All Hallows, Samhain, and the Joys of Trick or Treat!

Hey everyo06burning-choir-1ne!  Its my favorite time of the year again!  WOOHOOO!!!  Love me some HALLOWEEN!  Now, most of you know this about me and have been enduring my Halloween posts for the last 8 years.  Ha!  This year will be no exception.  Everything orange and black for me, ladies!  Its just delicious, you know!

Did you know they made Halloween Crispie M&Ms this year?  OMGOSH!  Fabulous.

Just one more thing to make me love Fall.

My sons and I will carve the last of the pumpkins tomorrow, yay!  The house has been decorated for a few weeks now, which has lurchbeen huge fun.  My youngest son and I love to do the decorating.

The front yard is lit in orange, green and purple.  Lots of tombstones.  Lots of skeletons.  Just lovely.

Alas, however, Eldest Son is planning to NOT go trick or treating this year.  Sigh.  Given that he’s 6’3″ (but only 15), it’s probably for the best.  Most people would see him as an adult-ish type of person going trick-or-treating with the little ones.  I haven’t yet suggested that he go as Lurch, but the thought crossed my mind when he topped 6′ this early.  (Photo of the fab Ted Cassidy as Lurch is from Wikimedia Commons)

But for Oh no, he liveshim to not go hunting candy?  It’s the passing of an era in our household.  Double sigh.  Only one trick-or-treater left.

Youngest son, however, is still a child after my own heart.  He’s going out as the Grim Reaper.  Bwahahahahah!!!

Now, don’t think Eldest Son has left the Halloween fun behind.  Oh, no.  He’s planning to put on a Batman suit and cape and scare the bejezus out of the whole neighborhood.  Snork!

Yes, yes, I DID raise them right.  (Me and Morticia….just raising the boys right! Photo from Pinterest, no copyright infringement intended)

gomez and morticiaBut this is a Romance Blog.  All about love and devotion.  Nick and Nora.  Eve and Roarke.  Grace and Sheene.  Ben and Kate.  Val and Griff.

Gomez and Morticia.  Wednesday thanksgiving


What devotion!  What intertwined souls!  What weird and wonderful perfection!

There’s nothing like the Addams family for fanatical devotion, right?  The dancing, the roses.  The quips, the banter.  The smokin’ hot glances.  Even Fester has the hotness in the second movie – and wasn’t Debbie (Joan Cusack) perfect in the movie?  Bwahahahah!!  And then, young love, Wednesday and her beau…SNORK!!

iconosquareNothing in moviedom compares to the moment when Wednesday takes over the Thanksgiving play at camp.  OMGosh.  Who DIDN’T want to scalp that girl?  Hahahah!!

Oh, and the line from the first movie with the Girl Scout Cookies.  That….oh, yes.  That.  Anyone but me remember it?

You know, I never dreamed I’d grow up to marry and Adams, but when I was a little girl, I SO wanted to be Morticia.  I mean, c’mon!  She’s strong, capable, brilliant and mysterious.  Who doesn’t want to be that?  And then there’s the killer bod, and the equally mysterious smile.  And Gomez is ALL about her.  She rules his heart, the roost, the bat, the belfry – hell, the whole damn spooky, fabulous house is totally focused on Morticia.  The eerie, amazing centerpiece of it all.

What’s not to love about THAT? (Photo from Iconosquare)Do it again Gomez

And I adored spooky, mysterious stuff.  That was my stock in trade as a young girl and teen.  Alas, I’m blonde.  No one took me seriously as a Morticia-spook-a-like until MUCH later in life.  And only after I started having the Annual Halloween Bash.  Yes, that DOES pre-date my Mr. Adams.  However, as a mark of his true devotion, my darling DH jumped right in with the festivities, and helps me start planning the event pretty much as soon as the last one ends.  Grins.

This year’s event was sidelined by family events – a death in the family of my co-host and fellow Halloween fanatic BFF, and an illness in my family – but never fear, we’ll be back in FULL form next year.  In the meantime I’ll be working on my eyebrow arching exercises, my sultry dark looks and my killer bod.  Ha!  (“Do it again” pic from Pinterest – no copyright infringement intended)

AfteTattoo boyr all, I am blessed to have a love like Gomez and Morticia.  My DH knows just how weird I am, and although he frequently teases me about having made the children weird, he’s right there with me in that.  Snork!  So, he knows my weird and loves me anyway.  Isn’t that the best thing ever?  So, what we want, what we write, what we read and enjoy, is really all there in the Addams family.

Love.  Devotion.  Weirdness.  Special inside jokes.  Odd relatives.  Odd employees.  All the things you need to make a perfect life….oh, and an even better HALLOWEEN!

Happy Samhain, Blessed All Hallows and a candy-fun-and-spook filled HALLOWEEN to you all!!


What about you, Bandits and Buddies?  Do you have a love like Gomez and Morticia?

Did you ever see the movies?

What about the TV show, did you watch and like that?  

What about the Munsters?  Lily and Fred rocked.  

What would you dress up as this year, for Halloween?  I’m sure I’ll see a lot of Elsa and Anna’s, and a ton of Star Wars characters.  

Batman, the Grim Reaper, Gomez and I will be happily handing out candy, what about you?  

I know our continental and Aus neighbors don’t do Trick-or-treat, but is there another holiday where you are, where people dress up?




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  • Sandyg265 says:

    I grew up watching The Munsters and The Adams Family. I also watched Dark Shadows and Creature Features. I still like to watch the old Universal horror films around Halloween.

  • EC Spurlock says:

    I’ve never seen the Addams Family movies but I loved the original series! Morticia and Gomez were the best. Still a John Astin fan to this day. And Morticia was a liberated lady way before it was fashionable, living life unapologetically on her own terms. She could be as sexy as she wanted with no slut-shaming, guilt or punishment — rare for a 60s TV show!

    I’m having kind of a depressing Halloween this year. My late hubby was all about Halloween, it was his favorite holiday. He’d plan our display for months ahead but wouldn’t put it up until Halloween afternoon so it would be a surprise for the neighborhood kids. We had people tell us we should charge admission because we were better than the commercial haunted house across town. The stories I could tell about the people we scared! (One little kid wouldn’t even let his parents drive by our house for the rest of the year, he made them go all the way around to the other neighborhood exit!) Unfortunately our neghborhood went downhill and the kids got too rowdy, so we stopped doing it and would just go out to a movie instead.

    This is my first Halloween without him, my kids are both working tonight and there’s not even any movies I want to see. Sigh. I’ll probably go hang out at the coffeehouse and listen to the jazz band, just to get out of the house.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, EC, I’m so sorry for your loss!! And losing Halloween fun to boot is hard. I’m a Halloween lover from way back, and just like your hubby, I do the yard and the kids all over the neighborhood come to see the decor. Since I still have young ones of my own, I don’t make it too gory-scary or anything like that.
      I hope the Jazz group is wonderful and the coffee house is warm, friendly and fun. {{{HUGS}}}}

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      EC, I meant to say that you were SO right about Morticia being the liberated, sexy woman she was. Grins.

    • Caren Crane says:

      EC, I am so sorry for your first Halloween alone. What a great guy your husband was to put on the big show for the kids! And his inner kid, too, I’m sure. 🙂

      I hope you find the perfect way to celebrate all those Halloweens spent together, scaring the boogers out of little kids. Hugs to you!

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    What a fun post. I was never much for dressing up but always loved Halloween. Started the “Orange Halloween Food” tradition with my kids – hot dogs, chili, orange jello . . . you get the picture. Now my granddaughter is doing it with her kids! And the granddaughter that lives with us has gotten the Halloween Gene – the house has been fabulously decorated for weeks. Every week she comes in with “just one more thing.” Enjoy the day – and night!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Sally! OMGosh, the orange food thing! Hadn’t thought about that in years. My Mom used to do that. Snork. I”m so glad your granddaughter is on the Halloween binge too. Grins. My DH rolls his eyes when I bring home yet one more thing…
      Happy Halloween!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Jeanne, Happy Halloween! I know it’s your favorite day of the year. I look forward to your pictures from The Ad(d)ams Family every year! 😀

    The DH and I almost never dress up for Halloween, but last year we went to a party at the home of my friend and fellow author J.D. Allen. She does Halloween like you do and her whole place was spooktacular! The DH dressed as Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I was a Pot Brownie. Hey, it was easy and made my kids roll their eyes. A two-fer! 😀

    I loved The Addams Family as a TV show and as movies. I thought the casting of the movies was BRILLIANT. Anjelica Huston? Best Moritica EVER! And little Christina Ricci as Wednesday? Priceless! The whole cast was just fantastic, though, really. Lurch was a personal favorite of mine!

    Much as I adored The Addams Family, though, I rather thought The Munsters were poseurs. A little too goofy to be as much fun as they should have been. If I had known the term, little Caren would have given it a “meh.”

    I need to go throw up the remaining Halloween decorations and get ready for the dozen or so trick-or-treaters we’ll get tonight. The kids around here like to go to nearby neighborhoods where the houses are closer together. I don’t blame them! But the ones who live near us will be by, so I look forward to seeing them.

    Everybody be safe and have fun. And Jeanne, I envy you having someone to dress as Lurch next year! 😀

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Caren! I would have loved to have seen the Pot Brownie costume. Our theme this year was going to be The Grateful (Un)Dead. Grins.

      And I totally agree, Anjelica was the BEST Morticia evah! Christina Ricci was brill. Lurch was one of my favs as well.

      I like the Munsters occasionally, but mostly felt as you did, that they were poseurs. Too goofy for me. Kinda like the Beverly Hillbillies.

  • catslady says:

    I’ve always enjoyed those shows and Halloween is a fun time. Our family has a party every year and we carve pumpkins. We have a couple artists in the family so there’s always friendly competition. I bought a huge pumpkin this year and it’s eating a smaller pumpkin lol. I usually dress up as a witch to give out candy 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, carving competition! I love it! I especially love the idea of the larger pumpkin eating the smaller one. Grins.

      I usually dress up as a witch too, to give out candy. So fun!

  • gamistress66 says:

    happy halloween! 🙂 love the Aadams family, I wanted my own Thing 😉 I think my love of the Tango and how sexy it can be is because of Morticia & Gomez. I don’t do the dress up thing anymore but enjoy seeing others go for it and all the youngsters trick or treating

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Gamistress!! So good to see you today! It’s so fun to have “the regulars” drop in. Grins.

      Oh! I wanted my own “thing” too! How useful would that be??? Grins.

  • This is what I love about Halloween – the costumes! Where else can you dress up and pretend you’re someone else for a night. Okay, if you’re into theater or are on the run from the law or a mass murderer – but where else? 🙂 Love the Adamms family and watched religiously. Loved the Munsters as well. Morticia was a stroke of genius and perfectly cast.

    Happy Halloween!!!!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Donna! You’re so right! Short of being The Saint, or someone on the run from the law, the whole dress up thing is limited to costume balls and Halloween. Grins.

      Wasn’t Morticia perfectly cast, both in the TV show and the movie? Sigh. So brilliant.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    Happy Halloween. I was more a fan of the Munsters. I remember watching it as a kid and fascinated that it was in black and white. If I was dressing up for Halloween I would go as the Black Widow from the Avengers.

  • Jeanne, what a fun post! I remember both The Addams Family and The Munsters. We do not have a love quite so exaggerated as that of Gomez and Morticia. It’s a quieter relationship. *g*

    If I were to dress up for Halloween, and if spandex were my friend–which it currently is not–I’d be Batgirl, the Barbara Gordon Silver Age version. Always thought she rocked it!

    We’ll be handing out candy until about 9. Then we’re turning the porch light off because the people who tend to come by after that are of an age where we think they should not be trick-or-treating anymore. I don’t like opening the door to adult-sized strangers.

    The boy used to be hugely into Halloween, so we have decorations left from that. We didn’t get a pumpkin carved, but the dh has gone out to adorn the porch.

    Happy All Hallows Eve!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Well, I guess the DH and I don’t dance the tango every day – occasionally, but not every day. Snork! We do frequently dance in the kitchen though, which amuses our children no end.

      And you’d make an outstanding BatGirl. As for Spandex…yeah, not my friend either. SNORK!

  • Helen says:

    Happy Halloween to you and your family Jeanne and yes as you say Halloween isn’t that big over here although it does get bigger every year and we do have one close by neighbour who goes all out and decorates this year she had 2 graves in the front yard a scary door bell and ghost so much and I did take Jayden and Hayley trick or treating and they came back with lollies but only 2 people gave them I had a bucket waiting for trick or treaters but alas no one arrived but it was raining here sadly but the kids had fun then we watched The Empire Strikes back 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, Empire is a great one for a rainy Halloween night! Grins. We’re about to get started on Trick or Treating here, so wish us luck. Grins. Thanks for Popping in!

  • Happy Halloween Banditas and Buddies !!

    When I lived in town I decorated to the hilt and always played scary classical music out the windows like Symphonie Fantastique, Night on Bald Mountain and the grim parts of Mozart’s Requiem – to name a few. You can find an extensive list here :

    LOVED the Addams family ! So much so one of my pet tarantulas was named Morticia. And yes, I had a crush on Lurch. Hey, he played the harpsichord.

    No decorations or trick or treaters out here in the boonies. Then again, the neighbors are fairly scary all year round. And every year the girls in the bakery and I play Costume or Regular Clothes. We scope out the customers shopping on Halloween and try to decide if what they are wearing is intended as a costume or if it is simply what they’d wear any other day.The fun ones are when we all look at each other and go “I have no idea!”

    I’ll be watching Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 later and will probably top of the evening with Shaun of the Dead!

    Happy Halloween and May the Candy Force Be With YOU!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Louisa! LOVE me some Night on Bald Mountain, and Toccata and Fugue. Grins.

      Snorking out loud about the “I have no idea” thing. I’ve had FAB Trick-or-Treaters tonight. A whole group of Pink Ladies and Thunderbirds. Then a nice dozen hotdogs. (Seriously, 12 of the neighborhood 7th graders came as a dozen hot dogs. Grins.) Then there was the group that sang me JIngle Bells instead of saying trick or treat…LOVED that.
      Some darling little bitty ghouls, cheerleaders and one adorable monkey. :>
      Lots of compliments on the yard decor – skellies both human and dog. Went with Congressional Cemetery and Dog Park outside this year. (DC’s Congressional Cemetery actually functions as a dog park on certain Saturdays. Grins.)
      Enjoy Shaun of the Dead! So campy!!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Louisa, your stories about work make me howl! Not sure I could keep a straight face when confronted with one of the “No idea!” get-ups. Ha!

      We only had 8 trick-or-treaters this year. Our all-time low was 6, but that was years ago. It’s tough, because our neighborhood is in the county and we’re surrounded by neighborhoods in the town. So, houses there are much closer together and on smaller lots. Ours are more spread out, further back from the road and there are very few streetlights. Not a lot of bang for your buck here! I did have an Iron Man, a Woody (from Toy Story), Ash from Pokemon, Thing 2 (Things 1 and 3 had gone home with sore feet), a vampire, a devil, Superman and a horse. I loved that the kid wanted to be a horse. He was great! 😀

  • Rae Latte says:

    I love watching all the kids in the neighborhood walk around. So many homemade costumes this year.

    When I was younger we used to trick or treat and then watch a scary movie.

    Hope the night is spooktacular to all!

    I ran out last night to buy candy and hope they take it all!

    Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

  • Cassondra says:

    So, SO sorry I missed the annual Jeanne Halloweeneee post. *hangs head* Two of our best friends married each other yesterday afternoon, with a huge party/reception last night, and we feel like we’ve been beaten up by a mean biker gang. Looooooooong day.

    I didn’t get to watch the Addams family growing up, because it came on a channel we could barely see. I watched it a few times through the snow on the screen, but mostly I got to see the Munsters. I wanted to be Lily. Tried to make that streak in my hair out of vaseline and baby powder when I was little. Didn’t work. (there weren’t cool hair paints and awesome makeup and stuff back then–only cheap plastic masks. I wished for the good stuff, but it was not available where I lived. Nobody had ever even seen black lipstick at that point.) If I had gotten to see Morticia more often, it would have been her I favored. Her dark gorgeousness…I would’ve been all over that.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Grins. My Evil Twin! Yep, I could totally see you as Morticia, m’dear! And I”m snorking a little b/c of the vaseline and baby powder. I tried to get my to be black, like yours. :>

      How fun was the Halloween wedding, though?? I think that would be SUCH fun!!