Allie Burton returns with a story from the Antarctic!

SONY DSCIdeas, Ideas Everywhere

Writers frequently get asked where their ideas come from. The answer is simple. Everywhere.

At the store. At the park. At school. At parties and events.

Reading social media and newspaper articles. Watching TV and documentaries. Hearing music. Seeing artwork.

For example, I got the idea for ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES after seeing a photograph of ice tunnels in Alaska. The image was so beautiful and powerful I wanted to place a story there. Of course, ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES isn’t in Alaska, it’s located underneath Antarctica, but I could imagine the underwater ice tunnel there. And, while doing research for the story I got ideas on different things to include like Emperor Penguins and Rainbow Fish.

I got the idea for ATLANTIS TWISTING TIDES, the prequel to ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES, when I was watching the news about a hurricane.

And the entire Lost Daughters of Atlantis series came from a day at the beach. What if there were people who lived under the ocean? What if a war was going on underneath the sea? How would that war affect humans? What if you discovered you were not only a part of this world but a lost princess? And my imagination was off…

Atlantis Glacial Tides

Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 5Atlantis Glacial Tides final

Shocked by her family’s plans to wed her to a stranger, sixteen-year-old Princess Adria must decide whether to flee the underwater Kingdom of Merta or fight to keep her rightful place. When Kai, the criminal she’d rescued informs her of a plot to kidnap her future sister-in-law, Adria decides to take action to prove her loyalty.

Sparks flew between her and Kai when they met during a hurricane misadventure, but she can’t trust her judgment about him. Especially when Kai won’t help stop the kidnapping because he’s on his own secret mission. A mission that he refuses to divulge.

In a case of mistaken identity, Adria is kidnapped and whisked away to a mysterious glacial underwater world of ice and evil where she learns that everything isn’t rainbow fish and roses, that there are Atlanteans who suffer and slave, and that being cold isn’t a state of body, but a state of mind.

With Kai as her prison guard, the two teens grow closer, and Adria must choose between loyalty to her kingdom or to her dreams.

Twisting Tides_72 dpi 2400 ht

Atlantis Twisting Tides

Lost Daughter of Atlantis Novella

When unrest threatens her kingdom, a mermaid princess must choose between loyalty and love.

When fifteen-year-old Atlantean Princess Adria sneaks away to see a hurricane on the surface of the ocean, she finds an air-breather in trouble. Kai’s sailboat is sinking and Adria risks exposure of her Atlantean powers in order to save him.

Kai believes he’s rescuing Adria. He’s Atlantean too, with his own skills and secrets.

The two teens stumble onto an uninhabited island still thinking the other needs rescuing. When other Atlanteans show up—Atlanteans plotting against Adria’s kingdom—Adria must decide whether to trust Kai based on the guy she’s come to know or the company he keeps.

What sets your imagination down a zigzagging path of what ifs and ideas?

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  • Shannon says:

    My favorite imagination is when some one asks a counter-factual. What if women hadn’t gotten the vote? Or what would have happened if women did have the vote? What if Mary became Queen? What would have happened if the Titanic hadn’t sunk? These can get a good conversation going.

    What if it were steam not petrol that fueled an economy and a society? And now those questions produce steam punk.

    • Allie Burton says:

      Shannon, I love alternate history stories. They are so creative. Allie

    • Shannon,

      Good “what if” questions! Not only do they spark good conversations, but also great story ideas! You ever think of writing one of them as a story? That’s how we get started.

      • Shannon says:

        What reader hasn’t thought I have a great idea for a story? I just admire all of you who can start with an idea and go from there to HEA.

        And in case you hadn’t noticed, I cannot proofread. Something that I think is a necessary writer skill.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Allie

    Oh these stories sound like lots of fun 🙂 as for what ifs for me I really don’t think I have much of an imagination although what if I won the lottery starts me thinking about what I could do

    Have Fun

    • Allie Burton says:

      Helen, What if I won the lottery is always a fun question to think about. Hmmm… Allie

    • Helen,

      I often “what if I won the lottery”, too! Opens up lots of ideas.

      Do you know my mom actually did win on a scratch off ticket? Not millions, but thousands! Being my mom, she gave a little bit to everyone in the family! What fun that was! 🙂

  • Allie Burton says:

    Thanks for hosting me, Suz! I woke up with a terrible cold so I may be slow to respond. Allie

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Hi Allie! Congrats on the new book!

    What makes my imagination take flight? The shower. No, seriously. I step into the shower and my creativity soars. Unfortunately, by the time I’m dried and dressed I’ve already forgotten most of my brilliant ideas. They need to invent a computer that works in the shower. LOL!

  • Hi Allie –

    These books look wonderful and what a great gift pack!

    It doesn’t take much to get my imagination going. I listened to a tape once that said writers view the world differently. Think about the last trip you took, the last magazine you browsed and find the one thing in that trip, magazine, etc. that you were MEANT to see. Then create a story around it. It works! Love this creative life 🙂

  • bn100 says:

    Interesting book

  • Deb says:

    Allie, this is a really interesting premise for a story, or series. What is even neater is that a young friend of mine just left yesterday for Antarctica to do a 15-day study on penguins. She is a sophomore at Iowa State University and majoring in zoology. It cost $10,000 for the trip (OMGosh!), but Maddi’s mother and dad’s work places had fundraisers and card tournaments to help raise the money for her expedition. How cool is that?
    Congrats on the releases, and thanks for being here!

    • Deb says:

      Oops, forgot to answer the question. Sometimes just watching a favorite movie or reading a book I like will set me to thinking or even forcing a dream when sleeping. I have always done that, even as a kid. If I liked a story or movie, I would fall asleep thinking about either one. Ha, I always imagined myself as Maria from The Sound of Music. 😉

    • Deb,

      How cool is that?

      Jazzman’s niece is a marine biologist. She got a grant to study migratory habits of birds in Alaska. What do birds have to do with marine biology, you might ask? Wellll these particular birds follow the humpback whales! So she studies both! Smart girl!!

    • Allie Burton says:

      So cool! My son is studying conservation biology and he went to China this past summer for 3 weeks to study pandas.

  • Addison Fox says:


    I love the genesis for the story and the series and am absolutely fascinated by the concept of ice tunnels!!

    I’m so excited this book is out!!

  • ELF says:

    I always think I would make a good detective because I constantly search for an explanation for things I see…and make up my own interpretation…much like you authors, lol. Congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway!

    • Allie Burton says:

      ELF – thanks for stopping by! Detective yes, but since my books are paranormal I can make stuff up! Of course usually it’s based on some form of reality. Allie

  • Allie, welcome back, and congrats on your new release!

    Almost anything sets me off with “what if?” News stories, archaeological discoveries, unanswered questions.

  • anne says:

    Congratulations and best wishes. My imagination seems to take off when I am walking in the foothills where I feel uplifted.

  • Tracy Garrett says:

    Hi, Allie!

    It doesn’t take much to send me down the rabbit hole. I love research and one little factoid has many times taken a story idea in a whole new direction.

    Congrats on your latest!

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hi Allie! I’m late to the party but Welcome back to the Lair!! I’m fascinated by that ice tunnel thing! I went and looked it up. Totally cool. And very cool that inspired such fascinating books. Looking forward to reading!

  • Amy Conley says:

    Now Allie, I love the beach I love the water but I hate the cold to me that would be hell. Now sitting up on a deserted island with a cute guy could be heaven. The book sounds awesome thank you for sharing with us

  • Allie Burton says:

    Amy. I’m not much of a cold fan either but I do love to ski. As long as I’m dressed appropriately I can manage. Thanks for commenting! Allie