Peanuts, yes. Walnuts, gag. Black walnuts, double gag. They taste like mold in a shell. Hickory nuts, nope on those, too.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahahah! Deb, you crack me up. I agree that pretty much anything peanut butter and chocolate is stellar. And double yes on peanut butter right out of the jar. Grins.

      Snorking over the LACK of love for walnuts. I wouldn’t pick walnuts or hickories first, but I do like them I also dont pick beechnuts or hazelnuts first. Give me pecans, cashews and brazil nuts, peanuts and macadamias, allllll good!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Alas…a walnut hater.

      Oh well.

      And no-fail fudge? What is that?

      Does that mean it can never turn to sand? If so, I’m in.
      The uber-sweetness mixed with the sand is two deadly strikes against fudge for me.
      But I’m always willing to try new things. Especially homemade new things. *grin*

  • Sorry, Cassondra, Mother of Cutest Kitties Ever ! I LOVE fudge! Anyone who knows of my chronic, incurable addiction to chocolate must know chocolate fudge is too much temptation for me to resist! Not that I try terribly hard !! HOWEVER ! Grainy fudge is YUCK !! My Mom makes fabulous chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge. And yes, she does fudge with walnuts in it. YUM !!

    I adore food gifts, especially this time of year ! And every year my Mom makes fudge, peanut butter balls, divinity and potato chip cookies for her local fire and police departments. They driver around her neighborhood every year on Christmas Eve with Santa Claus on a fire truck. All of the neighborhood kids and parents come out to wave at Santa. My job is to run out to the fire truck and then to the police escort car with tins of treats for the guys. They ALWAYS slow to a halt at Mom’s house. And by New Year’s those tins have been washed and dropped back off at Mom’s for next year. Those guys are no dummies!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, that is SO COOL, Louisa! I love that they wash and return the tins. That is the best. Grins. Totally cool to about potato chip cookies. What the heck are those??

      And hey, Cassondra! FUDGE AND NUT FUDGE LOVER!! WOOHOOO!!

      (Louisa, those kittens are adorbs, aren’t they??)

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Oh, VERY cool that you have such a wonderful tradition!

      Do you know how to make your mom’s candies?

      I really need to get my mom to teach me her sour cream black walnut fudge. It would be terrible to lose the only fudge I actually like!

      I think that’s just the best tradition ever–running out to the truck to give the heroes tins of goodies. And so awesome that they all know to slow down to a stop at her house!

  • Potato chip cookies are the best !! I bring some to RWA every year and my RWA roomie and I practically live on them. And yes, they do have actual potato chips in them. If anyone wants the recipe I can get it from her.

    I don’t know how to make Mom’s candies, but I do need to learn. Mom is 80 and still going strong. Baking is most definitely her thing!

    Those kitties are too cute for words !!!

    She started doing this the Christmas after 9/11 and has done it every year. Hers is the only house in her neighborhood where they actually come to a full stop. They do NOT want to miss out on those treats. They always yell “Thank you, Mrs. B ! ” and Mom waves from her spot on the front porch. She gets a kick out of it and she is always impressed with how clean the tins are when they are returned. She’s been using those same tins since 9/11.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *raises hand* Me! I want the potato chip cookie recipe! I love that she’s been doing it ever since the tragedy and has turned that into a reason to celebrate the fine officers and firefighters in your town. Go, Mrs. B!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      I’d love the recipe too Louisa!

      Potato chip cookies sound wonderful actually.

      So awesome that she’s been doing this since 9/11, and yes, you should definitely learn how to do that from her. You’ll be so glad later, that you did.

  • Rae Latte says:

    Hey Jeanne and Cassondra,

    I must say we don’t get a lot of holiday food gifts in our house. But they are always welcome 😉

    I find I end up baking batches of treats for teachers, friends and holiday dinners but never have enough leftovers. Those gremlins find a way into my kitchen and after I’ve plated the treats to go I always discover there are no leftovers to be seen!

    Ok – I want to make sure I cover everything…

    Fudge – yes please. I’m up for almost any flavor but I do not like nuts with my fudge 😉

    Nuts are fine by themselves – I LOVE it in PB, cookies and even some breads.

    I’m not a huge fan of almonds or walnuts which can be tricky over the holiday season.

    Cold nuts? Well…I really must say Ladies that I’m not a fan of nuts in my ice-cream.

    Ok – as I sit here writing up a few posts I’m now seriously hungry and I have no chocolate and no crunchy PB.

    Happy Holidays to you both. Fabulous post!


    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Rae! *waves madly* Points to me for fudge-love, point to Cassondra for no nuts. Hmmmm. A tie.

      I know what you mean about the gremlins. I have them here too…suspiciously hungry little buggers.

      This post has been making me crave fudge all day. Grins.

  • I’m not a fudge person. I have to suggest a pecan praline instead. Is there anything on earth sweeter and more satisfying to eat than a pecan praline?

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    Nobody seems too impressed with the foodie gifts and nobody gives any to us – so I buy them for us. Great way to try new things, saves, time, and I keep the tins forever (like I need to keep more stuff) and use them for a variety of things.

    And I LOVE fudge – thanks for the recipe. Now if I would just actually make some holiday treats the family would be happy. Maybe time to go buy something else in a tin ;-).

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahah! The last time I moved, Sally, I think I recycled about 20 tins. I’d saved them for holiday baking, then moved in May. Oops. But they took up too much room, so…oh, well! Now I have plenty more. Snork!

  • gamistress66 says:

    love cookie tins 🙂 always tempted to collect more even though I don’t bake anymore. fudge was mom’s job to make, I made cookies, she made nut cups, pizzelles & fudge 🙂 no nuts though — why mess with perfectly good goodness 😉

  • Laurie G says:

    I’m the odd one here because even though I love chocolate I dislike fudge. I find it too sweet. The same goes for bark recipes. Peanut butter I dislike too. It’s too sticky. I choked on a sandwich when I was around 6 years old.

    I love to nibble on nuts but I don’t like them in or on top of baked goods. I spit them out.