A Lovely Haze

champagne meI’m going to channel my grumpy hero Jonas Merrick here. Those of you who have read SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED will know that Jonas spent a lot of his childhood in Italy and tends to break into Italian at moments when he’s moved – as he is quite often when he’s pursuing Sidonie!

Jonas would know well the wonderful Italian saying of il dolce fa niente which basically means the lovely art of doing absolutely nothing.

By the way, here’s a health warning for people currently suffering the awful cold temperatures that are afflicting those in the Northern Hemisphere. This program is rated HW (hot weather). There will be pictures of people basking in sun and enjoying warm temperatures. But I warn you no champagne cocktails were harmed in the creation of this blog.

Huh? Who am I kidding?

Of course champagne cocktails were harmed in great numbers!Β 

BD rogue2013 was such a flat out year for me and I reached the end of it feeling utterly exhausted. I usually try to take the week between Christmas and New Year off. It’s the middle of the Australian summer, nothing is happening (my father always said not entirely as a joke that if anyone wanted to invade Australia, they’d get from Cape York to Tasmania without striking an ounce of opposition if they decided to come on 27th December). The world seems to be made up of steamy weather, afternoon snoozes and crickets scratching their lungs out. Perfect break weather.

In 2011 and 2012, sadly I got hit with book revisions right on top of Christmas so my hopes of a decent bit of time off went completely west. This year, thanks to a very speedy response from my editor, I managed to get the revisions for Cam’s story WHAT A DUKE DARES, in before Christmas.

Which meant…downtime!

So much downtime that I renamed my house Downtime Abbey!

So for one delicious week, I just pottered around doing what I felt like. Surprisingly, while I did a lot of reading, I didn’t get through nearly as much of the TBR pile as I thought I would. Instead I seemed to be hooked on watching hours and hours of quite uneducational TV (OK, a hint of education snuck in now and again, but it was very much under the cover of darkness!).Β 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy parents had cable installed in the house before I moved up here and now I’m addicted to it. There’s something wonderfully comforting about watching LAW AND ORDER from back when Jerry Orbach was still investigating. Makes me feel immortal – clearly nobody ever dies in cable TV land. Apart from the victim in LAW AND ORDER, obviously! And even then, they have the comfort of knowing that the tecs of NYPD always get their man. At least on TV!

So I had a lovely time watching stuff on the Criminal Investigation Network. Strangely relaxing hearing about the pursuit of nasty people, no idea why. And a myriad of antique shows on Lifestyle. As some of you know, I’m addicted to people talking about secondhand stuff. Just give me ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, FLOG IT!, ANTIQUES ROADTRIP, CASH IN THE ATTIC, ANTIQUES MASTER, you name it!

Now I think of it, there’s a kind of immortality in Great Aunty Edna’s dining table. It kind of goes on forever too!

And a few other shows I just love. One of my guilty pleasures is JUDGE JUDY. I tell myself it’s research for my books – after all, life’s rich tapestry is displayed with all its clashing colors on JJ.

If I’m not working – as you’ve probably gathered by now, I wasn’t – I’ll also watch THE PEOPLE’S COURT too. I’ve no idea why other people’s loans to their boyfriends and nasty fights with their housemates are so compelling. But somehow they are!

header_judyAnd joy of joys, the Lifestyle Network had new ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY episodes. I’m not sure if this BBC show is on in the States, but it features U.K. city dwellers who enlist the help of a presenter to help them find a wonderful place in the gorgeous British countryside.

The only real downside (rather than downtime!) of ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY is that it makes me desperate to own a thatched country cottage in Somerset. Sigh. But nonetheless, it’s perfect lunchtime viewing.

So now I’m back at work, in spite of the fact that the weather is still horrifically hot and the crickets are still carolling in the new year and most other people I know are also having a break. Started a new book on Monday. Wish me luck. And those hours of guilty pleasure TV are but a memory.

EscapeSo what’s you must-watch TV show? Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to TV? Do you takeΒ  the week between Christmas and New Year off? If so, what did you do this year?

And it bears saying again, may you all have a wonderful 2014!



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  • Jane says:

    Hello Anna,
    Stay cool. Luckily the weather here is out of the single digits. I watch a lot crime drama like Elementary and Hawaii Five O and I especially love British crime shows like Ripper Street, Bletchley Circle and Sherlock. I’m waiting for these three shows to air in the US. My guilty pleasure is Basketball Wives.

  • Oh, I adore Sherlock! I’m waiting for the next series. They had repeats on during my Christmas holidays but I want NEW Sherlock!

  • J St George says:

    I took between Xmas and New Year off, Anna. We went down the Great Ocean Road – it was so lovely!!

    I love the lifestyle channel. I like the shows that make-over houses. Anything with Kevin McCloud or Sarah Beeny. I especially love the one where people move to Europe and do up run down castles.

    • Jen, my lovely crit partner Annie West loves those – can hardly tear her away from it when she comes to visit me! But I have to say I tend to go more for the real estate selly ones. Love Selling Houses Australia – new series of that on the way. A lot of those houses actually make me feel like an adequate interior decorator. Bet you had fun on the Great Ocean Road! They don’t call it ‘great’ for nothing. And congratulations on being nommed for an Australian Romance Readers Association Award!

  • By the way, if you follow our Romance Bandits facebook page – and why wouldn’t you? – I just put up some top secret footage of the rooster caught in the act. I shall say no more! https://www.facebook.com/RomanceBandits

  • ki pha says:

    LOL That’s great you had Downtime this year. Right? Up here it’s still cold but is an average for this winter weather. I usually always have the week of Christmas and New Yeasts off so I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with it when I don’t have it off anymore. I didn’t do anything! Slept in a lot, did a lot of eating, and then more rest and being lazy. LOL
    For my guilty TV pleasure, I love watching Criminal Minds and Leverage. They’re amazing!! I haven’t watched season 3 of Downton Abbey yet and not sure if I should just wait it out till all the episodes are up or what, but I know it came out this past Sunday.

    • Ki, I used to love Criminal Minds – but my DVD died and I stopped watching it. Like watching shows like that when I can sit down with a whole series. Once I get a new DVD, it’s me and those gorgeous boys!

      • Jo Robertson says:

        Oddly enough, Criminal Minds is one of the shows that Xfinity doesn’t show here from CBS. It may be that it’s too popular, but if I forget to tape CM, I’m annoyed. Of course, it’s very episodic, so missing one or two epis doesn’t matter a lot.

  • Hi, Anna! I’m glad you enjoyed your break. I adored Jerry Orbach. Just watched Dirty Dancing for the millionth timeβ€”he’s just wonderful in it. I’m a fan of Escape to the Country too. Wouldn’t you just love to go manor-shopping in Yorkshire?

    My guilty pleasure is The Bold and the Beautiful! Once upon a time I used to do the closed captions for that soapβ€”absolute dream job. πŸ˜‰

    • Ha ha, Vanessa, I remember your obsession with the Bold and the Beautiful. I used to work as a captioner and I loved captioning TBATB because they spend so much time just looking at each other. They really get their value out of a line of dialogue in that show!

  • Helen says:


    I am so glad you got some time of to relax I did have 10 days off work but I was back for New Year sadly and that was a busy time getting ready for Christmas which was awesome πŸ™‚ I am not a TV watcher although my guilty pleasure in summer is watching the cricket while I read I am always happy in the recliner book in hand and cricket on the TV πŸ™‚

    I do love Antiques Roadshow but don’t watch it much at all and I have heard so much about Escape to the Country I think I need to watch it sometime.

    I of course am happy you have started on a new book and am so looking forward to Cam’s story πŸ™‚ And huge congrats with the ARRA nominations and so looking forward to catching up with you in March.

    Have Fun

    • Helen, I’m so looking forward to the ARRA dinner. I haven’t done it before – I’ve done the conventions but not the dinners but seeing I’m not doing RWAustralia’s conference this year, I thought I’d pop down and catch up with you all in Sydney. Thanks for the congrats. VERY exciting!

  • Jennifer Tanner says:

    Hi Anna!

    Ha! I’d forgotten that you’re a Judge Judy fan until you mentioned it! I’m glad you had some well deserved down time. My guilty reads every morning are the NY Daily News and the NY Post. I swear, you can’t write some of the stuff they report on. I try to catch The Barefoot Contessa on Food Network during the day. I think I’ve seen every episode of L&W, and the ones with Jerry Orbach and Mike Noth are my favorites. I love Jerry’s one liners. Lately, I’ve been hooked on The Closer, which airs right before bed time. Happy New Year!

    • Jen, I was a huge Law and Order fan – lost me a bit once Sam Waterston took on the head honcho role. Think it might have lost a few people then. I think Jerry Orbach was great in that role – hasn’t he got a wonderful face? All those lines of experience! I must give the Closer another try. I started it but didn’t get hooked and I imagine if I gave it another go, I might. I’m looking forward to a newish Lewis on cable tonight. LOVE that show. It’s a Brit detective show, a follow-up to the Inspector Morse shows. Well worth a look.

      • Jennifer Tanner says:

        I love Jerry Orbach’s rendition of Try to Remember from the Fantastiks. It’s on my Broadway tunes cd. I had no idea he was on Broadway before he started on Law & Order.

  • Anna –

    Didn’t know you were a court tv show fan. I usually have the tv on for noise when I’m doing tax returns – the the tv is generally tuned to all the court tv shows, Judge Judy included. I don’t know why they’re so addictive. But I only indulge from mid February to mid April.

    I did do some work between Christmas & New Years – mainly writing tax blogs for a week-long workshop on RWA U. This week we discovered we have a premium tv station by accident, so I’m been watching series that I couldn’t access before, cramming them in before the option goes away. My guilty pleasure this week has been the show MASTERS OF SEX. It’s (I believe) a fictionalized version of the story behind Masters and Johnson’s famous sexuality study. The acting is supurb. However, now I have to get back to writing (sigh).

    • Donna, I’m not quite sure why these court TV shows are so addictive either. If anyone had said I’d become quite so keen on them, I’d have laughed at them – until I became quite so keen on them. I wondered what Masters of Sex was about – I’m glad you clarified! Snerk.

  • SecretNinja says:

    Hi Anna!

    First congrats on starting a new book! That makes me happy to have another book of yours to look forward to πŸ™‚

    As for my guilty pleasures, I love reality shows, especially singing competitions. I love The Voice and American Idol (our own Canadian Idol only lasted a handful of seasons before meeting it’s demise), America’s Got Talent, Survivor, The Amazing Race….love those shows!

    • Ada, I haven’t really given the talent shows a go. I’m afraid I’ll get hooked on them and there goes my life for the season! Every so often, someone posts a really moving excerpt on YouTube and I often see those. Wow, I remember the splash Susan Boyle made. That’s still the kind of TV that gives you goosebumps.

  • SecretNinja says:

    Hi Anna!

    First congrats on starting a new book! That makes me happy to have another book of yours to look forward to πŸ™‚

    As for my guilty pleasures, I love reality shows, especially singing competitions. I love The Voice and American Idol (our own Canadian Idol only lasted a handful of seasons before meeting it’s demise), America’s Got Talent, Survivor, The Amazing Race….love those shows!

  • Barb says:

    Hi Anna

    I am glad your father said from Cape York to Tassie as if they went the opposite way they would have got caught uo in the all the big traffic jams on the Pacific Highway between Sydney and the Queensland border with the mass exodus from Sydney…. I take time off all the time as I am retired…. I watch escape to the country and Homes under the Hammer … Love to see what they do with the sometimes derelict houses…. And antique roadshow and those type of programmes…

    Congrats on the ARRA nominations … Looking forward to seeing you at the dinner

    • Barb, if the penguins ever invade, they won’t get any further than the highway! LOL! Glad to see you’re another fan of those Brit reality shows. I’m absolutely hooked on them. I tell myself they’re research, but really I just like looking at pretty things.

  • Efthalia says:

    Hi Anna,

    I’m glad to hear that you got a little ‘you’ time.

    I can relate to your addiction. Mine seems to be the Food and Lifestyle channel.

    You look like you are keeping cool in the pool. All you need is a nice cocktail in hand…perfect!

    Good luck with the new book and I’m sure we are going to Lurv it just like all the others.

    Ah and that Jonas is a smart man. You should practice il dolce fa niente every year at least twice…in big doses of course.

    Big smiles,

    • Effie, lovely to see you. I can imagine you enjoying the food network. Actually I have to say I’m not really that crazy about cooking shows. I suppose if I sat down and watched them properly, I would be. But honestly, I have enough things to obsess about on TV! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the good wishes for the book. Sadly I would have liked another week of il dolce!

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    My must watch on TV is NCIS, Downton Abbey, and Duck Dynasty, how is that for a rich mixture?

    • Dianna, that’s kinda fascinating. Do you know I haven’t watched ANY of those? I’m going to do Downton Abbey when I get my new DVD and I can watch it in gulps. Clearly I NEED to get a DVD player!

      • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

        I love Downton Abbey, it has some killer cliff-hangers from season to season

        • Everybody who watched it here told me they absolutely overloaded it with ads which was one of the things that convinced me to wait until I had the DVD. Will definitely watch it. Love the fashions of that era.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    So glad you had a relaxing time over the holidays, Anna – so envious. Have such fond memories of our relaxing few days with you!

    We were relaxed too – had lots of people visiting at various times, but were able to chill and enjoy doing not very much.

    I love various dramas from the US (Elementary, Major Crimes, Covert Affairs, White Collar and Castle to name a few) and of course Call the Midwife and Sherlock. Haven’t yet watched Downton after the loss of my pal, Dan. May change my mind if nothing else is on. Also really into Scandinavian crime dramas – those Danes and Swedes know a thing or two about great writing.

    My guilty pleasure used to be Trick my Truck – where a bunch of big rig specialists fancied up trucks. These days, I don’t tend to have one … hockey is research, after all πŸ˜‰

  • Laurie G says:

    I actually can’t get TV where I live right now. Our antenna broke in a bad wind storm and we haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

    My daughter will tape So You Think You Can Dance for me when it starts up again.

    • Laurie, wow, they must have been some winds. I didn’t have TV when I lived in the UK in my 20s. It’s amazing what you do when you don’t spend a couple of hours a day staring at the box!

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    NCIS is a must watch at our house. Have been huge fans since its inception and bought the seasons on DVD so we could watch them over again!

    • Debbie, thanks to my friends nagging, I tried NCIS but it’s hard coming into such a longrunning series late. You don’t know the characters or the relationships. Clearly I need to watch ALL of it from the beginning on this mythical DVD I need to buy!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Anna, I’m quite jealous of your downtime, though I know it was hard won! I usually take a couple of days off around Christmas, but then head back in before New Year. The office is very quiet then and traffic isn’t bad at all. Heaven!

    During the (very) long nights, I have gorged on Call the Midwife (newest obsession!), watched the last season of Thirty Rock and enjoyed the first two episodes of Season 3 ofSherlock. All great stuff!

    My husband has downloaded episodes from Season 3 of Once Upon a Time, Season 1 of Game of Thrones and the last season of Dexter is now on Netflix. I also just started Season 1 of Foyle’s War and put Land Girls in my Netflix queue. The rest of winter should be chock full of TV time! Um…and writing. Yes, indeed. Writing…

    • Caren, I knew you’d understand the joy of a guilty pleasure when it comes to TV. Call the Midwife is on the DVD list. The new series of Foyle’s War is on here now – I love Michael Kitchen in that, think it’s a wonderful performance.

  • Shannon says:

    I’m more a reader than a TV watcher. I get to bed at 8 so anything later must be taped, and then I need to get around to watching the tape.

    And a lot of my TV time is work-related. I can’t do my job very unwell unless I understand political developments. My guilty news pleasure is the McLaughlin Group. While I hate arguing on the regular channels, this feels like a cosy group just carrying on their usual coffee talk.

    When I do get watching TV, I indulge in NCIS marathon watching sessions. And then there’s MASH reruns.

    I’m hoping for time on Sunday to catch up on Downton Abbey. Shop early, clean thereafter, and relax in the afternoon?

    • Shannon, I had to laugh – I go to bed really early too although these days I tend to nod off after a few pages. The irony is I used to laugh at my mother for complaining about exactly the same thing! Clearly I’m getting old.

  • Deb says:

    Anna, I’m so glad you were able to relax during Christmas break. I had a WONDERFUL two weeks of doing nothing. Then, the first day back to school was postponed to the extreme temps of COLD.

    My husband is a Navy vet, so we have found the old shows on the Inspiration channel and watch that. We also like The Big Bang Theory. Cheesy as it can be, I also am watching The Bachelor because, WHOO! Juan Pablo is the bachelor and he’s sexy with an infectious smile, and that Latino accent.

    Best wishes on your new book, and stay cool. πŸ™‚

    • Deb says:

      Oops, left out the Navy show we watch….JAG. He’s able to give little personal side accounts of what’s what. He wasn’t a pilot, but he served 11 years on an aircraft carrier, the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT.

      • Deb, I think the Theodore Roosevelt visited Sydney when I was there. Used to love seeing all these handsome men in navy uniforms hanging around my suburb – I lived just up the hill from the navy base. I call it research! LOL!

    • Deb, I”ve never seen the Bachelor. Must remedy that! Oh, man, I LOVE the Big Bang Theory. I’m a fairly late arrival but it’s on pretty much continual loop here on cable so it’s easy to catch up. LOVE Sheldon what a wonderful character.

  • Carol Cork says:

    Anna, my must-watch shows are NCIS, Sherlock, Father Brown (a new series has just started), The Great British Bake Off and I’ve recently started watching Judge Judy too. All those petty squabbles but it is so addictive.

    One of my favourite shows is an American reality show on the Travel channel called Hotel Impossible. Struggling hotels receive an extensive makeover from veteran hotel operator Anthony Melchiorri and his team. I love this because Anthony pulls no punches with the hotel owners!

    I’m lucky being retired because every day is a holiday!

    I can’t wait to find put more about your new book. Will it be part of a series?

    • Jo Robertson says:

      I’ll have to check out FATHER BROWN, Carol; that’s one I haven’t heard of. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Carol, Hotel Impossible sounds good. When I’ve got time, I watch the Hotel Inspector, especially now they’ve changed to Alex from Ruth. I found Ruth a bit grating (a bit like fingernails on a blackboard, frankly!). But it’s always fantastic to see the turnaround – and there’s the clashes with the owners too which are great fun to watch.

  • Susan Sey says:

    Good morning from the frozen wilds of the north! It’s a balmy 17 above here (that’s Farenheit, mind you–still somewhat south of freezing) and I’ve been hopping between the car & the grocery story with my coat open. It feels THAT warm after the minus 30 (minus 50 if you’re inclined to include windchill) we had earlier this week.

    I could use a champagne cocktail if you have any handy.

    So…reality shows! Funny you should mention–I have a new one I’m in love with–Ultimate Survival: Alaska. It’s put out by National Geographic, & there’s no prize at all. Just eight guys–all Alaskans–getting dropped off somewhere in Alaska with some camping gear & two pounds each of dried rice & beans. They have 72 hours to get somewhere else in time for the seaplane or whatever scheduled to pick them up. They don’t make the plane? They’re out. Unless, of course, they can make it to the next drop-off point under their own steam.

    It’s awesome. There aren’t even any prizes, or set teams. At each drop off, they sort of develop a few strategies for getting from point a to point b, & then they self-select into teams that want to pursue that particular strategy. No million dollar prize waiting for the “winner” either. Just the guts & the glory.

    It’s awesome. My whole family is in love. You should check it out if you like reality shows without all the meanness.

    • Susan, I’m not a fan of meanness in reality shows. I mean Judge Judy can be very blunt but I don’t feel she’s mean. That Alaska one sounds amazing. Oh, no, to the cold weather. It’s cruel to put up that picture of me floating in the pool, isn’t it?

  • Hey Anna, sounds like a wonderful holiday break!

    For 34 years I have worked either New Years or Christmas and many of the days in between. Since a lot of women want to try to get delivered before the end of the year for tax purposes, there was never a down time in L&D.

    This year, as I’ve adjusted all year long, I got to have the entire time at home. I wrote a little every day, but now am in full on, daily word count mode to finish VANISHED.

    Must see TV… NCIS, Elementary, Castle, Rehab Addict, Hawaii Five-O, Chopped, Top Chef, Project Runway, Love It Or List It.

    Now lest you think I do nothing but watch TV…these are on DVR and I wait until late evening to watch, as that’s when the Jazzman is already asleep and my night shift tendencies are in affect. My one rule? I must be in bed by midnight.

    • Jo Robertson says:

      I was thinking about you during the holiday season, Suzanne, and glad you got to have a “normal” holiday without working!

    • Suz, wow, you’ve got lots of faves! And good luck with the new story. Another industry awful to work in during the holidays is hospitality. It’s the peak time and time off is pretty rare. I really try to limit my TV watching when I’m working on a story as I’m such a lazy cow, I’ll sit and watch it all day if I get involved in something. That’s one of the nice things about my holiday break – if I wanted to sit there, I could, SO THERE!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    As the whole world knows, we’re suffering from horrible blizzards, snow, and the like in some parts of the states. Even in California it’s colder than usual, but still we have NO rain. If January, February, and March don’t get their butts in gear, we’ll have another drought season.

    I’m just wondering who pissed off Mother Nature. I have an idea, but I’m not allowed to say LOL.

    • Can I send you some of our rain, Jo? We’ve had rain for three days and today it’s just constant downpour! Poor Rusty is highly insulted that I expect him to go out in the cold rain to potty!

    • Jo, we actually had some awful heat here – hottest day I’ve ever felt here on the coast. Thankfully the heat turned into storms and it’s been a bit cooler yet but we generally have awful hot weather right up until March so we’re not out of the woods yet. Stay warm. The reports on the news of the polar vortex have been amazingt – and scary!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    As to guilty pleasures, I’m feeling even more guilty about my TV consumption since I bummed up my knee and heel (same leg) so treadmill walking is impossible and I hobble about the house using a cane! Dr. Big has prescribed the stationary bike, cleaned it up and brought it in from the outside, so I’ll be starting that soon and won’t feel so guilty.

    I’ve gotten accustomed to watching older PBS shows on my Kindle Fire — Foyle’s War and Doc Martin. These are at least a decade old, but are period pieces which I find so fascinating. Because they all have various British accents, however, I don’t feel like I’m trash-TV watching.

    • I love Foyle’s War, Jo. Interesting that a few people have mentioned it as a favorite. And I love the period detail in it. I did go through a stage of watching Doc Martin but I thought the romance was so ham-fistedly and contrivedly managed (I don’t care of ham-fistedly and contrivedly aren’t words!) that I gave up on it after the wedding episode. Interesting characters and nice scenery, though.

  • catslady says:

    How did I not know you guys had a FB page! So glad you mentioned it and thanks for the laughter too! We are finally out of the single and minus digits so the 40’s feel like a heat wave lol. Sometimes I watch the ID channel which is all about real life murders. It’s morbid but very addictive lol.

  • Lovely blog, Anna! You’ve worked so hard this year, it’s wonderful to see that you’re taking a break to let your mind rest. Have fun with the next book!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    I like the sound of your holiday haze, Anna! I had family visiting for the week after Christmas so I didn’t get much rest. I’ve made up for it this week. We’ve had freezing temps, followed by gray, rainy days so I’ve taken that as a signal to catch up on reading and programs waiting for me on my dvr.

    My guilty TV pleasure is reality shows. American Idol, The Voice, Survivor, Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor. Oh, mama. I do love me some sweet and sexy Juan Pablo on the new season of The Bachelor! πŸ™‚

    • pjpuppymom says:

      Can’t wait to hear more about the new book!

    • PJ, you’re the second person to mention this Juan. Clearly I need to check him out – purely for research purposes, you know. Oh, the suffering I do for research! Where’s that picture of Tom Hiddleston?

      This is the fourth Sons of Sin book and it features the Marquess of Leath who plays a major part in Cam’s story. I’m going back to the gothic kind of atmosphere I had for Rogue, lots of brooding castles and girls wandering the Yorkshire Moors!

  • Christmas is a really busy season at Walmart so once it was over I have taken a few weeks to do pretty much whatever I want when I’m not a work. I’ve read quite a bit – some old favorites and some new things on the TBR stack. And I’ve done some binge watching of the television series I have on DVD as I don’t get television out here in the Alabama Outback! SNORK!

    I did finally succumb to the lure of Downton Abbey and got the first season on DVD. Watched it all over a weekend and I actually enjoyed it. Will definitely get the second and third seasons on DVD.

    I also have 8 seasons of Criminal Minds on DVD and 11 seasons of CSI (Las Vegas.) Have a couple of seasons of Law and Order – Criminal Intent as well.

    Oh! And I watched the first season of Robin Hood.

    Rewatched the first season of Ripper Street as well. I cannot WAIT or the second season to come out on DVD.

    • Wow, Louisa, sounds like you’ve had a busy TV watching time. Even more than I have. Glad you enjoyed Downton Abbey – it sounds like something I’d really like. And another vote for Criminal Minds. I really need to catch up on that one!

  • Cassondra says:

    Anna there’s a reason I don’t have television. I’d never get anything done at all.

    It would be good for my muse, certainly. But if there is tv available, I sit and stare at it like a zombie. People can call my name and I don’t hear. There’s just something about television that puts me in a darn near comatose state. I don’t know why. It’s never made sense to me. It’s not like I didn’t have television growing up.

    I don’t miss it at all, but every now and then it would be nice to stay up on popular culture. Unfortunately it’s too dangerous. It’s like my Kryptonite.

    • Cassondra, I definitely hear you. When I’m working, I really ration my TV watching. Like you, I could just sit in front of it all darn day. In fact, that’s what I did a couple of days over my break. Things I wouldn’t think would intrigue me keep me utterly glued to the screen!

  • Thanks so much to everyone who helped me relive the lovely memories of my short Christmas holiday! I hope those in the cold are snuggled up and those in the heat have a pool and a cocktail to keep them amused.