I love May!  Here in northern California, everything’s turned green and luscious.  Plus, my anniversary is May 21.  I can’t believe Dr. Big and I have been married 48 years.  We also have two family birthdays to celebrate, as well as Mother’s Day.

 It’s been over a year since I updated you – our wonderful readers – on the changes in my professional and personal life!

 I now have 14 titles published, all on Amazon, six full-length novels, two boxed sets, two naughty novellas under the pseudonym of Temple Rivers – that’s right!  You heard it here first; I finally came out of the closet on writing erotica, although I’m still trying to keep them a secret from my children and grandchildren.  You know, grammy writing naughty?  Not such a good example.

 Additionally, I’ve written and released three novellas in the Hitman series and am ready to bind them together into a single volume, and a Christmas novella, “The Perfect Gift.”  I’ve released my first two titles in audible form, and the third book in the Bigler County series, “The Traitor,” is currently in production, I am proud to say, by my daughter and her husband, a most talented couple with a home studio for their own music productions.

On a personal note, I turned 70 in February, and let me tell you, that was a hard birthday.  My daughters put together a scrapbook of pictures and personal letters from family and friends – 70 of them to commemorate the 70th birthday. 

 My oldest daughter gave me a tiny ruby ring because she’d heard the story of how my parents couldn’t afford a ring when they married in 1940. Mom wore a cigar band as her wedding ring!  Later, when money was less tight, Dad bought her a ruby ring with the tiniest of stones.

 I always loved that ring and the lovely story behind it, but somehow over the years it’s been lost.  I’m wearing my new ruby with a thin wedding band right now, and it brings me fond memories of my mother.  My husband gave me a white-gold band, set with baguette diamonds because I’ve never had a diamond ring.

 Our immediate family now numbers 30, as my youngest son is engaged to marry.  Sixteen of these are children!

 My daughters and I are saving our pennies for a big trip to Paris in the spring of 2016, which will be my 18th birthday (since I was born on Leap Year).

 After my third audible is completed and I’ve boxed up the Hitman series, I’m turning my writing attention to a new mystery-thriller series involving some of the characters from my past books.

As always I’m extraordinarily grateful to my Bandita friends and all the buddies who make our blog such a pleasure to visit!