Are you a book nerd? Or a book ninja?

You’ve seen them.  The quizzes that tell you which Disney Princess you are, or which 60’s Sterotype you are.  I see quizzes like this on Facebook constantly and generally do not take them.  I say it’s a matter of time but I wonder if I fear I won’t get the answer I wish.  Apparently, that is the concern of many people taking those quizzes, so I am here to say…


There is no science behind the quizzes.  They are just fun.  And the final answer you receive is likely to be a feel good, complimentary answer no matter how you score.

stack of booksSo I tried it with this quiz from Buzz Fee called “Can you quess the Famous Book from the First Line?”  While many of the other banditas are better read than I am, I do study first lines of a number of books.  I scored “book nerd.”  Not bad and probably accurate.  So I retook the quiz and purposefully chose the wrong answer (although I quessed correctly at three works that I didn’t recognize) and I scored a “book ninja.” I like that as well.  So you can’t go wrong.  Take the quiz here.

While researching quizzes like this, I saw a statement that the vast majority of people that took the quiz “What State Do You Actually Belong In?” received the answer:  Wisconsin.  So many in fact, that more people got that answer than actually live in the state!  Barbara Vey would love that.

Still working the book theme, how about this one.  Can you guess these banned books by their emojis?  Now I had to look up emoji, but it’s pretty obvious from the quiz.  An emoji is the ideogram or smiley used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages, the use of which is spreading outside Japan.  Basically, it’s this 😛  or maybe this :mrgreen: . So now that we know the terminology, do you know the books?banned

Sorry, no neat labels go with that one – just a number score.  I question, though, if all those books were truly banned books – or if they were titles that inspired easy emojis.  I swear I had a number of those books as assigned reading in high school.

And finally, just to give a smile to your day and include a little romance in the blog, we have “What Kind of Man Turns You On?”

Johnny Depp

Gotta say – they nailed me 🙂  (while I like Johnny Depp, the photo is purely for Tawny 🙂  )

Thank you Buzzfeed for the fun quizzes.  Now how did you score?  Did you try the quia a second time to see if you could get a different answer?  Did you like your ideal man?  Let’s chat!

Oh – and for any historical authors or there (or fascinated readers), I’ve started uploading my research books on fashion, etiquette, undergarments, locations, etc. to my pinterest page.  It’s an ongoing project – I have a ton of books and I’ve barely scratched the surface – so check back frequently!  🙂

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  • ki pha says:

    Oh I do enjoy these Buzzfeed quizzes. As for my ideal type of man, the sexy nerd!!! LOL I do love a smart man in glasses. And yes, I retook that first line quiz. I forgot to see what my answer was but I did get book nerd the second time around. And the Pinterest board is looking good. 🙂

    • Hi Ki pha!

      Is there something higher than a book nerd? I missed a few so maybe there’s a supreme book nerd – LOL. Now here’s my deep dark secret, I love a man in a good suit. It’s my weakness. I’m sure it’s all tied up in power illusions but I have a hard time keeping my hands off my husband when he wears a suit. I think that sincerely affected my turn on.

      • And may I just add that the rooster is not one of the answers for “what man turns you on.” (Though they might have a bucket of fried chicken as a answer). He’s all yours today.

  • flchen1 says:

    Oooh! It’s a little too late right now for me to try the quiz–will have to give it a go in the morning (hopefully after some sleep 😉 ) Thanks, Donna!

    • Hi fichen1 –

      This head cold has me up early this morning. HOpe you come back a bit later and give the quizzes a try. I blame all my mistakes on this cold – yeah – that’s the ticket. 🙂

  • Helen says:


    I don’t normally do these but I did have a go and not very good I think LOL

    Banned books I got 5 out of 13

    I am a book Nerd

    And the creative type turns me on LOL

    Have Fun

    • Helen –

      I’m not surprised that you are a fellow book nerd. Now if those books had been less literary and more romance, we’d both have a 10 out of 10. 🙂 I thought the little emojis were fun, especially in how they related to the titles. And the hunky guys? Well you can never go wrong there. Thanks for giving it a go. 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    I’m “running” this morning. I got 11 out of 15 for the first line contest, making me a “total nerd” or something like that . *g*

    The type of guy didn’t surprise me: Mr. Powerful. Let me guess, I do like my alpha heros.

    Thanks so much for the links. I’m taking an online course on 1800-1830 fashions so now I really know what a Spencer looks like and how it is different from a reddingote. The things I need to know. *g*

    • Shannon –

      Yeah. I cringe at the terms I used when writing my first historical. I had thought a Spencer was a sweater. LOL. I think the book that really helped with the clothing definitions was the dictionary. It had some illustrations in it, but very, very thorough. Then, many of the fashion books had illustrations – you just had to look a bit to fine the one that mentioned “spencer.”

      Was “Mr. Powerful” the one with “Mr. Big” in its collection and George Clooney? That was the one I got as well. I figured the moment I said I find a man in a suit & tie really sexy, the die was cast. LOL 🙂

  • Caren Crane says:

    Donna, I did get “total book nerd” (though I guessed at a couple).

    I got all 13 of the Banned Books right. It helps if you know what the books are about. 🙂 Also not sure some of those were banned (maybe in the midwest in the 1950s or something?)

    And no surprise at all to me, I got The Funny Guy! I do love a man with a great smile and even better sense of humor. Keep me laughing, fellas! 🙂

    • Hi Caren!

      Yeah – that’s the same thought I had about the banned books. I mean…The Great Gatsby? We had to read that one in school. LOL at going from banned book to required reading 😛

      Awww…you got the funny guy. I agree nothing is quite as sexy as those laugh lines at the corners of a guy’s eyes. And a great smile? YUM. I mean – are there any wrong choices? 🙂

  • Mozette says:

    I do love doing those quizes… they’re so much fun! 😀

    And I got 9 out of 15 for the first lines… which is good seeing I never remember them all that well. And I somehow always get the funny man when it comes to guy… hmmmmm… it’s weird. 😛

    • Hi Mozette!

      Not weird at all – you like a guy with a sense of humor. Can’t think of anything better than laughing your way through life with a guy that has a great smile.

      I knew I’d do well on the first lines because I sort of collect the good ones – as many of these are. But why, oh why, is “Call me Ismael” considered a great opener? I just don’t get it.

  • Sorry for being absent. Have you ever had one of those days when everything happens at once, like the perfect storm? That has been my morning. Fortunately, my daughter was here to help sort everything out – but it’s been a wild ride. 🙂

  • Too fun. I love these quizzes, but then procrastination is my middle name! 😀

    I got Book Nerd…(duh)

    11 of 13 banned books…I guess well

    and the Jock for my dream date. (Okay, I live with the professor, so yes, I need the Jock for the dream date!!)

    • Suz –

      LOL on living with the professor and thus needing the Jack. 🙂

      I figured you’d get the book nerd, but it’s fun to take a quiz that leaves you feeling accomplished – no matter what your score, isn’t it? I wonder what it would say if you miss them all. Hmmmmm….

  • catslady says:

    I love doing these lol. I got the hot jock – in fantasy probably but not in real life lol. I missed one of the banned books – wish they told me which one. I do think those books were banned and I too read many of them in school as required reading. I didn’t do the first lines – other than A Tale of Two Cities I don’t think I’d know many of those lol.

    • Catslady –

      I bet you’d recognize the first line to Pride and Prejudice if you saw it. Classic Jane Austen. So that’s two (grin). I know on the banned books quiz, the ones you got right get outlined in green. The ones you get wrong become outlined in pink – so you can can which ones you missed. (Or maybe that was on the First Lines quiz). I didn’t notice the green/pink thing until the quiz was over. LOL on the Hot Jock! I’m loving the variations of men that they came up with.

  • Kim says:

    This is off-topic, but congratulations! I just saw that you were elected treasurer for RWA. Is this your first time or were you re-elected?

    • First time Kim. I was an RWA board virgin, so to speak. But I’m really looking forward to the experience. It’s so cool that my accounting education has brought me to this moment. Who would have suspected? 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats!

  • Tawny Weber says:

    OOOO EeeemMMmmmm Geeeeeeee it’s my Johnny!!!!

    Wait, did the post say words, too? I only see Johnny 😀 Off to take quizzes as soon as I wipe the drool off of my chin 😉 BRB…

  • Pissenlit says:

    Book Nerd! Woo!

    13 out of 13 for the banned book emojis. Yay!

    I got the ripped jock. Ha! I didn’t see that coming. Not that they’re not nice too 😉

    • Whew! Congrats on the banned book honors and on the Ripped Dude. LOL. When you think about it – those two things kind-of go together. A nice set of pecs and a banned book 🙂

  • First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, Madame Treasurer !! So very thrilled you won!

    I scored 12/15 on the first lines quiz which makes me a book nerd. Had I gone with my instincts on the three I got wrong my score would be 15/15. I’d read all of the books, but some of them didn’t make the impression others did.

    • Thank you Louisa. You make me sound like a tv sitcom :). I’m looking forward to the new experience.

      Gotta you with our hunches 🙂 but I think I probably got a simillar score – I know I got the same title :-). How did you do on the banned books? that one was harder for me – even with the helpful emojlis.

  • I actually scored a perfect score on the banned books. Which tells you a great deal about my reading material of choice. LOL

    And for my type of man ?

    You got: Mr. Big Shot

    If power corrupts, then you’ll gladly let your dream corrupt you all he wants. You need a driven alpha male who runs his own show but who will also be a co-star in yours. Resplendent dates, fancy suits, and a sexy serving of ambition? Yes, please. Dream dates: George Clooney, Chris Noth, Robert Downey Jr.

    Not too shabby! I’m not a Clooney fan, but I do like the other two and I am going to assume Brits like Richard Armitage, Gerard Butler and Benedict Cumberbatch weren’t in the running. 🙂