All the Eye Candy You Can Stand

After the men-in-suits montage we had thanks to our good friend Melanie Scott, you may be suffering a bit of ECFS – Eye Candy Fatigue Syndrome. What’s that? No, you’re not? Oh, well that’s good news, because I fully intended to talk about Eye Candy again today.



Not only men in suits, but all sorts of Eye Candy. See, some of us quite enjoy those powerful, suave-looking men in suits. The kind of men who look like your worst nightmare wrapped in perfectly-cut, pinstriped merino wool — hello, Don Draper!


Jamie Fraser


But suits aren’t to everyone’s taste, or even suitable for every era or occasion. Some of us may prefer men in full Highland regalia, including a dirk, a sword and perhaps a horse pistol for good measure. Not to mention a wool kilt — hello, Jamie Fraser!





Then again, some of us enjoy being immersed in a world bearing little resemblance to our own, where even the beautiful menfolk may have, say, pointy ears or unnaturally straight, platinum-blond hair, and arm themselves with a bow and arrows that magically regenerate themselves. Not to mention an Elven cloak woven of Stansborough Gotland wool – hello, Legolas!


large-5608-thor1The great news for all of us, no matter what sort of Eye Candy we prefer, is that there is more media available to us, and in more forms, in 2015 than ever before in the history of mankind. Ten years ago, would you have believed you could read a book on your phone? Watch a movie on a tablet computer? Listen to music — any music at all! — at any time of the day or night? I never conceived of such a thing. And even if someone had convinced me we would have all that, I wouldn’t have believed we needed that. Okay, maybe we don’t “need” it, per se, but most of us would not choose to live without full-on access to Thor — I mean, Chris Hemsworth. He isn’t wearing wool, by the way.


Marco PoloThanks to my subscription to Entertainment Weekly (best magazine ever!), I am regularly provided with lists (!) of things that are “binge-worthy.” Recently, it was the Wu Tang Clan. Which I can appreciate, but would probably never have chosen to binge on, left to my own devices. But hey, I’m willing to give most things a try. But when they tell me that, say, Netflix has released a full season of Marco Polo for streaming? I am in, whether he wears wool or not!


GalavantMy prediction for 2015 is that it will be the year that the Eye Candy Binge became a regular event for most people. No matter your choice of content, eye candy of preference or favorite format — audio, video, or even our favorite books! — you will be presented with all the content you can stomach.

What will be your Eye Candy Binge choices this year? I know another season of Downton Abbey airs in the USA starting tonight, so that may be on a few lists. Then again, it’s also the beginning of Galavant (a musical!!), so who can say? I, for one, have a whole list to work on. I can’t wait to hear yours!

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  • Fedora says:

    Wow–I don’t know where to start, Caren! I don’t watch much TV, but sounds like I’ve got some catching up to do 😀

    • Caren Crane says:

      Fedora, since you have the Golden Rooster with you today, you might as well start with his favorite, The Rooster Takes a Wife, where a rakish urban rooster struts through the henhouse on a rural Alabama farm and tries to decide which of those country hens can lure him away from his big city life. Not really my kind of thing, but at least you’ll be tempted to pick something else and move on already!

      For myself, I am on Season 3 of Breaking Bad today. I know, I know. It’s been over forever, but I still haven’t watched it. Heck, I’m still trying to get hold of The Wire! 😀

  • Helen says:


    WOW some very nice eye candy there but I am with Fedora I watch very little TV and very few movies so my eye candy will come from the cricket players (seeing that it is summer here in Oz) and the pictures that I get from my mind while reading books 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Caren Crane says:

      Helen, I think watching cricket matches is a Very Fine way to get one’s Eye Candy binge on! I can’t believe you haven’t been lured by Downton Abbey, though. Once you watch it, you will be totally sucked in!

  • Jane says:

    Hello Caren,
    I’m definitely looking forward to the final season of Mad Men. Love Jon Hamm and just saw him on Black Mirror. The new season of Musketeers is premiering in mid January and there a quite a few hot actors on that show.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Ooh, Jane, Black Mirror is on my binge list! I was so happy to see it is on Netflix now. I just have to make sure I watch it before it disappears! I haven’t indulged in Musketeers yet, either, but I keep seeing bits of it and bumping it up on my mental To Watch list. Lovely fellows on that one!

  • Kaelee says:

    I read a lot but I don’t watch much TV. One exception is Dancing With the Stars which I watch so I can compare notes with my sister. There’s nothing quite like the eye candy on that show as it varies from week to week and season to season with the wardrobe and dance changes.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Kaelee, there are some rabid DWTS fans her, including our own Joan Kayse. That one is such a wonderful spectacle every week. Nothing like seeing beautiful people in outrageous costumes performing really difficult dance moves. How wonderful was Alfonso Ribiero last season? I always loved him from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but now I think he is the most wonderful man ever. Any man who can dance is sooo sexy! 🙂

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    TCM just had Cary Grant Month – ultimate eye candy for me. My DVR and I were very busy. Coming up is the return of Outlander. Whew. I usually prefer to imagine my eye candy in books, too, but although Jamie on TV isn’t the Jamie I pictured, he’ll do!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Sally, I am totally with you on Cary Grant. He was so stunningly gorgeous. And funny! I have a whole set of DVDs featuring Cary that I break out for a miniature binge-watch every now and then. When I am alone in the house, so my husband doesn’t come in and start the hate-watch commentary!

      I, too, did not think Sam Heughan was quite Jamie Fraser. But I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, either. 😀 He doesn’t have the almost-too-long nose, which is a huge thing for Jamie in the books and something Claire comments on often. Other than that, though (and being an inch too short), he is far closer to Jamie than anyone else I’ve seen on screen. I’ll be watching when Outlander comes back on, for sure. But it isn’t until APRIL!!! Ack!

  • I see the GR decided to return to Fedora for a visit! Wonder what mischief he got into in Oz that he had to leave. Inquiring minds want to know!

    Nice eye candy there, Caren. Unfortunately I don’t get television out where I live, not even with a digital converter box. And I have resisted the lure of putting a dish on top of my house. So far. And with dial up internet streaming anything is an exercise in futility.

    HOWEVER, I do manage to watch the series people have recommended when they come out on DVD.

    I am looking forward to the third season of Ripper Street coming out on DVD. There are three great looking heroes in the series and the Victorian era costumes are wonderful !

    And once the third of the Hobbit films comes out on DVD I will do a binge viewing as that is what I do each time a trilogy of films is finished.

    When True Blood ended and the final set of DVD’s came out I watched the entire series over a weekend. That was almost too much blood, gore and sex for even me. Almost. 🙂

    • Caren Crane says:

      Louisa, I feel so bad for you every time you mention your dial-up internet. Seriously, rural Alabama, people have entertainment needs! I don’t blame you for resisting the satellite dish installation, though. It’s just such a visual to have the dish parked in the yard or atop the double-wide. *sigh*

      Still, DVD binges have their own charms. We love to have a Firefly or Pride and Prejudice or Cranford(!) marathon around here. Also North and South, since someone conjured Richard Armitage! We do lots of pausing and discussing and nature breaking and restarting, and the streaming doesn’t always take kindly to that.

      My husband recently downloaded the extended version all three LOTR movies and we had a marathon on New Year’s day. OMG! It’s like watching a different, better movie, where someone included a bunch of storylines you thought Peter Jackson just left out. SO WORTH WATCHING!!

      Also, my older daughter and I went to a marathon of all 3 The Hobbit movies on the Monday before the movie premiered. IT WAS FABULOUS! A 3-D theater packed with super Tolkein nerds, trying to stretch between movies and stuffing themselves on popcorn, giant pretzels, hot dogs and personal pizzas. Amazingly awesome nerd love!

      As to True Blood, I’m having a similar experience with my currently in-process Breaking Bad binge. Almost too much testosterone and lying and backstabbing and cheating and manipulation. Almost. 😀

  • My favorite eye candy of choice this year is Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow. The voice, the revolutionary clothes, the dark expressive eyes, the snark. The man has it all going on.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Susan, I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with Sleepy Hollow on a weekly basis. Perhaps even stashing them on the DVR. If you plan a marathon at any point, be sure to invite me! I have not yet indulged, but it is definitely on my Must Watch list! 😀

  • Minna says:

    Hmm. I don’t really know yet. The only one I can think of right now is Scorpion that starts here in Finland on Wednesday, starring Elyes Gabel. I have this thing for handsome geeks…

    • Caren Crane says:

      Minna, Scorpion is definitely going on my Must Watch list! I am, as you know too well, a serious Nerd Girl. A series about a team of super-geniuses – especially when one is the super-cute Elyes Gabel – is something I can’t pass up!

      Since they are only on Season 1, though, I may have to wait until there is at least a full season available to stream before I watch. I am hooked on the binge-watching!

  • Shannon says:

    Like others, I spend most of my free time on reading and imagining heroes.

    My dose of eye candy is when I’m walking. Lots of very fit men run, and run hard, on the paths that I stroll along. And as soon as it warms up just a little, many abandon wearing shirts and adopt shorts. I haven’t decided if I’m a chest, abs, or legs kind of girl.

    I suppose I should also admire the cyclists with their spandex, but all too many of them are yelling “on your left” or ringing their bells. I understand the need to do this for safety, but some of them just have a tone that I’m taking up space that I’m not entitled to.

    Thanks for letting me know about Downton Abbey. My usual viewing partner is down with the flu; poor thing is sleeping 20 out of 24.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Shannon, so lovely that you have access to the mighty fit contingent! I have to say, around here there are lots of Moms With Strollers where I walk. The more fit types generally head out a ways to trails I can’t (or won’t) take the time to visit. I could, but it would interfere with my binge-watching (and reading!).

      Yes, the cyclists really need their own separate trails. We have lots of greenways around here, which really aren’t safe for walkers/runners because of the cyclists (who would tell you the exact opposite).

      But the greenways are far safer for cyclists than the roads, especially with all the F350s and trucks/vans pulling trailers. One of my sister’s friends from high school still lives in the Charlotte, NC, area and his two cyclist brothers were hit by a driver a couple of months ago. One recovered, the other was in a coma and is still undergoing PT and not able to return to work yet. Scary stuff!

      Kind of makes me think I’m better off at home, binge-watching and binge-reading. Except, you know, that my rear is growing at a rapid rate these days. Must. Exercise!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Oh, and I hope your Downton buddy feels better soon. The ‘flu that’s going around is really vicious this year!

      • Shannon says:

        Most of my friends have been out of circulation five to eight days. I tuned into PBS to set the timer. That evil, evil station is running a season 4 marathon; I told my friend about it and she’s happily curled up int front of the TV. I’m cleaning, but I keep finding myself turning the on button, just to have some noise as I clean. Yeah, right.

  • catslady says:

    The men on The Three Musketeers, the Vikings, Castle and Forever (loved him as Horatio Hornblower) and then there are movies with the likes of Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pine lol. I don’t think we’ll lack for eyecandy any time soon thank goodness!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Catslady, I have friends totally hooked on Vikings. It is on my Must Watch list, for sure, along with Musketeers. I am saving Castle for some marathon binge session that will probably occur years from now. I adore Nathan Fillion

      I haven’t heard much buzz about Forever, but I love Ioan Gruffud! Again, it may need to wait until I can indulge in several seasons at once. I hope it doesn’t go off the rails like some end up doing!

  • So many men – so little time 🙂 .

    I was happy to see that in my time zone, Galavant is one at 8:00 and Downton Abbey is on at 9:00. I can catch them both! Of course, my own personal eye candy will be watching football on another tv. Tis the season.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Donna, you are SO LUCKY to live in the Central Time zone! Being on Eastern Time, both Downton Abbey and Galavant air at 9 pm. It’s a viewing disaster!

      I may have to get the DH to download all four episodes of Galavant for me so I can binge on it one weekend. Downton Abbey gets top billing in the war for the 9 pm time slot at my house!

  • Caren, what a…pretty post. You must come and do some interior decorating down my way! 🙂 Actually have you seen the trailer for the new Poldark series from the BBC? That contains some serious man candy:

    • Caren Crane says:

      Oh, my! Anna, I had not seen that preview at all. I am SO IN! Exactly my sort of a good time. And it stars Kili from The Hobbit movies. AAAAAH! How awesome is that going to be? I am so excited!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Love your take on the new “syndrome,” Caren.

    Myself, I do like the men in suits — hello, Matt Bomer!

    I’m looking forward to the History Channel’s next series, VIKINGS, and NOT for Ragnar, but, you guessed it Rollo — he’s way too hot!

    Recently — because apparently football is a dominant sport here in the U.S. of A — who knew?? — I’ve been bingeing on every B movie Jason Statham ever made. What can I say, normally I eschew bald men, but with that Brit accent, and full-on five o’clock shadow, the fantasy just lingers. Bingeing on my Kindle Fire, yep, that’s my day.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Jo, another vote for Vikings! I have yet to indulge, but I usually don’t go for whoever is “supposed” to be the big attraction, but latch onto some other hottie in the series, instead. Team Rollo!

      As for Jason Statham, there is no need to even explain the “why” of a Jason binge. Honestly. I would watch him in anything, no matter how lame the script. He is divine!

  • Okay,

    Here’s my list for 2015

    Game of Thrones…Can we say let’s not kill Jon Snow?!?!!!

    Then Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-Agent Carter, because it’s in the post WWII era and she kick’s ass in heels!

    And of course 161 games of baseball starting the first of April, because…have you seen them in their uniforms? And Cory Kluber…

    • Caren Crane says:

      Okay, Suz, I’m totes in on Game of Thrones IN SPITE OF the horrible hash they are making of the storylines. I watch for darling Jamie, my beloved Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. So pretty!

      Have not watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, nor Agent Carter, but Agent Carter looks like she is going to be seriously bad news. Which reminds me, I need to binge on Orphan Black, too!

      Not much for baseball, I’m afraid to say, but that Corey Kluber could make a fan of me. Even though he does play for the Indians. *ducks*

  • Deb says:

    Hi, Caren. I saw yesterday’s blog, but didn’t get a chance to post. Men in suits are rarities today, but men can look so sharp when dressed to the hilt. Gray suits, burgundy ties, gray or white or light pink shirts….

    We have the t.v. on in our house all the time; on, not necessarily watching. I am looking forward to D.Abbey and all of the costumes, men and women.

    I just saw a photo on FB of Clint Eastwood’s son. OH MY. Thunk-to-the-floor-hunk!

    I also am looking forward to The Bachelor because he’s an Iowa Boy; goodlooking, not gorgeous, but cute. AND, I love how ABC is calling him Prince Farming, bwahahahaha!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Deb, half the reason I watch Downton Abbey is for the clothes. So glad they are in the 1920s now. Such elegant and gorgeous clothing on everyone!

    Scott Eastwood is seriously adorable, isn’t he? He seems to really be an up-and-coming star, too. It’s nice to see!

    You know, I have never watched The Bachelor, not even a single episode. Which is BIZARRE, considering it’s been on for what, like 20 seasons or something? Crazy! That Bachelor sounds kind of cute, though. I hope they don’t give him a bunch of ladder-climbing skanks to choose from. Seriously, I have seen profiles of the women some seasons and the pickings look mighty slim for any half-decent guy. Yikes!

  • Amy Conley says:

    91 days til Jamie Frazer returns to my screen. Yes, I know, counting down the days iz a bit over the top, but what can I say. I’ve been reading the books since 1986, seeing my imagination Jamie perfectly match the screen vrrsion is perfection as far as I’m concerned.