A Gator For Christmas

Everyone has a gift.

parkingNot the type that comes wrapped in shiny paper with ribbons and bows (though plenty of those will be exchanged this time next week).  I mean the kind of god-granted gifts that some people come by naturally.  My husband, for example, has the gift to find a parking spot near the door of wherever we go.  This gift is particularly appreciated during the Christmas shopping insanity and in times of rotten weather.  It’s like he has a parking angel sitting on his shoulder.

 I just discovered I have a newfound gift, or maybe it’s a specialized shoulder angel. 

My husband and I went on a Northern Florida vacation the first week of December.  Our “unit” had a little deck and was located on a lake.  The first time we went out on the deck, my gator eyeshusband pointed out two little eyes not far from the shore.  I called out to the little guy and sure enough an alligator swam over to our unit, climbed out of the water and walked halfway up the distance to our deck.

 Yes.  I am a gator whisperer.  😆

two gators Everyday I would call “Hey Baby!” and the little guy would appear and climb up the bank.  One day, his older and bigger friend came up the bank as well.  (The older one is hanging back a little.  Actually, he originally climbed up next to the younger gator, so the younger gator came closer.)

My husband would call.  No response.  The gators would only respond to me.  Who knew?

Now, to be honest, I suspect a woman who stayed in the unit before me foolishly fed the alligators – something I did not do.  But I was tempted.  The one little guy was just so loyal.  He never opened his mouth.  I suspect my desire to toss him some food would be lessened by the sight of his sharp teeth.  But the way he lifted himself up, walked up the bank, then settled down made him seem friendly and almost smiling.

So in the tradition of the season, I’ve added a new ornament to the tree.  I love meaningful ornaments – ornaments that come with stories attached.  Check it out.Gator ornament

I also picked up a tin of chocolates in the shape of little alligators to share with my christmas guests. I think they’ll be particular attractive nestled amongst the christmas cookies :-).  Actually, I just wanted the tin.  I have this unexplainable love of boxes and tins and wanted this one…just because.  But we’ll enjoy the chocolates. 

chocolate gatorsCan you see the little alligator refrigerator magnet sitting on top of the tin?  I’m  sending that to someone leaving a comment today.  I wish he had a little Santa Claus hat for the season but the same commenter will receive the rooster ornament for our twelve days of Christmas celebration.  Talk about meaningful! 🙂 .

So do you have a talent, or gift, that you’d like to share?  How about a special ornament with a story to tell?  Would you have fed the gator?  Let’s chat.

Oh – and a recipe!

If there’s a prize for the easiest, most no-mess, and fun Christmas candy recipe – this one would win it.  The recipe came from a Facebook post.

Christmas lightbulb treats

There’s just two ingredients –  a bag of Mike & Ike candy and a bag of almond M&Ms (the ones with the almonds inside)

Step one:  Slice the Mike & Ike candies in two.  These will become the base of the light bulb.  A sharp knife will do fine, but if your knives are on the dull side – heat them up a bit.  The heat will make it easier to bulb candiesslice through the sugary candy.

Step two:  Select an almond M&M and hold it by the pointed end.  The hardest thing about this recipe is to decide which is the pointed end 😛  .

Step three:  Push the candy base onto the fat end of the M&M.  I heated the cut end of the Mike & Ike using the side of a candle flame so I’d get a solid attachment, but that’s not really necessary.  Just push it onto the M&M with some force.

Voila – you’re done!  For a cool presentation, swirl a line of gel frosting around a plate and position the bulbs so it looks like they’re attached.  

gator closeupNow add some chocolate alligators – hehehe.  

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!!!

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  • Barb says:

    Is he coming to the warm weather and Tim tams in the fridge lol

  • Barb says:

    Hi Donna

    Not sure what mike and Ike candies are so did a google lol. I think they look like jelly beans… Are they soft … Have not seen almond M & M’s here either …..only peanut…
    I am a bit like your husband with the parking especially when I have the GK’s with me .. But I try to shop early this time of the year when it isn’t too bad for parking

    I don’t think I would feed the alligator …

    • Barb – Yes, very much like jelly beans except they’re long and skinnier. A box of Mike & Ike have five fruit flavors. Not all the interesting flavors of jelly beans. But I think jelly beans would work just fine.

      I had some difficulty finding the almond M&Ms as well. They aren’t new, but the peanut M&Ms must be more popular. I wish I had that parking talent. I’m usually consoling myself that I’m burning up more calories by having to park so far away 🙂

  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    I probably wouldn’t have fed the gator. Love the Christmas light bulb treats. It’s not a talent, but I’m good at finding things.

    • Jane – He would come up on the bank maybe three or four times a day – whenever I stepped out there. I truly was tempted to reward him but I figured that would lead to trouble. Someone told me that the gators have been known to wait at the doors of people who feed them.

      I wish I had a talent for finding things. I’ve been known to “hide” Christmas presents and then find them three years later – LOL. Christmas is truly an extended season at my house.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I don’t have any special talents, no talents at all really.
    Truthfully I would have fed the gators.

    • Amy –
      I truly doubt you have no talents. I think you’re being modest. If nothing else, you have a talent for being at the right place at the right time – right here. 🙂

      I really wanted to toss them some bread or something. We didn’t have a lot of food in the unit – certainly nothing that would have a good loft. I’d want something I could throw some distance to feed them.

  • Mary Preston says:

    No way would I be feeding, & thereby encouraging, the alligator.

    I was trying to think of a talent or gift that I have, just as my son came in to tell me something. He is the world’s worst liar, a good thing probably, or my talent is to be able to suss him out. He is now mowing the lawn, not as a punishment, per se, but his excuse as to why he couldn’t do it did not hold water.

  • Helen says:


    I wouldn’t have fed the alligatorw but if I had my grandchildren with me I am sure they would have liked to LOL

    I don’t think I have a talent for anything in particular that I can think of 🙂

    The light bulbs look really cute I am sure my grandkids would love them

    Have Fun

    • Helen –

      I thought of you as I was making the light bulbs. It would be great to do with kids. They do make a cute decoration.

      I’m not sure I’d want my grandkids around those gators. They were very cute, but I imagine very deadly. I was told that they especially liked small dogs. Everytime I heard a dog bark in distress I was afraid a gator got him.

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    I don’t think I would have fed the little fella, I have watched too much swamp people, I know there are teeth in there.
    I have a talent for buying everything for a particular recipie but one, and then going to the store AGAIN to get the missed item. Does that count?
    At work I have several talents, the strongest one is I can’t find money that no one else can, I am usually the last resort to finding lost payments. Just can’t find any money for myself on the home front.

    • Dianna –

      LOL on the one missed item on the shopping list – that’s me. Usually, I think I saw the item in the pantry and so didn’t buy a new one, come home and discover I was mistaken (sigh).

      Love the talent for finding lost payments at work. You need to turn that talent around for a more personal use. LOL.

  • Mozette says:

    My gift … hmmmmm… I have the gift for finding presents for people that are really hard to buy for. And I buy really obscure, weird things that would normally insult most people, but I get a laugh out of my friends 😀

    Like, Ged Maybury (a wonderful childrens/Young Adults writer friend of mine) turned 60 this year. He invited me to his birthday bash at his house mere months after friending me on Facebook and asked me to help launch his new book ‘Nosebleed’at the Logan Arts Festival for him in April… so of course I squealed and said yes! Well, I wanted to buy him a pressie… and what the hell do you buy a writer for their birthday when they ahve a medical condition? Pill boxes with keyboard words on them: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Del on them, of course! He loved them!

    This Christmas, I’ve bought Mum & Dad a flat vase… it’s made of plastic and it flat when it’s not in use, but you pop it open and fill it with water and it stands up and holds flowers when it’s full! Great for caravans or travelling overseas.
    I’m giving my brother ‘Moonflower’ by Santana on vinyl! I had 2 of these and thought it was excessive to own two and only play one. His fiance is getting crafty stuff I make. His daughter is getting a pair of earrings, and glittery hot pink nail polish.

    The most obscure gift I bought was for my Uncle Allan. He’s no longer with us, but I bought him a wax seal for his birthday with the letter ‘A’ in English for him… he had one but it was in Japanese. 😀 He was thrilled I bought him something so unusual. That Christmas, we received Christmas cards from him with his wax seal on the back! So very orginal of him! And it was great that we knew it was him. When he passed away, his friend, Frank, sent out Thank You cards with Uncle Allan’s wax seal on the back of them all… so right and touching to do that. 🙂

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    I would have been very tempted to feed the gator, but I think self preservation would kick in and keep me from actually doing it.

    I think one of my special gifts is the ability of “successful internet search.” I can find just about anything. I’m the go-to internet searcher for my family. This was actually very useful when I wanted to find some of my favorite Christmas ornaments.

    My mom has a set of Christmas light covers from Avon. She purchased them way back in the 80s, and I always loved them. So….when I bought my own house, I decided I wanted my own set. I hit the internet, and now have my own set of Avon light cover ornaments from the 1980s. They are some of my favorite ornaments!

    • Heather –

      I wasn’t sure what Avon light cover ornaments were so I googled. Looks like you slide the ornament over the light so the ornament lights up from within – is that right? Hallmark has some of these but there’s are plastic, Avon’s are glass.

      I bet your tree is beautiful. Being able to locate things/or research on the internet is a valuable tool. I have a friend who can do that. Me – I haven’t the patience to go beyond a cursory search.

      • Heathercm2001 says:

        That’s them! They light up so nicely! Although, they are sometimes difficult to put on the lights of my pre-lit tree. They have those lights wrapped pretty tight around the branches.

        • I think I have three of the hallmark ones. It’s tricky to find a light in just the right place to insert in those as well. We don’t have a pre-lit tree (much to my dh’s consternation). LOL – We have a tree that manages to have a string of lights go out every blasted year. This year we have a “dark zone” right smack in the middle of the tree. Maybe we need to go to a pre-lit.

  • Shannon says:

    I get upset when people feed the geese and ducks in the park. It doesn’t seem to affect the ducks, but the geese become aggressive among humans, hissing when not feed. I don’t think I would consider feeding a gator.

    My talent is a work one too. I’m a good researcher. I can go through hundreds of pages quickly and come up with some obscure fact or an explanation for a new development. Now if I could just proofread or remember 14 character passwords that change monthly or quarterly.

    • Shannon – We have geese at a park near here so I know what you mean about them becoming aggressive. I believe that was what was happening with those gators. Mine just sat there waiting for me to toss him something, but I’m not sure how patient he’d be if we’d stayed there longer than a week. I was told that if the gators begin not to fear humans, or if they get too big – they’re captured and hauled off to some remote place. However, my guess is that they just kill them. I noticed a nearby restaurant had “fried gator tails” listed as an appetizer.

  • Laurie G says:

    Talent- definitely not musical

    Talent? People do like to talk to me, maybe because I smile a lot.

    I would not feed a gator!

    I live in Florida at least half of the year. We had a 6 ft one behind our condo. People took pictures and got all excited. Next thing we knew it was joined by a 12 ft! We had to call in Florida Wildlife Management to take them both away.

    My 3 sons went to UFLorida in Gainesville. There are tons of gators on campus. One was in a pond right outside my son’s dorm. There are several through out the city. Lake Alice is filled with them. Lake Wahlburg has a chained off area for swimming but there was no way I was going in that water!

    My son and his wife are park rangers in Big Cypress Preserve, next to the Everglades. They see gators all the time. They say they are normally afraid of people, BUT if you feed them beware!

    • Laurie –

      Some people told us about a mermaid show in a nearby town. The “mermaids” swim around in a big tank and take a swig from an airhose periodically to prolong their routine. One day a gator plopped into the tank. Can you imagine? No one was hurt but I can just see the panic!

      We share that “smiles a lot” trait 🙂 . I think that’s why I’m always asked for directions when we travel. Someone will pull over and ask me how to get someplace thinking I’m a native. Little do they realize that I’m perpetually lost 🙂

      Hmm…no one did that this time. Must have been the lily white skin of a Northener tipped them off that I wasn’t the one to ask.

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    My brother was a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. One year we bought him a Cubs ornament. It was a train with a bear cub as the engineer and said Cubs on it. He passed away in ’06 of a rare bone disease so every year we continued hanging his ornament in his memory whether it matched the rest of the tree or not!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Having lived among alligators for many years, I can guarantee there is no way I would feed them, call to them or encourage them in any way. They are unpredictable, fast and deadly. They’ve been known to climb six foot fences to get to dogs and small children playing in yards. We lost a beautiful 16 yr old girl from our community to a gator attack. Also, our neighbor’s sweet dog but most heartbreaking are the small children, the toddlers who have been killed by gators while playing in their yards or nearby. The violence of those deaths should convince everyone to keep their distance.

    I have several ornaments that were made for me over the years. Each carries a story or special memory. Decorating my tree is a very slow process as I have to stop and re-live the story behind each ornament before I hang it on the tree.

    I’m a first-class procrastinator. Does that count as a talent? 😉

    • LOL – PJ – with that talent you must be a writer! 🙂

      Alligators can climb? I had no idea! I was surprised how high they can lift themselves on those legs to advance. But climbing six foot fences is downright scary. I was warned that they’d been know to grab small dogs but no one said anything about small children. Gee – how do you keep them safe? You make me very glad that I didn’t feed the little guy.

      I do the same thing with my ornaments, PJ. Putting the tree up and sharing the stories with others is a delight. Taking the tree down is sort of sad. What is your favorite ornament?

      • pjpuppymom says:

        I have several favorites, Donna. The most special ones are those that were handmade. I have an egg shell ornament my youngest brother made for me when he was eight. It’s still intact (nary a crack) after 34 years and four house moves. It’s one I treasure.

        Another favorite is an ornament I made for the Hospice Christmas Remembrance ceremony the year my husband died. It tells the story of his life and brings back many happy memories.

        The official White House ornaments a dear friend gave me during her years on staff there are beautiful and always a conversation starter.

        • Wow! Official White House ornaments – how cool!

          My favorite is one my son made for me when he was in kindergarten. It’s a small cube of wood with a twine loop for a hanger. The signs are painted with little christmas stencils. Very homemade & very cute.

  • sandyg265 says:

    I wouldn’t feed the gators. It might be cute behavior when they are small but having a full grown gator approaching people for food wouldn’t be.

    • Sandy –

      I’m guessing they’d haul away the full grown ones if they started approaching people. A walking/jogging trail ran next to our little unit. If those gators got aggressive, they could lie in wait for their next meal to come jogging along. When my little guy was up on the bank – a couple people on the path pointed him out and yelled “You’ve got a gator!’ I wisely didn’t feed him, but it was obvious that someone had.

  • Maureen says:

    I can make our cat freeze by holding out my hands to him like I am a magician but only whe my husband is feeding him. I think he worries that I will pick him up and stop him from getting his dinner so if he freezed I won’t see him.

    • Maureen – LOL – I’d like to see that, but I’m guess a picture won’t convey the moment. You’d need a video … a youtube clip!

      My cat is a scaredy cat. She’s scared of everything. I have a red hat that fell upside down on the floor. The cat crept up to investigate but very cautiously – freezing every few moments. What was odd was the position she froze in. It really looked uncomfortable to me but maybe not to a cat.

  • pearl says:

    I wouldn’t feed the gators. I would stay far away from them.

  • diane says:

    I don’t have any special abilities. Gators are something that I would avoid.

    • Diane – I bet you have special abilities, you just don’t realize the things that happen to you don’t happen to everyone else. It’s like my husband’s talent for finding parking spots. He never realized this about himself until I pointed it out. Now that my daughter and I laugh and say “See – what did I tell you!” everytime this happens, he’s starting to believe – because it happens all the time. 🙂

  • Diana Huffer says:

    OMGosh!! Gators are not my friends! However, dogs are… I have two Shih Tzus that are my pride and joys! They would be tasty treats for the gators! 🙂

    Talent? Well, I would say singing is my talent. I won a lot of contests in high school, sang in weddings, etc. My voice is classically trained so it takes a bit for me to sign with the current songs! 🙂

    My tree is covered with ornaments that have been collected for more than 35 years. Some of them I made, others were given as gifts, some represent special times, and all invoke great memories! 😀

    Love the recipe, too!

    • Diana –

      Oh – I wish I had your talent! I love to sing – mostly in cars and the shower – but I’d love to be able to sing loudly in public and not just in my “only I can hear” voice. Very cool talent.

      Your tree sounds lovely. I sort of pity the people that have themed trees with all the same store-bought ornaments. Give me the nostalgic tree full of memories and stories. That means Christmas to me.

      Yes – keep those babies away from the gators! We were told many a small dog had been lost to the gators. It bothered me when I could hear dogs barking nearby. I was worried the gators would get them.

  • Lianne says:

    Your recipe looks nice, haven’t seen almond M&Ms here but most M&Ms don’t survive long enough to be used in recipes (packets /containers of them are eaten quite fast)..

    • Lianne – I found a bag at Walmarts, but that was not the first store I checked. Not sure why they’re so hard to find because they’re delicious – many will never see completion as light bulb candy 🙂

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Awwwww…that is SO sweet! Little bitty alligator.

    I’m betting Purina DOES make a Gater Treats…in the shape of arms and legs, but still.

  • Hey Donna!

    A gator on the lawn? Yea, I’m leaving!! When we lived in Florida, I was always afraid one would find it’s way into our neighborhood. You think the lady living there fed him? Was her name Betty White? (Lake Placid movie!)

    We have lots of homemade ornaments that the kids and I have made over the years. A favorite of mine is a cross stitched angel my oldest made for me. Love it!

    • Suz – My husband mentioned the Lake Placid thing as well 🙂 . Well …I couldn’t say for sure that a woman fed them but all the evidence points that way. It’s not a relationship that I would encourage.

      As I mentioned to PJ – I love those homemade ornaments. So many memories are attached. Your cross-stitch angel sounds beautiful as well.

  • may says:

    I would be too scared to feed the gator. 🙂 Watched too many scary gators on TV. 🙂

    • May –

      The only way I would have fed him would be from a distance. I’d stand on the deck and toss things to him (can gators jump?) – if I was to feed him which I didn’t. 🙂

  • Janie Mason says:

    Like you, I would have been itching to feel him. Common sense would have convinced me it’s a bad idea, but it would have been hard.
    And since I’m not a fan of Mike and Ikes, here’s another easy recipe. In a heavy saucepan melt 18 oz (3 cups) semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1- 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk, and a dash of salt. Remove from heat and stir in 1 1/2 t. vanilla. Pour into a greased foil lined pan. Chill 2 hours. Remove from pan, (the greased foil makes it easy) and slice.

    • Janie – A sister of my soul 🙂

      Thank you for the recipe for the easy fudge. That is the no-calorie version, right? I’d never had Mike & Ike until I tried this recipe. They’re similar to jelly beans which aren’t my favorites either. But I do like those almond M&Ms 🙂

  • ellie says:

    I wouldn’t feed the gators. They scare me.

    • And for good reason 🙂

      But this guy really wasn’t scary. He never came REALLY close and he never opened his mouth. Had either of those things occurred, I would have been out of there in nothing flat!

  • catslady says:

    I probably would have fed the gator lol. I feed everything. It started with birds and then my ferals/strays and then possums and I have the largest raccoons you’ve ever seen – one female comes to my back door and begs lol.

    I have so many precious ornaments. I only have two from my childhood but I have more that were my husbands. And then I have the ones my children made (especially the two angels that top the tree) and we’ve bought them on our travels and have been giften many from friends and family.

    • Catslady – I don’t think you’d be very fond of them if they grabbed your cats – which I understand they do. (I did see one little kitty roaming around the resort but far from this lake). The little gator was cute, though. The bigger one not so much.

      We have a stained plastic angle tree topper that we’ve used for the last 40 years. My daughter says we should find something newer and prettier. I just smile. That angle topper will always be on our tree. The well-loved ornaments are the best.

  • catslady says:

    giften – lol I was thinking gift and given at the same time.

  • Donna, what a fun post. I can see you as queen of the alligators – although I must say you hang around in rather scary company! Love the bits and pieces to commemorate your gator whisperer status. Not sure if I’ve got a gift. Animals usually like me which I think disproves that truism about if dogs like you, clearly you are a wonderful person! Snerk!

    • Shame on you – you are marvelously gifted. Here’s how –
      1) you find a pun or a “funny” in everything – wonderful sense of humor
      2) You are a truly a gifted author
      3) You love animals and they love you right back because you’re such a sweetheart.

      You’re very gifted, my friend.

      • Awww, Donna, aren’t you lovely? Now I”m feeling all glowing and special! Thank you. Actually you’re right about the puns – the gift element of that would be in the eye of the beholder, I think! 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    So do you have a talent, or gift, that you’d like to share? ~ I think the only talent I have in putting my foot in my mouth.

    How about a special ornament with a story to tell? ~ I have a God’s Eye ornament made out of two popsicle sticks and some scrap yarn. The neat thing about it is it was made for my husband and me by our Godson when he was around six years old. That Godson is now grown up with two teenagers.

    Would you have fed the gator? ~ I would never feed any wildlife that could end up having to be killed because it was no longer afraid of humans. I do feed the birds though.

    I love your candy treats but probably wouldn’t have the patience to make them. I absolutely love the tin and the magnet. I have a cupboard in my basement full of tins and my fridge has a lot of magnets on it.

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas also.

    • Kaelee – We took a trip one day down to Tarpon Springs. I hadn’t realized what a Greek establishment that was. Every store had “God’s Eye” jewelry, keychains, ornaments. They were everywhere. Not sure I’d have known what a God’s Eye was before that trip. How neat that that the homemade ornament has lasted all these years. I have some that my kids made that didn’t make it – but I can’t bring myself to throw them away.

      I’m afraid I have that same “foot-in-mouth” talent as well. Hugs on that.

      • pjpuppymom says:

        Donna, did you eat at any of the small “Mom and Pop” restaurants down by the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs? Some of the best food I’ve ever tasted (not to mention the wine!) was in a little hole-in-the-wall place along the docks.

  • bn100 says:

    not really

  • Patty L. says:

    My tree is filled with meaningful ornaments. Every year I buy a special ornament from our family vacation and then I buy an ornament for each of my children that represents their accomplishments or interest that year. I will give them to them when they get their own tree so that they will carry our memories to their own homes.

    • Patty – What a wonderful idea! We always look for an ornament to represent our trips, but I love that you look for ornaments to represent your children’s accomplishments on an annual basis. You sound like a wonderful Mom.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hey Donna! OMGosh, I loved the lights! Wow! And I’m LOL about the gator ornament and the tins. I love the gator story too.

    Sounds like you’re having a great December already! Grins

    (I have that Parking Karma thing too, btw…)

    • Jeanne – You’ve got to try those light bulb treats. They are soooo easy!

      I’m jealous about the parking gift. It’s a really handy gift to have at this time of year.

  • Susan Sey says:

    Ooooh, a gator whisperer! That’s a good one. I myself have the astonishing ability to magnetically attract every fight in the house. No matter who’s fighting or what they’re fighting about, the opposing parties will magically migrate to about two feet from my person, no matter where I am in the house. My children have been known to break into the bathroom while I’m showering to have their fight within the requisite two feet. Nobody can explain this. It’s magic.

    Also, I’m the only person in my home with the ability to turn off lights in empty rooms. It’s my own special gift, I guess.

    • LOL Susan – I also share that light ability. That and the ability to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The dishwasher can be gaping open and empty and STILL the dirty dishes will pile up in the sink. Go figure!

      All that negative energy from the fighting must be attracted to your natural positive energy – seeking to sap it from you.

  • gamistress66 says:

    the ornament & magnet are both adorable. I love when ornaments have meaning, it can make decorating the tree even more enjoyable as that memory adds more smiles to the job. many of the ornaments for my tree are that way.

    • Gamistress – I think maybe the magnet and ornament are far more adorable than the actual beast. LOL It was fun going somewhere that was ready-made for a theme ornament.

  • Becke Turner says:

    The light bulbs are adorable. Too cute. I’ve never seen them.

    We did a private airboat ride in the Glades and the “Gator Man” called the gators and fed them marshmellows from an old car antenna. He also called birds to us. They would land on you and eat from your hand.

    My talent? I’ve always been pretty good @ training animals-dogs and horses. I’m really good at getting myself in TROUBLE!! This comes from a mouth problem. It won’t stay closed.

    • Becke – LOL on the mouth problem. I think I have a similar affliction. I do a lot of teaching and those that contract me are always concerned that I’ll fill up the allotted time. I tell them not to worry. The challenge is always to get me to STOP talking – not to keep going.

      So does that mean I’m a “Gator Gal?” LOL. Interesting about calling the birds. You know – I think I saw something on tv about gators liking marshmellows…True Blood maybe? Had I fed them anything it would have most likely have been leftover pizza.

  • All of the regulars in the Lair know I have a thing for gators. With access to a gator farm not far from here I can study them whenever I like. My first encounter with gators was in a Louisiana bayou. There were two resident gators living under a hunting “cabin” in the bayou. It was the home of a friend and he called the gators Elvis and Priscilla. They stayed around the house because he fed them and they kept the actually very nice house equipped with many expensive amenities burglar and squatter free!

    I could have used you at the cabin to whisper the gators to the house when I was trying to get to the fan boat dock!

    I have been told I am a dog whisperer. I have crawled into dog runs and animal control trucks with some pretty “vicious” dogs only to have them end up in my lap giving me kisses. There was only one dog in all my life I could not tame and he had lived in a junkyard for years being beaten, teased, tortured, starved and shot with a BB gun. I looked into his eyes the day I met him and knew what complete and utter madness looked like. It broke my heart to see this magnificent Doberman so broken, but I knew I could not help him. They put him down that afternoon.

    I have brass ornaments with the names of all of my pets, past and present, engraved on them. I hang them all on my tree and it is sweet to remember those that have crossed the Bridge and are waiting on me there.

    I also have ornaments I have collected on my travels and each one brings back memories of the places my voice has carried me.

    • Interesting about the gator guards. They might have followed me to the house but not due to any whispering talents. I think they’d see me and think “Dinner!”

      Too sad about the doberman. There must be a special place in Hell for those that abuse animals. I can’t imagine…

      I bet yours is a beautiful tree with ornaments from your extensive travels.

  • Heidi Howard says:

    I used to do some impersonations, but my voice won’t do that any more. No talent whatsoever. Except falling on Vacation regularly!
    I would never feed the gators. They start venturing out of their habitat to explore mine just for free food!

    • Heidi – LOL – I can testify to your talent of falling down on vacation. I seem to recall you were all bruised when I first met you. You had just returned from a vacation to Greece I believe.

  • flchen1 says:

    Donna, those are SO cute! I’ll have to try those Christmas light treats for sure!

    As for a gift? No gator whispering for me–I’m not much of an animal person 🙁 I do seem to have a knack for choosing the slowest moving lines at the store, but I’m not sure that’s really a good gift! 😉

    • Oh Fichen – I can so relate to selecting the wrong line in which to wait. Now I keep a kindle in my purse so I can at least read while waiting. Gotta love technology 🙂