All Hail Fall! September in the Lair…

apple-basketIt’s the best time of the year!  Fall!  School’s back in session!  Yay!  All Hail September!  I know, I know, you’re sad to put your shorts and short sleeved tops away, and the pool is closing in most places as school comes back into session.

But hey….Leaves!  Apples!  Pumpkins!  Halloweeeeeen!  Grins.

This month Banditas have some great stuff going on.

Bandita Jeanne will use her usual day on the 8th to do a cover reveal for her new book, The Witches Walk!

On September 15, Bandita Jeanne will do a Launch Party with prizes for The Witches Walk.

On September 23rd, Donna will post a recap of her trip to France!!!  Lots of pics – be sure to stop by.

And toward the end of the month, Bandita Jeanne will reveal her October Release as well!school-bus-2h1o76t

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  • Jane says:

    Happy September. I’m so ready for fall, but am sad that we’re going have our final barbecue of the year.

    • Jane – I know what you mean. We had our last outdoor water aerobic class on Tuesday. It was a warm day with the pool at a perfect temperature and it was the last class! Sigh. We’ll be winding down our cookouts but I hope this weekend won’t be the last.

      But I do love the fall and am looking forward to those crisp days.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Same here, Jane – on the BBQ that is – but I’m totally ready for Fall!!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    I love Fall too! Except Sept in CA often is still warm and school started after the first week in August. Ugh! That’s way too early for kids to sit in hot classrooms.