A Double Shot Gingerbread Latte Caramel Mocha Vodka Americano to Go…



Ahhhhh!  The smell of gingerbread has begun.  Oh, and spice cookies.  And cinnamon.  And pumpkin…oh, my yes, the pumpkin.

There’s the delicious attack of the Gingerbread Men.  We’ll be doing that right after the Thanksgiving.   We’ll be planning a night with friends and neighbors to make gingerbread houses.  OMGosh, you’ve seen some of these marvelous creations, right?  Ours are NOTHING like that.  Hahahah!  Ours are usually a mish-mosh of gingerbread, icing, gumdrops, and candy.  They look like mutant mini Abominable Snowman Lairs.

But we have so darn much fun!  Ha!

Then there’s the eggnog.  My Eldest son is going through eggnog like locusts through wheatfields in Kansas.  He’s conceived a love for it and drinks it straight from the carton.  Yumbo!!  Me?  Not so much.  I like a little bit now and then, but not the level to which my son’s enjoying it.

If you’re a Starbucks fan, as I am, you’ve gotten the delight of seeing the aprons shift from black and green to Holiday Red. And seeing the Cranberry Bliss bars come back.  And the Gingerbread Spice bread.  And the Pumpkin cupcakes.  Yummmm…And they have these new pecan tart things…ohhhhh my!

Golly, I love the holidays.starbucks-eggnog-latte1

I love the specialty drinks that show up at the Holidays.  Sugar Cookie Latte.  Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Gingerbread Latte.  Wow.

It’s even showing up in the Doughnut Shop.  I got doughnuts this last weekend.  I did not buy the Eggnog Doughnuts, but I thought about it.  Grins.  I got the pumpkin spice ones though!  Oh, yeah baby!

The sugary goodness of cookies, the flavor of drinks hot and cold, the joyful and delicious fun of making cookies or gingerbread with the kids, or with friends.

Fondue.  That’s a holiday thing with us.

Making cookies.  Packing up bags or tins or Tupperware tubs of cookies and treats and sharing them with your neighbors.  Elfing them  heehee!  Have you done this?  Where you leave cookies for the neighbors and dash away, dash away?  Bwahahahah!!  Love that!!

So, tell me….

What’s your favorite flavor of the season?

Have you ever made a Gingerbread House?  Gingerbread men and women?

Eggnog-LatteDo you make shaped cookies of any kind?  Sugar Cookies?

Do you like flavored coffees and drinks like eggnogg?

What’s your favorite?

Tis the season to start talking about FOOOD!!  Let’s start now!




  • Shannon says:

    Am I looking for Tim Tams?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You are, you are!! Grins. And probably eggnog somthings and cookies and…

      The Chook loves them all! (Except gummie bears. He’s not so fond of those)

      • Shannon says:

        I looked at the vitamin gummies, I mean with the Tim Tams, cookies, and ginger somethings he is going to need his B, C and E to survive cold and Thanksgiving season. I’m just saying.

  • Shannon says:

    I cannot not/not begin this discussion without this link to BBC: genderless organic ginger persons. Really!


    What’s your favorite flavor of the season?

    You mention cranberry bliss, but I’m also think peppermint bark that somebody else mentioned a few days back.

    Have you ever made a Gingerbread House? Gingerbread men and women?

    My mom did a couple of Gingerbread Houses. I’m certain that if I could find it we have the 8mm film on CD or video tape because If there was complex assembly and my Dad was around, I am sure it got documented.

    Do you make shaped cookies of any kind? Sugar Cookies?

    It depends on my mood and demand. I can go on baking binges. I’m trying to figure out if I can or will set aside a day for making butterhorns. They are a pastry; the concept is like a croissant, layers of dough with butter in between, but a totally different texture and taste. I want one so bad.

    Do you like flavored coffees and drinks like eggnogg?

    I’m not huge on sweet drinks. I had a lemonade yesterday, and I was flying. Diet oro sugarless for me.

    Tis the season to start talking about FOOOD!! Let’s start now!

    I’m so big on dressing. I love eating it, and I love making it. I’m going over to a friend’s for Thanksgiving. I saw her in the hallway, and we got discussing food. I said I was making dressing for the charity, I could just add some more and bring that. Her face lit up having that task taken away from her. I on the other hand am totally delighted at the opportunity. Now, I may have to take Wednesday off to snap all that bread.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, Shannon, I Looooooove dressing! Yumbo! And peppermint ANYTHING is in season right now. Grins.

      Had to LOL about the politically correct gingerbread persons. SNORK!!! Trust me, they are NOT gender neutral in my house. Heehee.

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    I love the season and all the smells and the fun involved. My favorite flavor is pumpkin. We always bake cookies. Sugar cookies we cut into shapes and decorate. Then I make snowballs, coconut islands, kiss cookies. Wish I could find a really good creamy smooth fudge recipe. At Starbucks it’s the Peppermint Mocha, yum! As for a gingerbread house, my daughters and I try but our attempts so far having been met with great success! Would love to be able to conquer that. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Debbie! I figured all of us Americans would be talking food all next week, so I’d start us off. Hahaha!! I’m with you on decorating for the house. I work with hubby on that and we seem to manage a credible job, but I always wish it would look better. Grins.

  • Deb says:

    Hey, Jeanne. I love anything pumpkin. I don’t drink flavored coffee, but do like a pumpkin cappuccino.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE egg nog! I have had a bottle every morning this week, and, being $1.69 a bottle, it has turned into an expensive treat. LOVE the stuff!! I should make my own; it would be cheaper, and less calories….We won’t even go there, ha!
    I like sugar cookies, but they are a pain to cut and make. I do like to make shortbread for this time of year. A Canadian friend just posted a butter tart recipe, so am going to try that this weekend. It has a simple brown sugar filling, but I think it would be good with almond paste or blackberry filling, etc.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Deb! So, you and my son are on the same page with the eggnog. Grins. :>

      Love the shortbread recipe you sent me and am trying that this weekend!! That butter tart recipe sounds yummy too. Let me know how it turns out!

      As to pumpkin….yes please! Grins.

  • Jeanne,

    I can’t even think about holiday baking right now.

    I just returned from my annual Thanksgiving shopping spree. THIS is MY black Friday. I make a huge list of everything I can conceivably need to make the Thanksgiving feast, down to napkin, aluminum foil and extra butter.

    Why now? Because the last place I ever want to be is the groceries on the two days before Thanksgiving. (There’s always a crowd of people who’ve never made a whole Thanksgiving dinner and have no clue where to get the ingredients or what the recipe calls for and they invariably ask me. 😐

    BUT once this Thanksgiving is over I do start the holiday baking. I begin with … BUCKEYES, because they freeze well. THEN, I make cookie cutter sugar cookies, again, because they freeze well. This is so that when the grandkids come over, we can just whip up some buttercream icing and have a glorious mess of a time decorating them. 🙂 😀 🙂

    Not much of an eggnog drinker. In fact, I never have any. However, there’s this delicious little specialty chocolate shop and I indulge in a big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream in it and a homemade gingersnap cookie to dip into it. YUMMO!!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Mmmmmmm, gingersnaps! Nom, nom, nom. :>

      I’m with you on the shopping. I’m doing mine tonight and tomorrow (early!) Grins.

      Did you know the most common mistake people make is not allowing enough time for the turkey to thaw? Grins.

      And yes, you and I must just have those kind of faces that people trust b/c I get those questions too. “Do you know how to make this?” “Excuse me, can you tell me…”

      • I used to buy a frozen turkey on Friday and let it thaw in the fridge, but the past two years and this year, I ordered a free range turkey. It’s currently resting comfortably in the fridge. 🙂 And yes not letting the turkey thaw in plenty of time is a major problem for people.

  • Jeanne, I’m hungry now that I’ve read that post. Nom, nom, nom. The smell of yummy things baking is one of the best things in the world, isn’t it? Oh, man, I’m about to go professional as a cookie baker, I’ve made so many lately. And I have more to make. And most of them seem to be chocolate chip – it’s funny how people just love the classics, isn’t it?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      And chocolate chip is the best classic of all!

      It is wonderful and cheering and reassuring to have that delicous smell of baking permeate the house. AhhhHH! Grins

  • LOL on the gingerbread houses. Yes – I’ve made my share when the kids were young. First we made “pre-fab” houses in girl scouts. Little houses with graham cracker sides and gingerly attached roofs. Then my daughter and I made the real thing with me cutting out the pieces from a tray of rolled gingerbread, and fitting the pieces together with royal icing (which can be a royal pain in the neck! 🙂 ). The house smelled wonderful. The house wasn’t picture perfect. It was enough work to make me swear to stick with gingerbread men. 🙂

    The best gingerbread house I made wasn’t made of gingerbread at all. I cut the necessary house sides and pieces out of hard styrofoam. Then I decorated with candies, royal icing, and toothpicks (to hold the jelly candies to the roof). The house was beautiful. I think you’re supposed to shellac it if you want to keep it for a couple of years. I didn’t – but sometimes I wish I still had that house.

    I passed a kit of a gingerbread house and considered for a moment, but passed by. Perhaps I’ll trot out the skills again when grandkids are in the house.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ohhhhh yeah, I saw the kits. The boys said, hey! kits! I just shook my head.

      Its messy and crazy and ridiculous, but getting the boys together with a few of their friends, some icing and candy? Totally worth the price of admission. Snork!!

      I’ve done one as a “showpiece” before, with the stryo, but didn’t keep it either. Grins. So much for shellac. Ha!

      Besides, as ou point out, gingerbread people are so much more fun. My DH believes in the old motto, when it comes to gingerbread…”It takes a village…”


  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    I don’t really go for flavored coffees, but I do like the peppermint hot chocolate. Not a fan of eggnog, but my cousin’s husband is always trying to convince to try develop a taste for it. I’ve actually never made a gingerbread house yet, but I was there when the dismantling began and managed to egg a few pieces of the gingerbread house.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! I like peppermint in hot chocolate, but not in coffee. In coffee its toooo sweet for me. Its really too sweet in chocolate too, but I the flavor mix is more my thing. :> Ah…the dismantleing of the house…yum!

  • Amy Conley says:

    Gingerbread with pumpkin a very close second.

    I did all the above at least once when my kids were little. But if they cojld read a recipe, then they made it. I am not a cook.

    Hubby and I juzt returned from the grocery store where I bought light karo syrup to make popcorn balls. I got the cheap syrup, looked at hubby and said, “it really doezn’t matter, we both know it won’t work.” He laughed cause he knows it is true.

  • Rae Latte says:

    My favorite season is fallinter- from Fall till the end of winter my tastebuds and tummy are super happy! I love most anything pumpkin and learn each what sounds different should stay where I found it…on the shelf! This year I tried pumpkin ice-cream and am almost cured of my pumpkin craving.

    As for the peppermint and all things chocolate/mocha I could indulge all year long.

    Today I enjoyed a mocha coffee with white chocolate/peppermint popcorn!

    Ok – all this talk about food is making me sooo hungry and I have a book to read!

    Jeanne I hope you and your family have a blast making those gingerbread houses & people. I’m waiting for someone to come out with a Lego cookie cutter so the houses can be made on brick at a time 😉

    I’m taking the easy way out for Thanksgiving – pumpkin pie from Costco. It’s seriously the best around (even better than homemade!)

  • What’s your favorite flavor of the season?

    Well, my favorite flavor all year is chocolate. But I do enjoy me some peppermint bark as we roll into Christmas.

    Have you ever made a Gingerbread House? Gingerbread men and women?

    Alas, but I have not.

    Do you make shaped cookies of any kind? Sugar Cookies?

    Not usually. I’m happy to eat them, though!

    Do you like flavored coffees and drinks like eggnog?

    Yes, except whiskey in coffee doesn’t do it for me. prefer my eggnog laced with brandy.

    What’s your favorite?

    Eggnog laced with brandy! *g*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Eggnog! Woot! Would you have eaten those eggnog Doughnuts I mentioned? Grins.

      And cookies rock, don’t they? Love making Sugar Cookie. :>

      Peppermint bark…slurp!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    I love the scents of the fall and winter holidays! Right now I’m into pumpkin spice everything…except coffee. I like plain coffee though I do occasionally use flavored creamer.

    Once Thanksgiving has passed, I’ll turn my attention to Christmas flavors, especially peppermint. I do love my peppermint! I make peppermint cream bon bons, peppermint crunch bark and peppermint cookies. And, I treat myself to at least one Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake from Chick Fil A.

    The majority of the Christmas cookies I make are not cut-outs but I do reserve an afternoon for making those with the “under 10” crowd. 🙂

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh! Chick-Fil-A has peppermint chocolate milkshakes??? WOW!!! How cool (and tasty!) is that!!?!?

      And PJ, I’m sure your baking is eagerly anticipated by all who know you, once the holidays hit. Grins.