Annie West’s New Novella

Annie et moiLet’s give a lovely warm welcome to Aussie author Annie West who is such a favorite here in the lair.

Annie’s here to tell us all about her brilliant new novella, BACK IN THE ITALIAN’S BED, featuring a hero called Fabuloso, oh, sorry, that’s FABRIZIO. But he is pretty fabuloso!

This is Annie’s first indie effort and having read it, I can guarantee that it has all the passion and emotion and heat of her award-winning books for Harlequin Mills and Boon. Don’t miss it. Even better, it’s the first of a series called Hot Italian Nights. So there’s more fabulosoness to come!

annieHere’s the blurb:

No woman walks away from billionaire Fabrizio Armati’s bed. No woman except Jenna MacDonald. Now he’ll stop at nothing to get her back, and keep her there.

It’s love at first sight for Jenna when charismatic hotelier Fabrizio Armati sweeps her off her feet in Venice. That chance encounter sparks a sizzling affair that lasts until she discovers Fabrizio sees her as no more than a convenient, expendable mistress. Then her world falls apart.

Six months later Jenna tells herself she’s moved on. Until Fabrizio walks into a meeting to find her working for his greatest rival. She’s about to discover just how far he’ll go to get her back in his bed.

When revenge turns to passion, will surrender be on his terms, or hers?

AWN 4BACK IN THE ITALIAN’S BED is available at the bargain price of 99 cents! If you’ve got a Kindle, just click on the blue cover above and it will take you right there (we make life easy for you in the lair – cabana boys and Kindle click-throughs!). If you’ve got a Nook, here’s the link:

You can find out more about Annie and her wonderful books at her website:

And mark your diaries for a special release toward the end of the year when Annie’s entry in the fabulous Chatsfield series hits the shelves. I’ve read REBEL’S BARGAIN and it’s a corker! Here’s some more info:

Here’s Annie!


Hi Banditas and especially the divine Ms Anna C for allowing me to visit again. It’s such a warm and welcoming place and it’s great to be amongst fellow romance lovers.

I don’t know about you, but as a child I used to love the idea of hidden treasure. I devoured stories about buried gold or lost heirlooms, secret passages and locked doors leading to neglected gardens or ancient mysteries or, of course, wonderful libraries. The idea of sparkling gems and bullion was fantastic, but I learned that sometimes the best hidden treasures didn’t necessarily have a huge dollar value. Take these:

When I get ideas for stories and when I write them, I make notes in these books. They’re full of cryptic scrawls, reminders of plot points I mustn’t forget, jottings on names for future stories, ramblings about how scenes fit together, even notes for workshops. I use one daily as I write but their value is such that I don’t dare discard even one of them.

Annie 5Recently I needed to find a reference in an old notebook. It took me a little while to find (see note above about cryptic and rambling jottings) but in the process I found a hidden gem. A couple of lines scrawled at the bottom of a page that was otherwise devoted to an earlier story. It said (I’m translating here from my jottings) ‘What if a powerful businessman walked into a meeting to discover, on the other side of the conference table, his ex-lover, who’d walked out on him six months before with no explanation? What if she was working for his rival?’ Then there were the words ‘Italian, ruthless, can’t let her go.’

Wow! I sat back and stared.  I couldn’t even remember writing the note but I knew in an instant I’d discovered hidden treasure. For in that moment I saw the scene in my head, I felt his emotions at the unexpected reunion. I even sensed her fear and dismay in the air, for I knew meeting him again was the last thing she wanted.

Here was the elusive idea I’d wanted for the novella I’d been meaning to write but kept putting off. The timing was perfect too. If I worked really hard I could just about find time to write it between other deadlines. Then too, I had a visit from my crit partner (take a bow, Ms Campbell) coming up so I could nut out any plot problems with her. After all, I’d never written a novella and didn’t know how I’d go with the shorter length.

AWN 3I’d found hidden treasure, right when I wasn’t looking for it. And I did write the novella – BACK IN THE ITALIAN’S BED is out now.

I’ve discovered that being a bit of a hoarder means that discovering hidden treasure is one of the ongoing joys of my life. Whenever I do one of my sporadic clean ups I find something marvellous. Take these – not lost but hidden by a plethora of boring beverages bought by other members of the family. I’d been given the teabags as a gift from my husband. He knows I got a kick out of an earlier collection of tea bags featuring famous writers.

Imagine my glee! I’d put them aside, thinking to save them for a special occasion (like when I’m having a particularly difficult day with the writing) and now it’s like the thrill of receiving them all over again. Guess what I’ll be drinking? As for the lovely Klimt mug – it’s one of my favourites but got put in a cupboard I rarely use by a helpful guest a while ago. So now I’ve got something special to drink my tea from too.

AWN 2Then, the other morning, when I woke far too early to work and the rain was pounding down and really, there was nothing else to do but read, I grabbed at the pile of books I’d rescued from a cupboard in the spare room (my tbr pile spills over several rooms) to discover a book I’ve had for a couple of years but never got to. I was just in the mood for a sweet romance about a put upon Cinderella in a lovely bygone European world. What a find! I love discovering treasures just when you need them.

And let’s not get to the joy of discovering something at the bottom of the ironing pile that you forgot you had! Yes, that’s happened to me too.

How about you? Have you found any hidden treasure lately? An object or a special place perhaps? Or if not, have you found any in your reading?

BanditBootyAnnie has very generously offered two people (international) who comment their choice of a signed book from her backlist. So get commenting people. And make sure you pick up BACK IN THE ITALIAN’S BED. You won’t be sorry!








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  • Hi Annie and waving to Anna!
    Congratulations on the launch of Back in the Italian’s Bed. I downloaded it the first day it went on sale and can’t wait to read it! It seems to be classic, passionate Annie West. Your fans are in for treat!

    • You’ll love it, Kandy!

    • Annie West says:

      Kandy, thanks so much for the congratulations! I’m chuffed with the novella and the response it’s been getting (enough to make any reader pleased). I hope you enjoy the story when you read it.

  • Annie West says:

    Anna, I have to say thank you for that lovely welcome. Wow! And it’s fantastic to be back in this world made easy for readers – what with clicks through and cabana boys. Especially the cabana boys! Thanks to for the lovely wrap for Fabrizio and Jenna’s story. Grinning here at your Fabuloso remark! So glad he worked for you.

  • Jan Vanengen says:

    It was a great read, loved it Annie and can’t wait until the others come out. Seeing all those folders warms my heart, I have heaps of them and my two favourite words are what if, what if, what if. I never chuck anything out for one will never know if you need it later or not… Finding a new writer is a treasure I do enjoy 🙂 Opening a page to a new world is always a treasure to be discovered. Jan.

    • Jan, thanks for swinging by. Is it your first visit to the lair? If so, welcome!

    • Annie West says:

      Jan, I wouldn’t dare throw out any of those folders. There are all sorts of strange and fascinating nuggets to be found in them. I feel I should go back and index them (they’re not in strict order) but I always had other stuff to do.

      Oh, I’m with you on finding new authors to enjoy. That really is like finding treasure!

  • Penney wilfort says:

    Congratulations on your new book Annie, I can’t wait to read it.
    A couple of months ago I was going through some of my mom things and I found2 small crystal stones I gave her back in the 70’s I found them out in the hills and gave her them she kept them all those years I love them they remind me of her. It was really nice to find them.

    • Penney, what a lovely surprise to find those two stones. I love it when something like that happens!

    • Annie West says:

      Penney, how lovely to find those crystals again, and discover how special your mother thought them. That’s made me feel all warm and happy! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ah, two of my most favourite people in the whole world are luxuriating in the lair together — Annie West and Anna Campbell!

    Annie, congratulations on your new releases, particularly your ITALIAN as I know how special he is to you! A terrific read!

    I loved reading about your buried plot treasure. I have a lot of unintelligible scribbles in old notebooks; you’ve inspired me to dig them out and find out if there are any sparklers among them.

    • Annie West says:

      Vanessa, I like the sound of luxuriating in the lair. Makes me think maybe I need a drink in my hand. Where are those cabana boys when you need them?

      Thanks so much for the congratulations. I’m so happy you enjoyed the story.

      I’m so pleased to have inspired you. I bet you find all sorts of gems hidden in your notebooks. So many snippets I’ve jotted down over the years and not done anything with. Sometimes I think they just need a little time to mature.

    • Vanessa, the lair was built for luxuriating! Champagne, anyone? Thanks for swinging by (and saying such nice things!).

      • Annie West says:

        Anna, count me in for a glass of bubbly. I was just thinking I’d like to sip something cool and lovely.

  • flchen1 says:

    How lovely to hear about Annie’s new story, Anna! I haven’t really found hidden treasure, per se, but I did spend part of the weekend re-reading some lovely stories off my keeper shelf (some Sarah Mayberry and Carrie Lofty, to be precise…) That was a little like finding treasures, to be sure!

    • Annie West says:

      Hi flchen,
      It’s great to be able to share my news, thanks to Anna. She’s currently on deadline so hosting me here is a big favour. Thank you, Ms C! Wow, a weekend reading lovely stories off your keeper shelf sounds fantastic! I recently reread a very, very old favourite and it was such a treat – definitely a treasure.

    • Fedora, I’ve got Sarah’s Satisfaction sitting on my bedside table for next weekend and I’ve just read her HER KIND OF TROUBLE. Just brilliant. She’s such a wonderful writer. We must have her back in the lair soon!

  • Cecilia says:

    I have just finished reading ‘Back in the Italian’s bed’ and I must say that Italian is one alpha force to be reckoned with. 😉 mmmm mmmm

    I have a huge collection of to be read’s too and no time to read, well that is not true, not enough time to read them all and certainly not enough book shelves.

    • Cecilia, so glad you enjoyed the delicious Fabrizio! One of the things I love about novellas is that when time’s a bit short, it’s a great way of getting my romance fix without committing to hours turning the pages.

      • Annie West says:

        Anna, I’m with you about the short romance fix of novellas. They cam be a real treat.

    • Annie West says:

      Cecilia, that’s fantastic news. I’m so glad Fabrizio left you smiling. Though, knowing Fabrizio, I think that’s something he’s good at.
      Isn’t it a shame there never seems to be enough time to read all the books we want to? I fantasise about having a library with a comfy lounge and weeks of idleness in which to read. Bliss!

  • Mary Preston says:

    I actually did find some treasures the other day.

    My son, the procrastinator, had not cleaned out his cupboard for years – I kid you not. So I just started in on it.

    He walked in to find I had taken everything out & was SCRUBBING the inside of the cupboard.

    Once he got over his initial shock that I had dared to violate his personal space, his words, he joined in.

    We went through everything. (We ended up filling a garbage bag full of rubbish.)

    The treasures turned out to be projects from his school days. Fun stories & drawings mostly. It was like a trip down memory lane. We sat on the floor amid the chaos & just enjoyed.

    I found a folder for his projects, so that the next time I feel the need to clean up, they will not be overlooked.

    • Mary, some of that old stuff is so much fun to revisit, isn’t it? I remember a few years ago, I found my old school magazines in a drawer of my mum’s. So enjoyed revisiting stories I’d written when I was between 12 and 17!

    • Annie West says:

      Oh, Mary, those ARE treasures! It’s terrific to have some of those pieces from school days, don’t you think? Good on you for getting started on the cupboard. I need to do the same thing!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Hey Annie! Great to have you back in the Lair – feel free to take advantage of one of the beds while you’re here 😉

    Congrats on the release of your sexy Italian – sounds fab and can’t wait to read all about it! Love that premise and the treasure scene you found!

    I too have a drawer full of notes and ideas and bits and pieces to do with my writing. When I’m going through a tough time with my writing, I find my brain tempts me with all kinds of exciting, bright and shiny ideas. I’ve learned to jot them down and store them in the drawer, so i don’t get distracted.

    • Anna, I used not to write down ideas. I had a good enough memory that if the idea had legs, it would come back to me all bright and shiny. These days, sadly, I have middleaged memory (that doesn’t mean I know about 12th century popes!) and I write down everything!!!!

    • Annie West says:

      Thanks, Anna. It’s lovely to be here again, and not just for the comfy beds.

      Great to see there’s someone else with a collection of notes and scribbles. I’d love to say mine were in some sort of neat order but alas…at least they’re all jotted down. It’s just a matter of finding time to go through them. Isn’t it amazing the way new ideas pop up when you’re supposed to be busy with something else?

  • Amy Conley says:

    I found my keys. Technically my hubby found them and he had grandson #2 hide them under my pillow and told me they had a special surprise for me. Now, knowing my
    hubby and grandson#2’s habits of baiting me with really gross things, I was very sceptical. As I was walking, slowly through my livingroom I kept wondering what they had set me up for, this time. As soon as I got to my hallway it hit me, they’d found my missing for over a month, keys. I yelled,”MY KEYS!”, took off running to my bedroom, reached under my pillow, and there they were. OMG I was so happy I was almost in tears. I’ve lost keys before, one set I found 3 years after losing them, but now with the fancy keys, I knew it was going to be very expensive to replace them. Not only my keys, but all my key rings. I think I have 6 or 7 keyrings, everything from a Japanese good luck charm frkm one of my ESL ladies who was going back to Japan to my David Cassidy key ring. Things I could never replace.

    In the past. I’ve found old ID cards from guys I dated years and years ago, an old ID card of my own from when I lived in Pennsylvania (with one of the best pictures ever taken of me, go figure), my baby book from digging through my mother’s things and tons of other things, mostly not really “lost* since I have several boxes if things I’ve wanted to keep, I just forget what’s in the boxes, so whenever I go through them it is like finding a lost friend.

    • Annie West says:

      Amy, what a find! I’m smiling at the idea of you being so wary and yet finding something you really wanted. I can understand your delight. A while ago I carefully took my keys out of my bag before I went to hospital for day surgery. I was on the same day as a close relative’s funeral and I wasn’t thinking clearly. It took 18 months to find them in the ‘safe’ place where I knew I’d find them again. Sigh.

      How terrific to be finding all those other treasures too! Sounds like you never know what you’ll discover.

    • Amy, that’s definitely worth finding! And it sounds like they had fun teasing you!

  • Helen says:

    Waving hi to Annie and Anna

    I was lucky enough to have coffee with Annie yesterday and what a great day it was and I have read this novella and I am in love with Fabrizio wow what a hero and I am looking forward to more in this series 🙂

    I often put things away so as I don’t lose them and then I forget where I have put them LOL often just small things but I am always happy with a find 🙂

    Congrats on the release Annie and really if you haven’t read it yet don’t miss it

    Have Fun

    • Annie West says:

      Helen, wasn’t it a lovely day yesterday? I love getting together with other romance readers for a good long natter.

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed Fabrizio and Jenna’s story. When I get to the follow up story (who knows when that will be) I’ll let you know.

    • Ha ha, Helen, I’m so with you about the hiding stuff and then forgetting where you put it. I’m thinking of moving house in the next 12 months. I suspect cleaning out all the cupboards, I’m going to find buried treasures galore!

      The novella is fantastic, isn’t it? So glad you loved it too.

  • Waving, Annie and Anna! Fun post!

    Annie, this is such a timely topic for me. Hidden treasures! And to read that you found that idea for your novella tagged on to notes for another story is inspiring.

    I’m going through my office “excavating” notebooks with scrappy little idea-kernels! After reading the birth of your novella, I have high hopes that one of my scraps might grow up into something interesting!

    No need to put me in the draw for your novella – I already have it tucked into my e-book! Mmm, might be time for a nice cuppa and curl up for a nice read!

  • Annie West says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Well, I hope you’re as lucky with your excavating as I was. Truly, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue when I found that short note. It was exactly what I was looking for. Sadly I suspect there aren’t quite as many unused gems in those books as I’d like but it’s taught me to make notes when I do get ideas rather than just think about them then move on.

    Hope you enjoy the story. Maybe on one of these wintry days we’ve been having lately in Aus.

    • Annie, the hardest part is reading every scrap of paper is time consuming… but then… if I don’t, I might throw out a treasure that sparks a story! Catch 22!

      Memo to self: Please may I turn over a new leaf and be organised in my office! LOL

  • Time for this little black duck to turn the computer off for the night. See you all early tomorrow morning, my time! Wow, we’ve certainly started with a bang today.

  • Shannon says:

    I haven’t found anything per se. My health is much better, and I can’t be more happy.

    During my walks, I see a fairy ring of lily pads in a city park that disappeared during winter. It makes me think of romance who use the device of falling through time by stepping into a fairy ring.

    In terms of books, I am reading a Study in Silks. I cannot remember if the book was featured in this blog or another. Now, I have to read the whole Baskerville series.

    • Annie West says:

      Shannon, a fairy ring is a real find! I recently saw one that looked terrific – in little mushrooms that had orange tops with white spots. Hard not to think they’re fey in some way.

      How nice to be embarking on a brand new series of books!

    • Shannon, I had to look that one up. I hadn’t heard of it before. Sounds like fun! Love the twist on the Sherlock Holmes idea!

  • Laurie G says:

    My MIL passed away a few years ago. It taken my F_I_L this long to go through her things. I was given copies of all her recipes. I treasure this. I’m in the process of getting together a smaller book of her recipes to give to my children to remember her by.

    • Laurie, what a lovely way to memorialize your mother-in-law. They really are like hidden treasure!

    • Annie West says:

      Laurie, how thoughtful of your father in law to give them to you. He must have known you’d appreciate them. Lovely of you now to turn them into a book.

      I have some very precious recipes too, which remind me of special people whenever I use them. I cooked a cake two days ago that is one my mother used to make all the time (she can’t bake now) and it was a great joy seeing both my parents and my children enjoying what has become a special family recipe again for the first time in quite a while. I hope your family has many happy hours with the recipes and with memories of your mother in law.

  • catslady says:

    LOL I’m a total pack rat so I’m always finding things. I also grew up always saving the good stuff but I’m way too old to be doing that but every once in a while…(It’s hard to break old habits lol). And every single new book is a treasure!!

    • Catslady, I love your take on life that every new book is a hidden treasure. It’s so true, isn’t it? And I love it when a book surprises me!

    • Annie West says:

      Catslady, I know what you mean about saving things for best. I’ve instituted a new policy here. I’m currently using and enjoying enormously, the wonderfully scented ‘special’ soaps and candles I’ve been given. yay! So much better than keeping them for ‘later’. It’s like finding treasure, that’s for sure.

  • Laney4 says:

    Found a DVD inside a used “TV cabinet”, hidden behind fake doors.
    The hidden treasures I most enjoy are things like thinking something is 50% off and finding out at the cash that it’s now marked down to 70-90% off!

    • Ooh, Laney, isn’t that great when that happens? I’ve been lucky a couple of times with that.

    • Annie West says:

      HI Laney,
      I had that happen recently. Love it when the discount is far bigger than you expect! Or when the one thing you want in a store just happens to be reduced. Happy sigh.

  • Kim says:

    Congratulations on your new self-published book.

    No; I haven’t found any hidden treasures lately. Although I have some mementos in a couple of drawers, so when I go through them someday, I may stumble onto something.

    • Kim, it’s always fun to revisit our mementos, isn’t it? Thanks for swinging by!

    • Annie West says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks so much for the congratulations. It feels very special.
      Here’s hoping you do find hidden treasure soon. It’s such a nice feeling. Going through mementos is always fun – reliving places and experiences and remembering friends.

  • bn100 says:

    Happy release! Found some new authors to read

    • Thanks for swinging by, BN. Yeah, great new authors are always treasures, aren’t they?

    • Annie West says:

      Hi BN,
      Thanks very much. Yay on the new authors. That’s always such a treat. I love finding someone new whose work I click with.

  • may says:

    Not really… But all books are good to me! I rarely not finish a book.

    • Hi May! I used to be really determined on finishing every book I started. These days, not so much. My reading time is so short that if it hasn’t grabbed me, I’ll generally put it down. I do, however, usually give it a good go, at least 100 pages before I give up on a book!

    • Annie West says:

      Hi May, aren’t books treasures (well, a lot of them).It’s rare for me not to finish one I start.

      Having said that, I’m a little like you, Anna. I used to finish every book I began. Now, though, if I see it’s not going to be a good experience, I cut my losses. So glad though that it doesn’t happen often.

  • CarolBEE says:

    Congratulations on your first Indie novel, Annie.

    • Annie West says:

      Carol, thanks so much. It’s an enormous feeling of achievement. All my books are, come to that, but this one has me grinning from ear to ear. It was nice too, not to wait so very many months for a release date!

    • Thanks for swinging by, Carol!

  • Becke says:

    Congratulations on the release. I love those alpha males if for no other reason than to see the heroine explain how it’s going to work!

    Treasures, hmmm. I must admit that I find things that I forgot I bought or had. And yes, it’s great fun.

    I once heard that we find what we need most at the time we can understand it. I love that line and the implications for life.

    • Becke, what a lovely thought. Do you think it extends to finding a clean draft of my work in progress? I’m sure that’s just what I need at the moment! LOL!

    • Annie West says:

      Hi Becke,

      Thanks you for the congratulations. Yes, isn’t it fun seeing how the heroine deals with an alpha hero and somehow turns things around. For me, I have to say I love the protectiveness of most alphas, even if their woman doesn’t need protecting.

      What a great idea! I’m hoping I’ll find that my draft book (which I’m reading today) is far, far better than the rough version I think it is!

  • Annie,welcome back and congrats on your new release! It and your upcoming one both sound great, and those are terrific covers.

    I haven’t unearthed buried treasure lately. It seems to happen when I’m going through files and find articles tucked in or story fragments I’ve jotted down.

    • Nancy, how lovely that you keep notebooks the way Annie does. Hope there’s lots of buried treasure next time you go through them!

    • Annie West says:

      Hi Nancy, thank you for the welcome and the good wishes. I’m glad you like the sound of the stories, and the covers!

      How terrific that you’ve unearthed treasure lately. Isn’t it a great feeling? Hope it bears wonderful fruit for you.

  • Thanks, everyone, for a great day’s blogging. And thanks to Annie for being such a great guest. We wish you all the best with BACK IN THE ITALIAN’S BED!

    Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who won the two books from Annie!

    • Annie West says:

      Thanks for having me to visit, Anna! It’s been great hearing about other people’s special finds. It’s always great hanging out here and thank you too for the kind words about my Italian and his bed!