A SEAL’s Secret Release Party

Hmm, that sounds like we’re having a secret release party, doesn’t it.  I sure hope it’s not a secret, though!  Because I’m so excited to share A SEAL’s Secret that I want to shout it from the rooftops.  Or scream it from a mountaintop.  Or, you know, stand on top of a table here in the Lair, pop champagne and celebrate.  With tootie horns, of course.  I hope you’ll celebrate with me. And please, feel free to bring a friend or three.  Sven will be circling with champagne, the margarita machine is pumping out the icy tequila treats and there is chocolate for all!!!champagne

While you get a snack and I wait for my dream party date (Johnny Depp, of course) here’s a peek at A SEAL’s Secret:

“I like to win,” Livi admitted. “But I don’t think winning is everything.”

“Heresy.” His grin flashed like a lightning in the dark, quick and striking. “Don’t let the team hear you say that.”

“You play to win?”

“I play. I win.”

“You are so confident,” she breathed, shaking her head in admiration. That was almost as much a turn-on as his well-muscled body.

“I’m good.” His shrug said it all.

He was good. He knew it, and so did everyone else.

“But we drew,” she pointed out. Tilting her head to the side, she wondered, “Did that bother you? Since you’re used to winning, I mean?”

“I didn’t lose.”

“But you didn’t win.”

His smile was a slow seduction that meandered its way through her system with hot little licks of pleasure.

“Sweetheart, sometimes a draw is a win. It’s all about the bigger picture. What’s the real goal?”A SEAL's Secret cover

Right now her only goal was to taste him.

Livi wet her lips in anticipation, but couldn’t make herself say that aloud.

“Is that one of those military things,” she asked instead. “Like sometimes losing the battle to win the war?”

“I didn’t lose.”

As delighted as she was turned on, Livi laughed.

He really was confident.

What was that like?

Ready to find out, she touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip and reached out to trace her finger over the letter S on his chest.

Oh, my. He felt good. Very, very good.

She lifted her eyes to meet his, tilting her head so her ponytail swept over his hand where it rested on her shoulder.

“Super SEAL?” she asked.

“Man of iron,” he promised, his hand sliding behind her neck to cup her head. Fingers tangling in her ponytail, he closed the distance between their bodies.

“Ready?” he asked, his mouth inches from hers.

“I think so,” she breathed, shifting closer.

His lips brushed over hers. So soft, almost sweet.



The third time, he added his tongue. Sliding it over the seam of her lips, along the edge of her teeth.

Livi’s body flashed hot, then cold, then hot again.

Her fingers curled into his chest, the other hand grabbing his shoulder for balance.

She’d thought she was ready for this?

Oh, how wrong she’d been.


Mmm, yeah. I don’t think either one of them lost… What do you think?  I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and the yumminess of the cover 🙂

Please, party on, celebrate, grope Sven and enjoy the goodies.  I’m going to search for my date.

For a chance to win your own autographed print copy of A SEAL’s Secret, tell me this… If you could bring a date, any date, to the party, who would it be?  

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