A Polar Vortex? Oh, how to get warm!??

220px-IciclesBRRRRRRR!!  OMGosh it is COLD in the Eastern USA!!  

I’m thinking it’s that way in MOST of the US – barring Fairbanks, Alaska which was warmer than either DC or St. Louis  or even Raleigh today.  YIKES!! 

(Talked with a friend in St. Charles, near St. Louis…it was a raging 4 degrees there – a veritable heat wave! – and warmer than yesterday’s minus temps!  Whew!)

The weather geeks are declaiming it a Polar Vortex.  A cyclone of cold air which usually stays safely put at the icy pole, but this year decided to meander well south.  *teeth chattering* 

I don’t understand all the meterological mumbo-jumbo, but if you’re keen, here’s the listing from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_vortex – long and short of it is, it’s mind-numbingly, toes-mukluksfreezingly COLD.

So, debates about global warming aside – or the new ice age – I got to thinking today about ways to keep warm. 

There’s your standards, of course.  Heaters.  Fires-in-the-fireplace.  Wool socks.  Big wooly boots with fabulous furry linings. 


fat coatOh, I love coats!  I’m a coat-addict.  I love barn coats, pea coats, formal wool outerwear, parkas with furry hoods, cute crop jackets (gotta have long johns on the bottom if you wear that one tho!).  I’m not that fond of the trend for huge, quilted things.  I am big enough on my own.  Some of those big quilty things like the one at left, could make Victoria Beckham look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  But any other kind, svelte and delicious, wooly and warm, I’m there.

I have a serious love affair with boots as well, but that would take a whole blog on it’s own. (Aren’t those red mukluks fabulous???)220px-Edmund_Dulac_-_Princess_and_pea

Of course, speaking of quilty things, I love blankets too.  Now those of you who’ve been around a while know my penchant for linens and china and all that.  I believe Cassondra and I might have had a battle about china…if not, we should have since we both love it.  I’m betting she loves quilts too. 

Big quilts, little quilts, thick and thin, I think they are combo works of art and practical utilitarian thblanket.  What’s not to love?  I have quilts my great grandmothers and grandmothers made.  I have one that my Aunt made – gorgeous thing!  I have some my DH’s mother made. 

This famous drawing of Edward Dulac’s of the Princess and the Pea is now public domain, according to Wikipedia.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  In this kind of weather, I feel like I’m UNDER those blankets, rather on top like the princess!

This kind of weather, you pile them up on the bed and get under a solid pound or two of covers and you’re set for the night.  One of the other Banditas was saying that when it got cold when she was young, it was extra socks and more quilts!  It was that way for us growing up too.  Heating oil was expensive, so the thermostat stayed as low as you could stand and you just put on another layer – on yourself or on the bed!

When it comes right down to it, though, the absolute best way to stay warm is with a partner. 220px-Native_Baby_and_Star_Quilt

It could be that it’s a lovely, balmy minus-25 where you are – like it was in Bandita Susan’s Minnesota today. 

I’m bettin’ there were people getting warm all over the Land of the (frozen) Lakes in the old fashioned way. 

I’m also betting that Bandita Suz and Joan’s fellow nurses will be delivering a wholllllle passel of babies in about nine months from now all over the USA, from Montana down to Florida, and every state in between.

Seems to go that way, doesn’t it?  Big ol’ cold snap and nine months later there’s a baby boomlet.  People should be buying coats, quilts and condoms instead of toilet paper, milk and bread when it’s gonna get cold or snow or grow icy on the trees. 

220px-Being_a_twin_means_you_always_have_a_pillow_or_blanket_handyDo they just abandon protocol, or do they do it so much to keep warm (or from sheer boredom with TV and other indoor insanity) that they actually run out of protection? Do they just not sleep??

Its a connundrum, isn’t it?  Grins. 

Seriously! Do they not have any quilts, thick socks or blankets?  I mean, c’mon people! 


Gotta love those good old fashioned tradtions. 

Cold outside?  Snowy?  Got enough toilet paper?  Okay, then, let’s get it on!

What about you, Bandits and Buddies?  If you had a choice, would it be quilts or “the old fashioned way” THEN quilts?  Grins.220px-Polarbearzoo

Do you know anyone (or are someone) who got it on during a locked-in-cold-snowy-snap and had a bundle of joy nine months later!?

How cold was it where you were today? 

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I SO don’t want to know that it was 95 farenheit where you were.  Really.  Just keep that smug “it was so warm today!” to yourself this time.  :>  We had a balmy high of 17 here in DC, which hasn’t happened for about 20 years.

Read any good books about getting snowbound?  Read any good books today while you were snowbound?  Grins

The polar bear at the DC National Zoo didn’t even want to stay out in the cold today, she’s become so acclimated to our area and our “cold” – usually no lower than the low 20’s on a “bad” day – that it was even too cold for her.  On an up note, one area town’s parking meters froze, giving 250px-Naplesbeachfree parking to most of the commuters.  Yay!

If it doesn’t ever get cold where you are, would you like to experience it?

If you’re in one of those “a-yup, we get a mite of winter” kind of minus-temps-are-regular states or provinces – Canada, Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota and such – where would you rather be today?  Tahiti? Palm Springs? Bali?

Let’s get WARM!!

(All photos are Wikimedia commons, Yahoo Free Photos, or my own work)

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    It was 5 degrees this morning and right now it’s 9. We haven’t had single digit temps in a long time. I’m sure many people have fun and creative ways to keep warm. I read something detailing all the babies that were conceived during superstorm Sandy. I remember a Linda Howard story titled White Out that I really enjoyed and Jill Sorenson has snowbound novella in the Passion and Peril anthology.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! Looks like the chook’s going to warm his feathers at your hearth for the day! Ha!

      I think I’ve read that Linda Howard one. Really good!

      Like you, we’ve not seen the single digits for a while. Not in years. Cold, yes, but not this cold. Brrrr!! Of course it could be worse, it could be snowmaggedon! ha! (Or superstorm sandy!)

  • Mozette says:

    Okay… you want warm? Well… here’s an Aussie to give ya warm, guys and gals… 😀

    Last Saturday – here in Brisbane – it was between 102 and 107F… and not far off our fair coast was a bushfire burning up Stradbroke Island… there were evacuations left and right!

    Then, two days ago, we had a mammoth set of storms cells strike us! They were huge! Within 15 minutes of hitting Logan City, my lights went out – well, so did Springwood, Logan Central, Rochedale, Underwood and Slacks Creek – for about 4 1/2 hours. The big power grid down the road had gotten struck by lightning and so the fire crew was sent there to put out a few fires… o_o

    Anyway, it’s been nice and sunny with a lovely breeze since… no more muggy days… no more over 100F… well, not until the next set of storms show up.

    And on Monday, it was said that there were over 20,000 lightning strikes in that 1 1/2 when the storms were around…. woah! that’s big! Meanwhile I was eating by headlamp light. 🙁

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Tsk, tsk! Did I not say for you Southern Hemisphere types to keep your gloating to yourselves? Grins.

      Seriously, though, that sounds like a whopper set of storms! Yikes! And I know from experience that 4.5 hours without power when it’s 100+ degrees is no picnic. You just can’t take off enough clothes. Sigh.

      Right now, though, I’m more focused on if I can find my ragg woll LL Bean socks. Brrrr!!

      Glad you’re warmer than we are, Mozette – and safe too, from the storms!!

      • Mozette says:

        You know, the worse thing was that the storm water drain next to my house blocked up (this is something the caretaker of my unit complex is supposed to take care of, but doesn’t). So, I was out there in the middle of all the wind, thunder, lightning and rain with a shovel cleaning out that drain! Yeah! I HAD SOMETHING METAL IN MY HANDS DURING A THUNDERSTORM… sorry about the shouting, but every time I saw a flash, I made myself ready to meet my make – no matter who it was at the time. When I put the shovel away, moved the car back into place, I was wet through to my knickers, the drivers seat of my Mum’s Pajero was wet through as well, and I was fully peeved off – as you can well imagine! – after we got the power back, I phoned Mum and told her what happened with me outside clearing out a drain when it’s not my job… she told Dad (who is Body Corporate Chairperson) and he was mad I had to do that – AGAIN! – so now, something has to be done about the caretaker not being around to clean up the place before a storm we knew about 3 days before it hit. 🙁

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          Well, I say the caretaker gets what he/she deserves if there was advance warning and it STILL wasn’t done, and not for the first time! YIKES!

          Please don’t do that again! We want you here and commenting, (and reading, and laughing!) not hanging out with whomsoever runs the Universe, having a beverage and discussing storms! :>

          • Mozette says:

            Oh, don’t worry, Jeanne, I won’t be risking my backside anymore… or any other part of me. Dad was amazed I still did that. But when your house is at risk of being flooded and it’s as simple as clearing a drain, you go and do it.

            But at the risk of being struck by lightning, I almost didn’t.

            Today – Thursday – is the Body Corporate’s first meeting for the year. Dad’s going to bring up the fact the Caretaker is a lazy lout and doesn’t do anything around the place and that I shouldn’t have to get out there and clear out a drain and tidy up outside my house when it’s not my job. Yeah, clean out my car port, and my front door stoop (it’s on my property) but the rest of the unit complex is the caretaker’s responsibilty, not mine.

            And you’re right, I hope he does have what’s coming to him… and I don’t want to be discussing the goings on of storms with whomever runs this universe too soon… I’m having too much fun with you gals and guys and everyone else I know here on Earth. 😀

  • ki pha says:

    LOL So many questions!! I like my blankets “now days” and over here in Minnessota was -22 on Monday and -17 today so I don’t know what to say to that but it was a good thing I stayed inside. And since I dislike Hot weather….I’m not sure where I would rather be. England would be nice. 🙂
    While stuck inside I read Rome by Jay Crownover and Latymer by Tracey Devlyn which released today, yesterday? They were fabulous~
    Not going to think about any bundle of joys that was created during a snowbound. LOL Wouldn’t know any of them. Nor want to know about it. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Ki!

      Snorking about “not wanting to know”! Ha! Yeah, sometimes better to just say “la, la, la” about those things.

      Both books sound good. I’ll have to go check them out. I’m always up for a great new read.

      And just BRRRRR!! I’m not a fan of the heat either, as you probably know from hanging out ’round the Lair for a while. I’ll head to England with you, or San Fran, or maybe Alaska, when it comes to that late July heat.

  • Mary Preston says:

    Another Queenslander here sweltering in the heat.

    We have had some impressive Summer storms. The norm really.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      I looked up the weather/storms after Mozette’s post, Mary. OMGosh those are impressive! Yikes! And you’ve had the temps, that’s for sure.

      Wanna drop 120+ degrees? Minnesota’s good for that….grins. Wouldnt’ that be weird, flying from Aus to Minnesota? Y’all had 105 yesterday, I believe and it was minus 25…yikes. A body’s not meant for that radical drop! Ha!

  • flchen1 says:

    LOL! The old fashioned way can be fun whether it’s cold or not 😉 Just sayin’ But yes, it does seem like big storms might correlate later to bundles of joy that are disruptive in a whole different way 😀 Not that I’ve any personal experience with that!

    I do recall some fun snowbound stories–Larissa Ione has one aptly named Snowbound, I think!

    In reality, I live in the tiny strip of the country that isn’t below freezing right now, so our high today was something like 60F. Yes, I’m thankful!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Grins. Yep, the old fashioned way is just fun, so it’s no wonder….

      Lucky you to be in the 60’s. That’s practically tropical heat wave status for the last couple of days! We’re to be in the 40s later in the week, and I”m looking forward to it. :>

      Cold I love, frostbitten, not so much!

  • Helen says:


    Sorry to say as well it has been really hot over here although the last couple of days have been nice cooler and with a bit of rain we haven’t had the storms they have had up in Queensland or the heat they have but too hot for me I do love winter and yep we don’t have winters even like your normal ones but for me I grab an extra blanket to keep warm or rug up I don’t really have a coat don’t need one, but I would love to just once maybe have one of your really cold winters. Stay warm

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Helen, you can come visit in winter sometime and do the snow/sled, fun parts of our winters before returning to the lovely warmth of Aus. Grins.

      Now would NOT be a good time for a visit. This is unchancy weather and not normal by any means. Brrrr! I love winter, but this is a bit extreme!

  • SecretNinja says:

    I’m in Winnipeg (aka Winterpeg) so they cold temps don’t bother me so much as they are annoying when so many of them come together. I wouldn’t mind escaping for a few days down under to maybe Australia but it’s cool, I’m used to the cold. But I’d prefer being cold as opposed to being hot – ’cause really, there’s only so many clothes you can take off when you’re hot but at least you can pile on the blankies and the snuggles to get warm 🙂

    I do have to say though, I scoff at some places who shut down when it’s a measly bit of cold. So far, we’ve gotten as cold as -51C with the windchill and life pretty much went on as normal here. Actually, we’re probably so cold, we’ve become stupid because it’s normal for Winnipegers to still get slurpees from 7/11 in the dead of winter (myself included) lol

    Stay warm!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Ada! Okay, 51 below? WOW!! I guess it’s what you’re used to, right? DC doesn’t usually get into the teens, much less in the minusus, so we’re wimps when it comes to that stuff.

      Had to LOL about Winnepegers and slushies. Grins. I was eating ice cream last night and my DH was aghast. “But its so cold outside!”
      “Yeah, and the ice cream’s still yummy. Imagine that!” Grins. *Sarcasm, just one more service we deliver here*

      We’re that way obout Hurricanes in NC. “Oh, it’s a hurricane? Let me know when it’s about here and I’ll take shelter. Evacuate? Naaaahhhhhhh….”

      It’s all what you’re used to, I guess!

      • SecretNinja says:

        I’ll have to admit, we don’t often fall to -51 — -30 something is more the norm but even then, tack on the windchill and things are dicey but we adapt and get used to it. Learning how to dress the part helps a lot! 🙂

        haha That’s absolutely it! It’s only cold for a bit but it’s yummy in your tummy forever! Love that response to your DH!

        I would be scared spitless if someone said there was a hurricane coming! There’s been reports of tornadoes in areas around our province but nothing close to me (knocks on wood!) but I’d be outta there faster than you could snap your fingers lol

  • Shannon says:

    I’m afraid at my home I have grandma’s china but not the quilts. I do have two of my mom’s quits.

    For warmth, I burrow under an electric blanket. The old fashioned way sounds delightful but as I’ve gotten older, I’m pretty picky.

    Now to see if I have long johns or if I can overcome my fashion sense of matching navy pants with black (yes navy with black) hose for the warmth or be fashionable chilly. The afternoon temp is going to be 28. I can deal with temps in the 20s.

    But I am still a summer girl, who is longing for heat, humidity, and a pool.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Electric blanket! Yes! I haven’t had one for several years – haven’t really needed it – but that would be great. :>

      I’d go for warm over fashion, but that’s just me. Grins. And you didn’t really ask my opinion either. Hahaha!!

      So where, tropical, would you go?

  • Jeanne – This cold has been ridiculous, hasn’t it? The good news is that my aerobics class was canceled due to the negative temps (Yay!). I recently read Natalie Richards YA Six Months Later – it takes place in the winter, but that’s about it. No reading today though – had too much to do getting ready for taxes (boo).

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ugh. Taxes. You just HAD to remind me. :>

      Thanks to your class at National, I’m more organized this year. The in-house CPA will be proud and pleased about that. Grins.

      And yes, it has been totally ridiculous!!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Greetings from sunny Cambridge (thank goodness the horrible rain and wind storms have stopped!), where I’m enjoying my warmed office, thanks to the new double radiator that was installed yesterday by our wonderful plumber!

    Apparently, I’m one of the ’63 baby boomers, born after the terrible winter of ’62 :).

    Oh, love quilts – one of my prize possessions is our Amish quilt.

    The only reading today is A Perfect Trade for revisions due shortly!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Forgot to add – favourite cold weather clothing item (other than boots!) is usually a pair of Heat Holders thermal socks! This year, my faves are from Crew Clothing and they’re ‘fur-lined’!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Omgosh! You’re a boom-baby! Yay!

      And congrats on the new double rad – that’ll keep your toes toasty whislt writing. And please, more of the writing! Loved your debut book A Perfect Distraction, and looking SO forward to A Perfect Trade!

      Must go look up the toasty-toes socks now…

  • Amy Conley says:

    K, I live in southern Indiana. And by southern I mean you can spit into Kentucky,which is completely different than northern Indiana and not just temp wise. We get our share of cold weather but according to the weather guys it hasn’t happened to be this cold for over 20 years.
    Without giving TMI I usually sleep au naturale, but not these past few days. I almost always sleep with 2 comforters, one down even. But tese past few nights have seen me add fuzzy pj’s undershirts and long-sleeved pjtops, nm my fuzzy socks. And yes even the old-fashioned body heat, which made hubby happy if nothing else. I also have a waterbed and the temp on it is set close to 100 degrees F. You see, I am almost always cold so these past few days have seen me beyond cold and closer to freezing. I promise you if the temps go below 75 I am cold, below 60 and I am freezing. Now to all this cold weather add the fact I am suffering from one of the worst upper-respitory infections I’ve had in years and I’m way past miserable.
    I have been reading Christina Dodd’s WELL FAVORED GENTLEMAN (WELL PLEASURED) , but mostlyw I’ve been playing bear and sleeping /hibrinating.

    • Amy Conley says:

      And oh yes I believe there will be a massive baby boom come late August to early October.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, Amy! I’m so sorry about the upper respiratory infection! I HATE getting those, but it’s my weak point and I ususally get at least one per winter. Ugh.

      Stay warm!! Many books and many layers and much tea and OJ and all that. Dr. Adams’s perscription for wellness in winter. :>

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    It was -10 degrees yesterday morning, it is up to a whoppin’ 5 degrees this morning in WV. Last Friday my fuel line froze and I couldn’t move, Got it thawed and a full tank of gas last Saturday with my anti-water additive. Went to work Monday and well, my car is still at work, froze up again, and my battery is dead too. Sigh, was supposed to get a ride to work today unfortunately the ugly bug got me and my innards messed up so no work for me today. I am throwing on another quilt and going back to bed.

  • Laurie G says:

    BRR is right, today it’s a balmy -11*F, yesterday morning -20* and the day before -26* I live in central Wisconsin. The sun did come out for a few hours which was nice.

    We are supposed to hit 30* by the weekend. I definitely want to get outside and take a walk.

    I sleep with a huge comforter and flannel sheets. They do make a big difference.

    I’d love to be anywhere the temps are over 70*F and sunny. The Caribbean Islands sound pretty tempting.

    Lisa Jackson SNOWBOUND, Linda Howard ICE and White Lies, anthology Snowbound With a Stranger

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Lisa Jackson! THAT’s the one I read!! Thank you! Grins.

      Wow on that cold in Wisconsin. Yikeys.

      OMGosh, I love flannel sheets! We bought a king sized bed – you probably remember that post, about bed shopping – and haven’t bought flannels for that one yet. Grins. Must put that on the list for this week as I don’t think this will be our last cold snap this winter!

      I had this great plan to get out and walk every day with the dogs. I do it fairly often, but not every day. I wanted to step up my activity level so I was going to walk….uh…no. Not this week! Brrrr! I’m with you though, give me 30 and I’ll be out there. 3 degrees? Nope!

  • Diana Huffer says:

    First, I pick the old fashioned way THEN quilts option. 😉 I should also add that there would be two doggies in the mix too. I have two Shih Tzus who get mad when we lock them out of the bedroom. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get into “it” with two little noses under the bedroom door with a few barks and scratches thrown in? ~LOL~

    I’m in mid-Ohio so it was around -12 with a windchill between -20 and -40 yesterday. Right now it’s a virtual heat wave number of 10! ~LOL~

    I finished Deidre Knight’s Parallel Attraction yesterday. It was a great read; ready to move on to Parallel Heat. 😉

    If I had my way, I’d be living in San Diego or really anywhere with 70+ degree weather, a beach, and water. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahahah! I’m LOL because I know how it is with an Irisher and a couple of Labs, so I”m betting its just as annoying with Shih Tzus. Grins. They are such a nice breed, btw. They like to get UNDER the covers though, odn’t they? My friend’s ST’s do, anyway. That would make “it” even MORE interesting….or not. Grins.

      San Diego. Yes. That would be good!!!

      • Diana Huffer says:

        Not only do they like to get under the covers, they also like to rearrange them! And Lord help you if you move under the covers — they will pounce on anything that moves! ~LOL~ Never a dull moment! Love my furbabies, though. 😀

  • LOL, Jeanne…

    It is the most common way to get warm. 🙂 It is also why statistically more babies are born in July to October in the Northern Hemisphere. Nine months before that it got cold and people were cuddling to stay warm. And yes, my L&D girlfriends have marked the calendar to see if there’s a baby boom 9 months from when the cold weather hit!

    My favorite cold weather book to read is White Out by Linda Howard. All I can say is the keep-the-frozen-stranger-warm scene is HOT!!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ohhhhh yessssss, that is one FABULOUS book! Love me some Linda Howard!! She’s also, in person, one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met. Grins.

      I’m LOL about the L&D pals marking the calendar. So funny. We’ll see, but I’d put book on it…

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    I prefer quilts on top of a warm pair of jammies. It was -16 yesterday, today we are at 10 in Indiana! Been buried under a foot of snow as well. As such, have been doing a lot of reading and baking. If you like alpha males try As Hard As It Gets by Laura Kate. Yummy! If I could be somewhere warm would probably pick Tahiti.

    • Debbie Oxier says:

      Should have read Laura Kaye. Sorry!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Debbie! I looked up that book by Laura Kaye – looks HOT!! Grins.

      And a foot of snow plus these temps would be interesting….esp here in DC. They can’t handle snow as they’ve no plows, or not many anyway. Not the kind that can handle a foot of snow, plus ice, plus cold temps. (As proved by snowmaggedon a couple of years ago!! and it wasn’t this cold…)

      Stay warm!! Whatcha bakin?

  • Deb says:

    Hi, Jeanne. Yep, dang cold here in Iowa, too. Record temps of -20 with -47 windchill. We’ve had low temps of -10 and -12 before, but I don’t remember windchills lower than -35. There were, I’m sure. So, no school on Monday and 2-hour delay yesterday. The high today is 7 with a wc of -2. *g*

    I have several quilts that my mother has made and kept them up and away in the closet because I know how long it took her to make them. (My wedding quilt took her 9 months, and that was an easy pattern with large star points and bocks.) But, she admonished me one year for not using them, so we do! I LOVE my flannel sheets (they even have pretty blue snowflakes on them), my fleece blanket, with a quilt on top of that, and my comforter on top of the whole deal. Yes, I like to be warm and cozy. My husband is warm-blooded and he think it is suffocating because I also have an electric radiator in the bedroom.

    I have been known to borrow my husband’s wool socks. I like my tan suede boots (I have to spray them to make them more waterproof). I like flannel pjs and warm slipper-socks. I don’t mind winter, really; dislike extreme temps and freezing rain and ice. I would rather have a TON of snow over the tiniest bit of ice.

    P.S. Did you happen to see the cool photos floating around FB of the ice-covered lighthouses on Lake Michigan in the UP? Wow!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      My Mama always told me to use the quilts too. “That’s what they’re FOR.” she would say. :>

      Love me some slippers, and socks but never got into that slipper-sock thing. Weird.

      LOL about your husband thinking it’s suffocating. Sleeping with my DH is like sleeping with the Human Torch. He’s always hot, so I pile the covers on MY side of the bed, and still snuggle up to him. Ahhhhh!!! Warm!!!!

      Add the dogs and it’s allllllll good.

      I’m with you on the snow thing. I’d much rather have snow than ice. Yikes!

      And yes, I saw some of those ice-sculpture pictures of the lighthouses. WOW!!!

      • pjpuppymom says:

        The photo of the ice covered St. Joseph lighthouse in Michigan that’s making the facebook rounds is my old stomping grounds. My friends and I trekked to the end of that ice-covered pier many times during our teen years. Negative temps and a foot of ice hardly present an obstacle when you’re a 16 year old Michigander. 😉

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Here in Charlotte, NC it was a chilling 15° this morning (8° yesterday!) but has warmed up to a balmy 26°.

    I don’t have quilts (or a man to share them with) but I do have lots of warm, cozy blankets that I snuggle under on cold nights. Last night, a certain fur-furnace decided to join me there. 😉

    I finished Vanessa Kelly’s Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard yesterday. (loved this book!)

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Heeheehee. Fur-furnace. I like that. We have an Irish Water Spaniel – he’s a walking rug – and will get on the bed at the drop of the hat. However, even on the coldest night, he’ll only stay for about 20 minutes. He gets too hot. Grins.

      The girls – our Labs – are another story. They get on and stay on the bed if you let them, all night long. In fact they’ll stay there even when I get UP. Ha!

      Must look up and buy that book!

      • pjpuppymom says:

        Jeanne, Cassy was like your Irish Water Spaniel. She’d hop on the bed for some kisses and rubs then go right back to her doggy bed for the night.

        Rachel, on the other hand, is perfectly content to snuggle with mama all night. She’d gotten into the habit of sleeping on the dog bed next to Cassy but since Cassy died she’s right back on the bed next to me. It does help with the electric bill though. With her in bed next to me, I have to turn the thermostat down at least four degrees! lol

        • Jeanne Adams says:

          PJ, I was so sorry about your losing your Cassy. Its hard to lose them, even when you tell yourself that having them as long as you did was a big fat blessing.

          The “new” Labs, adopted in April, adore getting on the bed. One of them, Mia, still kinda looks guilty when she first gets up there. Like, “is this okay?” But she gets more sure every day. Ha!

          And with the Human Torch hubby and three dogs on the bed, you can bet I’m warm! Ha!

  • Patty L. says:

    I live in Maryland and we have temps of about 19 right now. I spent the day by the fire with cozy socks and my favorite book (my Kindle). LOL

    As far as quilts or baby making, I say go real old school; practice making the baby and then snuggle under the quilts with your honey.

  • Jeanne, a polar vortex sounds like something out of a horror movie. The invasion of the ice monsters or something of that ilk. We sadly have no polar anything. We have an equatorial heat blanket. Actually we had really violent storms on Monday which have made it a little bit cooler, thank goodness. I don’t do heat. And believe me, my hair doesn’t do heat. I look like a dandelion in all this humidity!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Anna! Those storms must have been something else! :>

      I read a book by Roxanne St. Clair about people being housebound becuase of a hurricane and wicked storms. Grins. So heat works too….

      I’m with you on not liking it though. I’m trying to decide if I want to go to RWA National this year, but the idea of going to San Antonio, TX in late July is akin to willingly visiting Hell. I.E. not on my agenda. Hahaha!

  • catslady says:

    The older I get, the less I like it lol. I think our high was 3 yesterday and we had wind chills of more than -40. Hawaii would sound nice right now! I think my parents had a very cold February in 1950 but boy did karma get them good. I was born in the snowstorm in November, 1950. There was more than 3 ft. of snow. Cars couldn’t get through so the local undertaker took my mom to the hospital in a hearse! Thank goodness I didn’t come early!

  • LOL, great blog, Jeanne!

    I have the perfect solution for you all–spend your winters in Australia!

    Cannot imagine those temperatures. They just boggle my mind. Hope the change comes for you soon! We had a one day heat wave and back to normal summer now.

    Keep warm everyone! And we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the baby count in nine months’ time!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Aren’t they astonishingly low temps, Christina? I’m boggled by it myself. How do you actually LIVE in -25? Or how did anyone do it before central heating, long enough to actually establish the state of Minnesota, much less the city of Winnepeg??


      • Cassondra says:

        Jeanne, this is just the thing. When I was going to bed the past three nights, running across the cold floor to hop into bed and pull on my fuzzy socks, pulling the stack of blankets up to my nose, I remember that when I was growing up, we just had an oil heater. ONE for the whole house. For nights liek these there was a wood stove in the basement, which helped, but still, the ambient temperature everywhere but the living room was COLD…Probably in the 40s and low 50s. I didn’t think anything of it. And my dad grew up with snow blowing through the cracks in the attic where he slept. He and his brothers woke up and brushed snow off the quilt in the bed (of course they were all in ONE bed). We’re spoiled nowadays. Humans are much more adaptable than we think…and I used to kind of know that. But now I whine!
        *hangs head in shame*

  • Cassondra says:

    It’s been freaking FREEZING here. Ahem..

    Our central heat/air was out. Yes, that’s right. Coldest winter in several years here and no central heat. I spent $300 on space heaters to add to the ones we already had, and we made it. It was 40 degrees today.

    But for the past two days, we had hot and cold water ONLY in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Steve had to shower at his dad’s house yesterday morning. This morning the water was on in the bathtub/shower, and tonight I got water flowing to the washer. But still no dishwasher. Dishes are piled in the sink, even with the ones I’ve done by hand. Yes, y’all will recall that I’m addicted to my dishwasher, and I cook. Which means lots of dishes.

    -3 F was the low Sunday night. 3 F on Monday night, then it warmed up a bit..low was 15 last night. High today was 40, so we’re coming out of it. Highs for the weekend are predicted to be 50 and 55. My kind of winter.
    Just sayin.

    Now I will tell you that this is actually NORMAL for Southern Ky. While there have been cycles of several cold winters and several “easy” winters, all my life it’s been considered normal for us to get a week or two of what we call “zero weather” here every year. But people always forget, and get used to the warm years. The past ten years have spoiled everyone. It’s been warmer than normal. Now the cycle is turning again, and everyone is screaming about it and unprepared.

    Me too. I hate that level of cold. I was once prepared for it, but now I’m not.

    That must change. Yes, it must.

  • Cassondra says:

    Oh and I spent a lot of time on Friday and Saturday getting the house ready. Hauled 15 bales of straw home and put them in front of the outside vents (even though the vents were closed), stacked them in front of the crawl space doors, and stacked four high in front of the north-facing front door. We have a stray kitty we’re feeding. I brought the “emergency stray cat house” out of the garage (it’s an insulated tub-inside-another-tub with a hole cut” creation, and put it on the porch, using the straw bales for a windbreak to help TigerKitty get a break. He won’t come inside yet, so we did all we could for him. A blanket on top of the kitty house, big bowls of food and warm water every couple of hours so he’d stay hydrated. Oh, and the straw bales helped knock the North wind away from the front door too. Bonus!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Awww, thanks on behalf of TIgerKitty. Whether he thanks you or not, I do. I just hate the idea of anyone leaving their poor pets/animals out in this weather. (I guess if they’re truly pets, they AREN’T out in the weather!)

      And just…brrrr.

      You’re right though, this is actually “normal” weather, we’ve just gotten out of the habit of it.

  • Got down to 12 last night. In Alabama !! That has got to be against the law. Only going down to a balmy 26 degrees tonight. I have thick quilts and comforters and best of all I have fat dogs who love to sleep under and on top of the covers.

    I don’t have central heat, but I do have a fireplace and space heaters. Actually getting any heat from these can be problematic as there are usually dogs or a cat camped out in front of them soaking up the heat!

    We lived in Bangor, Maine when I was a little girl. The older of my two brothers was born in Bangor in July and it was a very cold and snowy fail and winter that year according to my Mom. You do the math. 🙂

    I was actually snowed in once when I lived in Germany. I rented a vacation cottage located in am apple orchard reached by taking stairs down from the street level. It was across the street from the pensione run by the family from whom I rented my cottage.

    I was leaving for Salzburg one morning and I couldn’t open my front door. Then I checked the windows. I was completely snowed in! And the heat goes off automatically at 8 AM every morning! About 9:30 I heard footsteps on the roof and then a knocking and someone calling my name. My landlady’s son had walked from the street across the snow onto the roof of my house! He and some friends dug a tunnel from the stairs to my front door. My cottage was completely buried! I went out and bought a space heater that afternoon.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Louisa! Grininn’ about the brother born in Bangor!

      And woweee about being snowed in THAT deep in the cottage. Jeeeez!

      I too have the dog situation, but thankfully, here in the deepfreeze of DC we have central heat. But in AL you don’t need it but once or twice in a coon’s age, according to my Aunt and cousins who also share your state. :> THey’re feelin’ the cold as well. :> Brrrrr!