Life’s a Beach

LOL – Hi everyone! I’m back from our trip down South.  I think my husband thought we’d return to Ohio sunburnt and smelling faintly of chlorine.  Not so.  Due to the crazy weather patterns, the temperatures in Florida weren’t much improved over the temperatures in Ohio.  IT WAS COLD!! But we still had a good time.  Thought I’d share a bit about our travels. A large storm was predicted for Kentucky and Tennessee on the day of our planned departure.  So we left a day early as our route took us through those states.  Consequently, my packing was pretty haphazard
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Valentine’s Day Bash

Hi, everybody!  Come in and have a seat.  Sven and the guys have outdone themselves with the decorations, the red and pink crepe paper streamers, the hearts and red roses on the tables, and all the gorgeous candles.  And who knew Paolo could make white origami roses out of crepe paper? Or that Lars’s course on flower arranging would turn out so well?  He made that gorgeous spray of red roses on the mantelpiece. As you can see, we have petit fours and truffles, not to mention that Southern classic, Red Velvet Cake.  Yumm! And we have music programmed, so
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Winner! Anna Sugden’s Launch Party

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and joined in the fun with Nancy and me on my book launch day! We had a blast – hope you did too. Without further ado, the cats have eaten their treats and chosen a winner for the signed copy of A Perfect Compromise … Congratulations to Kate Sparks! Please email me via my website or the mailroom here with your snail mail details and I will get your prize off to you.

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Anna Sugden Launches A Perfect Compromise

Today is a big day in the Lair, Anna Sugden’s launch party for the next NJ Ice Cats romance, A Perfect Compromise!  I’m delighted to help her kick it off.  So grab some canapés from the table, give Sven your drink order, and get comfy while we chat about the Ice Cats and their newest couple. Thanks, Nancy! Sven – mine’s an apple mojito. I can’t believe book 4 is already here. It’s seems like yesterday when we partied to celebrate the launch of the first Ice Cats book – A Perfect Distraction – and now here we are celebrating
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Coming in February!

This is Valentine’s month, so we’re celebrating! This is what we have planned: On February 4th, Nancy and Anna Sugden get together to talk about the latest release in Anna’s award-winning New Jersey Ice Cats series. February 14 will be our Valentine’s Day Bash with assorted banditas On February 26, Nancy Northcott blogs about guilty pleasures.  Join her and share yours!     What’s your favorite thing about February?

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