Hey Everyone 😀  Happy April!  One of my very favorite months of the year, since it includes birthdays (husband, daughter, nephews) and my wedding anniversary.  And it’s a month thats always filled with flowers, candy (chocolate eggs, here I come) and a feeling of renewal.  

Its the end of my busy months, too!  This month I’l have three book releases – A SEAL’s Kiss, and There’s A New Witch in Town.  New Witch will be released first in the Dangerous Dozen: Heroes To Die For boxed set, then on it’s own a week or so later.  So if you see me out there in Social Network-Land, looking a little frantic and wild-eyed with promo-overload-itis, just wave.  I’m probably on my way to find more chocolate.  

So… on to the interview!

  • How long have you been writing, and how has your writing changed over time?

I started writing in 2002 and spent that first year learning the ins and outs, not only of writing fiction, but of the publishing industry.  12 years later and I’ve almost got a handle on the former, but the latter keeps changing on me!   I think my writing has solidified over the years.  The plots are stronger, the characters more sure.  The stories might have gotten a bit sexier, but my voice has stayed the same. 

  • What drink does Sven bring you when you’re hiding in the cave?  

If the story is going well, he brings me gallon jugs of iced tea. If it’s going poorly, he tends to leave a bottle of tequila outside the cave and run. 

  • What’s the hardest thing about writing?  What’s the most rewarding?

After 28 books, the hardest thing is keeping the stories fresh. I don’t find the characters or plots to be the biggest challenge –there are so many wonderful types of characters and trouble they can get into together. But the love scenes?  Those are hard (ha)! 

 The most rewarding thing about writing is hearing from readers.  Knowing that my story made them laugh or cry, smile or sigh. That it touched them or just gave them a nice afternoon break… that’s what it’s all about. 

  • Who do you enjoy writing more — hero or heroine?


 LOL I love writing both, and which one is easiest changes from story to story.   The only consistency is that it’s always one of the other, never both. 

  • What’s your favorite Lair snack?

Popcorn.  There is something extra delicious about the Lair popcorn –I think it’s because it’s popped by the dragon’s breath. 

  • What’s in your writing cave to inspire you?

My life size standup of Captain Jack Sparrow!