A Perfectly Super Party!

Welcome everyone! And a special welcome back to dear friend, Supers sister and joint host, Kris Fletcher!

Kris FletcherKris: Hi Anna, and thank you so much for inviting me back! Hi, everybody else, and hey there, hi there, sexy shirtless hunks!

Anna: It’s party time here in the Lair. The hockey hunks have moved the festivities out to the Lair swimming pool to take advantage of the summer sun … okay, it’s really because Ermingarde was a little too zealous lighting the lanterns and melted the rink. <sigh>. Undaunted, Zach and the crew have enlisted the help of the other Lair males to make sure this is a great party. The cabana boys have got out the sun-loungers and deck chairs. Sven has laid on a fabulous summer buffet and got his friends, the ice-sculptors, to carve some amazing life-size hunks out of fruit! Lars has set up the bar with a margarita machine, an array of different flavoured mojitos, and a selection of delicious rum-based Caribbean cocktails. Demetrius and the gladiators are in charge of pool fun and have got out various floating chairs, mats, tubes and noodles. (That was after Paolo discovered the hard way that shields don’t float!). And that pesky bird has been warned – he behaves or he ends up as the centre-piece for the buffet!

Yes, we’re pulling out all the stops. After all, we’re not just celebrating one book launch, but two! Double the fun and double the prizes as we crack the champagne bottle over book 2 in my New Jersey Ice Cats series, A Perfect Trade, and book 3 in Kris’s Comeback Cove series, Dating a Single Dad.

Let’s get the fun started. Kris, do you have a drink in hand and your plate full?

Kris: What? What? Oh, sorry. I was a little distracted. Who made the salsa? This is fabulous. Especially when washed down with this mango mojito. So yes, I’m here, ready to roar!


Dating a Single Dad by Kris Fletcher

Anna: Great. So tell us a little about that handsome man over there by the pool, Hank North. Is that his daughter too?

Kris: Yes indeed, that’s long, lean stretch of muscle and fun is Hank, and he brought his little girl Millie. (It’s okay – she has lots of wild and crazy uncles, so she’ll take Zach and the crew in stride.) They’re taking a break from working on the gorgeous tourist cabins Hank is bringing back to life.

Anna: And who is the lovely lady with them?

Kris: That would be Brynn Catalano. She came to Comeback Cove intending to stay just a few months – just long enough to organize a centennial celebration for Hank’s family’s business while pulling off her real goal of helping her cousin fall back in love with her fiancé. Since the fiancé in question is Hank’s brother, and Brynn & her cousin are trying to keep the problems hush-hush – well, you can see how things could get sticky when Hank and Brynn start falling for each other.

Anna: Oh yes. Sounds like they’ve had a quite a time of it! Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading their story!

APDcoverMy guests had a rough ride too. That dark-haired man with the green eyes talking hockey with Zach and his gang is Tru Jelinek. Next to him, the blonde with the great shoes, is former queen of the puck bunnies, Jenny Martin. Those who’ve read A Perfect Distraction will remember that these two share a past and it clearly didn’t end well.

Here is a teaser for what they went through: A win-win negotiation?  Truman “Tru” Jelinek’s life is pretty much off the rails. With his professional hockey career on thin ice, and his personal life falling apart, he’s ready to implement some serious changes. Helping Jenny Martin—the only girl he’s ever loved—make her dreams a reality is a good place to start.  There’s just one problem: Jenny doesn’t want his help. She barely wants to speak to him. But Tru is prepared to negotiate a deal that even Jenny can’t refuse. As trading favors turns into sharing passion, he has to face the truth that when it comes to Jenny, the game is far from over.

Kris: Have I mentioned lately how much I want to read this book? Like, in the last five or so minutes? Because dang. I really really want to read this book!

Anna:  Aww thank you! I know you’re as big a hockey fan as I am, Kris, although we differ on our favourite teams. Who is your favourite hockey hunk?

Kris:  My heart will always belong to Tim Horton. (And my hips will always be blamed on his doughnuts.)  But seriously, put a Maple Leaf jersey on almost any guy in skates, and I’m happy.

Anna: LOL I know what you mean – that Devils sweater can make any player look hot! My heart still belongs to Scott Stevens. *happy sigh*

April bookOne of your other Comeback Cove books features a hockey player, doesn’t it? Tell us about that book?

Kris: Indeed it did! My first book, A Better Father, starred Sam Catalano, a just-off-the-ice single father hockey hunk – the brother of Brynn in my newest book! He buys the camp he attended as a child in order to build a new life with his son. But poor Sam meets his match in assistant director Libby Kovak – the girl whose heart he broke twelve years ago.

Anna: Such a great book! I LOVED it! I’m sure everyone here in the Lair has read it – but if they haven’t, they should rush out right now and get it! They won’t be disappointed!

Cover NowYouSeeMeNow to make the party really go with a swing, we have a couple of great prizes. The grand prize is a copy of both books – Dating a Single Dad and A Perfect Trade. A runners up prize is an exclusive A Perfect Trade notebook and a copy of Kris’s second Comeback Cove book, Now You See Me. Bonus: if you like both Kris’s Facebook author page and my author page, you will be eligible for a bonus prize of an exclusive Anna Sugden baseball cap and a container of Tim Hortons coffee (winner chooses  either a bag or loose grounds or a pack of single-serve cups). Please make sure you let us know in your comment.

A Perfect Trade finalAll you have to do is tell us what your swimming costume looks like, what your cold drink is and who your escort for the party is!



  • Jane says:

    Congrats on the new releases, Kris and Anna. I’m not ready for swimsuit season, but I’ve got on a halter top bikini and I’m going to have Sven bring me a lychee martini. I do love the hockey hunks, but since everyone has World Cup fever I’m being escorted by two of the hottest goalkeepers, Tim Howard and Hugo Lloris. Like both your pages.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hi Jane and welcome! I always knew we were gals of the same heart with your new love of footie! Tim Howard was amazing last night!

      Ooh a lychee martini sounds lovely – I may have to join you!

    • Kris says:

      Jane, oh, we have a serious case of World Cup fever in our house. I think you chose very wisely. And a lychee martini? How intriguing!

  • Helen says:

    Hi Kris and Anna

    Woohoo what a party bring it on I love release days and to have two books YAY congrats to you both I have read A Perfect Trade and hwat a great story it is I loved it 🙂 and Kris I need to get these 3 books they sound awesome just what I like to read 🙂

    No I have a black and gold one piece that has matching board shorts to go with them 🙂 and I think I might bring Rod Stewart to the party he can do some singing as well for all of us to dance to 🙂

    Off to like Kris’s page on facebook

    Have Fun

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hi Helen and thanks for stopping by! Thank you again for your lovely review of A Perfect Trade – it made my day! I know you’ll love Kris’ books – she has a fantastic voice!

      Ah yes, of course you’ve brought Rod. Excellent – that will make the party rock!

    • Kris says:

      Helen, great to meet you, and thanks so much for looking for my books! One of my Future Potential Daughters-in-Law got to play with Rod Stewart’s band when he was touring in their area. She said it was a totally eye-opening experience. AHEM!

  • Mary Preston says:

    Great party, but a little chilly here. I’m the one in the thermal full body wet suit.

    Since I’m likely to get into strife in the pool if I fall in, I have come with two hunky life-guards to rescue me.

    No cold drink for me thank you. I’m thinking a mulled wine would be the go. (Never had one. Love the sound of it though!!)

    I like everybody – single-serve cups sound great.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks for joining in the fun today, Mary! It’s an unusual day for me to be raving about how warm it is in Cambridge and you to be freezing Down Under!

      Oooh yes, a Baywatch-style escort! Like it. Mulled wine for the lady, boys!

    • Kris says:

      Mary, I would dearly love to be feeling a tad chilly right now. We’re in the middle of a hazy, hot, and humid onslaught. Not such a treat for this Canuck, let me tell you! Plus the cold weather makes it so much more pleasant to cuddle up with the lifeguards, right?

  • Anita H. says:

    Ohh I just love a good party!!

    I’ve got a red and white striped one-piece on so if I start to drown, the boys are sure to see me and rescue me 🙂

    My drink of choice is a pina colada and really, any of the boys can be my escort! Although if I could pick anyone, I’d love for Michael Buble to escort me so that he can serenade us as well 🙂

    Liked both of your FB pages. I’d love single-serve cups!!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Anita!

      Ooh like the sound of the red and white striped one-piece! And a pina colada would hit the spot nicely!

    • Kris says:

      Anita, are you by chance a fellow Canadian? I’m thinking, you know, the adorable red & white suit + Michael Buble – you’re either from the Great White North or you just have very excellent taste.

  • Teresa Hughes says:

    Hey Anna and Kris!!!

    In a perfect world my swimsuit would be a two piece but in reality I have a one piece with tropical flowers on it. My drink is a sweet ice tea and Vin Diesel would be by my side. Unfortunately Vin doesn’t know I exist so instead my dog Marley is actually by my side.

    Kris have not had the pleasure of reading your books but I plan to check them out!

    Anna you know I love your series and hope to get to read the latest soon!!!!

    Y’all have a great release party!

    P.S. I would take the loose grounds. I don’t drink coffee but one of best friends would love it.

    • Kris says:

      Hi Teresa, and oh, I know that bathing suit dilemma well. Thanks so much for looking for my books! And aren’t you a doll, thinking about your friend?

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hey Teresa! I remember your fascination for Vin Diesel :). Thanks so much for loving my NJ Ice Cats series!

      Enjoy your fantasy with Vin and your iced tea. Woofs to Marley.

  • MJ Fredrick says:

    I’m reading NOW YOU SEE ME right now and loving it, and just bought Anna’s latest (LOVED the first one) and the Single Dad book. Congratulations, ladies!

    • Kris says:

      MJ! You’re here, and I love you, and everyone, if you don’t know the amazing Ms Fredrick, you seriously need to treat yourselves to her books. This woman has more (and more amazing) ideas in one morning than I have in a month.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      MJ! Happy squeal! So pleased to see you here – can’t wait to see you in person in a few weeks! It’s been way too long!

      I’m sure everyone in the Lair knows MJ, but if you don’t – rush out and get her books!

  • Debbie says:

    Congrats on the releases! Party?…Bikini, (imagining myself 30 years younger…and firmer) Hugh Jackman, and a margarita with salt on the rim.
    In reality husband (not meaning to slur him out of a fantasy, lol), a one piece (would prefer the oolllddd ones cut to the knees) and still my margarita with salt on the rim, LOL

    • Kris says:

      Debbie, you know, there’s many a time I look at bathing suits now and long for ones that covered a bit more. Like – give me a turtleneck, a poncho, and a skirt that goes to the ankles.

      Passing you the salt for your margarita!

      • Debbie says:

        Tell me about it, I just ordered a bathing suit that has a skirt…I should have asked if it came in midi, lol. Thanks for the salt, I needed a little more. Cheers!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Oh to have the body of 30 years ago! Actually even the body of 10 years ago would work! LOL

      The margarita machine is cranking out the drinks, so choose your flavour, Debbie, and Hugh will be right over!

  • sandyg265 says:

    I’m not a swimmer but I’d be drinking a Bermuda Triangle and would bring Hugh Jackman.

    • Kris says:

      Sandy, a Bermuda Triangle? I’ve never heard ot that. What’s in it?

      I know we just met and all, but fair warning – I might have to fight you for Hugh 🙂

    • Anna Sugden says:

      You don’t need to be able to swim, Sandy, just be able to lounge by the pool and be waited on *g*

      I don’t know a Bermuda Triangle, but I had a great tri-colour drink in Antigua last year that was yummy.

  • bn100 says:

    iced tea

  • Carol Cork says:

    Hi Anna and Kris!

    I’m wearing a plain black one piece swimsuit with white piping. Black is so slimming. Cinzano and lemonade is my drink and I’m bringing Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS). He’s a tiny bit younger than me but I don’t mind.

    • Kris says:

      Carol, I don;t think I’ve ever had Cinzano, but now I’m curious! Never heard of Michael Weatherly (I am SO out of touch), but I just Googled him, and dang. A most excellent contribution to the festivities.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hi Carol – waving across to Cardiff! Hope you’re having a lovely sunny day there!

      We’re showing our age by knowing Cinzano *g*! So you’re a DiNozzo fan? We have a few Gibbs lovers here in the Lair for sure!

  • pearl says:

    I would drink a green tea, not very exciting but my favorite, and Keifer Sutherland would be by my side and my wearing apparel would be a 2 piece bathing suit.

    • Kris says:

      Peal, I think Keifer is interesting enough that nobody will care WHAT you’re drinking 🙂

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hi Pearl – the key at a party is to drink what you like! If green tea is what you’d like, then have at it! Likewise with Keifer Sutherland! 😉

  • Elaina says:

    My magenta high cut swim suit and an iced chai. Patrick Stewart chats and all I do is gaze.

  • catslady says:

    Nathan Fillion, Margarita and at this age, a one piece suit lol. Liked both pages and congrats on your latest release!

  • ellie says:

    When I sit at the beach in my cool and lime green two piece, (I wish), and the sweetest man imaginable(I wish), Nathan Filion, and my most ultimate cold drink, a lime rickey this experience would be memorable.

    • Kris says:

      Ellie, I LOVE lime rickey but haven’t had it for years. Thank you for the reminder! (Have I distracted you enough to pull Nathan away from you?)

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Ah now you’ve confused me – I’ve never heard of a lime rickey. What’s in that?

      So glad you’re having the time of your life, Ellie – we do like to have fun parties here in the Lair!

  • anne says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your release which sounds captivating. A dream come true with my true love, Paul Anka, swimsuit that is dripping wet and seductive, drinking Canada Dry.

    • Kris says:

      Anne, is Paul singing Diana or My Way? And here’s a tip of my own Canada Dry to you, with many thanks!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks so much, Anne! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time – Paul Anka! And i LOVE ginger ale – especially Canada Dry!

  • Congratulations on your new releases, Anna and Kris! Great dialogue. I love guy with kids, and I love Anna’s hockey romance, so today is win-win for me. 🙂

    My bathing suit is a one-piece with a black skirt and a floral top, my date is the dh, and I’m drinking a Cosmopolitan.

  • Amy Conley says:

    My swim suit is a 2 piece, flowered thing I stole from my sister. I’m drinking sweet iced tea, and I’m stag, ad I’m sure some of those hockey hunks are. 😉

    • Kris says:

      Amy, that is an EXCELLENT strategy. It would be a sin for any of those solo hunks to leave the party lonely!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      LOL Go girl, Amy! We won’t tell your sister, if you don’t! You know the hockey hunks are always happy to keep a lovely lady company 😉

  • It’s a Book Birthday Party x2!! WooHoo!!

    Congrats to both of you, Kris and Anna! Looks like 2 more good books to increase my TPR pile!

    I have a black one piece with a halter top and little skirt at the bottom. (Can’t wear prints as I tend to tan through them…nothing like a striped tan! 🙂 ) I’ll have a peach bellini and I think today I’d love to have Michael Fassbender for company.

    • Kris says:

      Suxanna, thank you X 1000! I tell you, there’s nothing like a famous Lair party to make an exciting event truly memorable. I’ve always wanted to try a peach bellini. Mind if I have a sip?

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks, Suz! How nice of you to bring Michael by. You can never have too much eye candy!

  • Leslie says:

    Sven! So there’s where he’s hiding, the dirty scoundrel. Never mind. I have Jamie Bamber in tow (of BSG fame) ’cause I’m a sucker for a British accent…and a Scottish one….and an Australian one…and since we are firmly in Fantasy Land (not to be confused with Fantasy Island, no, no) I am wearing the tiniest pink bikini and I look GOOD! Where’s the margarita bar??

    • Leslie says:

      Congrats all around to two FAB authors and here’s to splendid success. Cheers!

    • Kris says:

      Leslie, that pink bikini is HONOURED to be on you. It’s even more attractive than that Scottish accent. Margaritas all around, and thank you!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks so much, Leslie! Glad you could stop by … and yummo on Jamie Bamber. I loved him in Body of Proof!

      The great thing about Lair parties is that we all look great in the cossies of our choice!

  • Kaelee says:

    Just dropping in to say congratulations to both of you. I’m looking forward to reading both books. Walmart has stopped carrying Super romance and Harlequin Romance so I will have to order them from Harlequin.

    I have both a navy blue one piece and a brown leafy pattern one piece swimsuit. I love cold apple cider, with kick to it, Bud Light Lime or sangria in the summertime. I have to have variety. I’m too shy to bring a stranger to the party so will have to stick with my husband. No variety needed in the man department although I’ll star gaze a bit.

    • Kris says:

      Kaelee, you found us! So good to see you here. Cold apple cider …. mmmm. Love your suits. Your hubby seems awfully eager to help you change from one to the other!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Hey Kaelee! Great to see you! What a bummer about Walmart! How dare they stop stocking Supers?!

      Love that you’ve got options for swimsuits and drinks … but not in the man dept!

  • Shannon says:

    My swimsuit would be black with dark green and mint green color block inserts near the bust and hips.

    My drink would be chilled apple cider. I have a bottle I’m saving for the 4th.

    My companion would be Leonard Nimoy. I just spent part of my busy day listening to a Star Trek geek talk about her trip to the annual convention. She said how much she missed Nimoy. The only consolation was that Patrick Stewart might attend.

    • Kris says:

      Shannon, that suit sounds gorgeous. And Nimoy – oh yeah. What an EXCELLENT choice.

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Ooh I like the sound of your cossie, Shannon! Gorgeous. And the chilled apple cider too. Our cider over here is different to yours – it’s alcoholic!

  • Deb says:

    I have a one-piece chocolate brown swimsuit with teal flowers on the top portion. It does have a little bit of a ruffle at the bottom, not really a skirt. However, if I am making one up, I would like one to be black with dark pink vertical stripes (objective is to look thinner, right?!).
    Drink of choice would be a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
    Companion of choice would be Tom Selleck because my husband looked like him when he was younger, LOL!
    CONGRATS to you both!!!!! So exciting!!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Deb, I am totally with you on Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Great stuff on a hot day! 😀

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Great to see you here, Deb! That black and pink swimsuit sounds perfect!

      I’ve never had Mike’s hard lemonade – must try some when we’re next over.

    • Kris says:

      Tom Selleck – oh yeah. The Magnum P.I. theme song is one I listen to a lot while writing.

      Haven’t had a Mike’s in ages, but dang. Now I’m thinking I’ll need to pick some up!

  • Becke says:

    The hockey hunks are intriguing and who wouldn’t want to be Millie?

    My suit is one piece navy from bust down and upper stripes with a zipper.

    Cold drink is Diet Cranberry juice

    Date: DH. He’s hard to beat and he puts up with me!

    • Anna Sugden says:

      Thanks so much, Becke! thanks for joining in the fun! I’m loving all these swimming costumes – so stylish and very flattering!

      Aww how nice for your DH. Especially as you’ll be his eye candy!

    • Kris says:

      Becke, good on you & the DH. Bravo. Millie says thanks, and after reading your replies, she kind of wants to grow up to be you 🙂

  • SecretNinja says:

    Ohh a party!! With hockey hunks? You know I’m always in for that 🙂 Congrats on the release times 2, Anna and Kris!

    Since we’re repping hockey here, my suit obviously has to have the Jets logo somewhere on it. Polar blue one-piece with the ice blue trimming 😉

    My cold drink of choice would be chocolate milkshake.

    For my escort, I had a hard time choosing so to not have any hurt feelings, I’d bring both Stephen Amell and Ryan Reynolds to the party! 🙂

    Congrats again on your releases! Looking forward to reading both! And Happy (belated) Canada Day, Kris! 🙂

    Fan of both your facebook pages! I’d choose single serve cups.


  • Caren Crane says:

    Oh, a reference to Horton’s apple baked goods! 😀 Love it!

    Kris, welcome back! I do hate a pool party, so I hope you won’t mind if I sit under an umbrella all day. Actually, a cabana would be lovely. My bathing costume will be covered by a lovely orange scarf tied handily about my waste so no one need see how my hips fared over the winter. Ack!

    Cold beverage is always, always a vodka tonic, two olives. Paolo can keep them coming! And my escort will be someone I was remembering fondly today, the dearly departed Patrick Swayze. I plan a Swayze movie marathon for my holiday weekend!

    • Kris says:

      Caren, may I huddle beneath the cabana with you? I’m so NOT a sun & heat gal. We can ogle Patrick together, sigh. I actually talk about him & Dirty Dancing a fair amount in Dating a Single Dad, so he’s been on my mind lately, too!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    I’m sure you’re as stylish as ever, Caren, with fabulous accessories too!

    Aww I so loved Patrick Swayze. Gone far too soon! I loved him in The Beast.