The RITAs are coming! The RITAs are coming!

Can you feel the anticipation? This Friday, March 25th, Romance Writers of America will announce the finalists for the various RITA and Golden Heart categories.  Every author on this blog knows how it feels to be a Golden Heart finalist (Ahhh…those were the days!) as it was through the Golden Heart contest that we all met.  However, the RITAs, the peer-judged contest for published Romance, is a step above as the entire book is judged and the competition is fierce. So that’s what I’d like to talk about today.  The RITA  contest and the quest for the golden statue on
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March Madness…The OTHER Kind…

Hey gals!  It’s MARCH!!  Wow, how did that happen?  I’m braced for the Basketball Fever that March brings, here at my house, and I thought I’d talk about that today.  However… Bandita Anna C challenged me to something on Facebook.  To list 7 movies over 7 days.  Favorites.  Fun movies.  Things you liked.  I accepted the challenge. Which leads me to another thing to triangulate into this post.  March makes me crazy.  I know, I know, you all KNOW I’m fairly nuts.  I’m a writer, so ergo, crazy to a degree.  But March makes me even nuttier than the nuttiest
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Coming Attractions – MARCH!

It may be coming in like a Lion for some and a Lamb for others, but either way, it’s MARCH!!  WOOT!! It’s a little quiet in the Lair this month – everyone seems to be on deadline and in their caves! – however, we do have SOME action! Come check out Bandita Jeanne’s March Madness Blog on the 8th. Bandita Donna will be on her usual day on March 23, where she’ll be talking RITA Awards and how they work, and anticipating the announcement of finalists on March 25!