Bandita Booty – No Comfort for the Lost and Fly Swatters

Hi all – Between vacations and the RWA conference, this post sort of got lost – but Nancy has informed me that she has chosen PISSENLIT for a copy of No Comfort for the Lost.  Pissenlit, please go to Nancy Herriman’s website at and give her your contact information.  She’ll send a copy of the book right out. LOUISA CORNELL – I took my fly swatter to conference but I didn’t see you 🙁  (of course, there were several thousand people there and I was running like a rooster with their head cut off).  Could you drop into my website
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Road Trip to Missouri!

Last month we talked about family reunions and this month I’m reporting back on mine 🙂 . At the end of June, my husband and I packed up the car and left Ohio in the midst of a rainstorm to end to sunny Missouri.  The sun is important as we haven’t seen much of it since we returned to Ohio (sigh).  It’s been way too rainy here. Our first stop, the iconic St. Louis arch.  I didn’t realize you could go to the top of the arch, but you can!  (They are remaking and landscaping the park beneath the arch
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Writing the Mystery Series with a dash of Romance

Join me in welcoming my friend, Nancy Herriman, for a return visit to the lair.  You may recall Nancy from her inspirational historicals but she’s changed gears and now writes historical mysteries.  Her latest is absolutely brilliant, but I’ll let her tell you. I have to admit that I’ve always loved mystery series that feature a heroine and a dashing hero to share sleuthing duties. To me, the burgeoning romance always provides extra opportunities for tension. Given how many mystery series seem to have a romance element in them, I can’t be alone in my affection for the trope. So,
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We Have a Winner!

The winner of Robin Gianna’s book, HER GREEK DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL, and a tote bag is…..   Colleen C.  !!!!   Congratulations!  If you can visit Robin’s website at and send her your contact information, she’ll have that in the mail pronto! Thanks everyone for celebrating with us.

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July Coming Attractions

I love July.  It’s hot, sticky with good outdoor eating and firework displays lighting the skies from every little burg and village.  We’ll have some fireworks in the blog as well.  July is the month for the Romance Writers of America convention in New York City.  I’m guessing we’ll be seeing some feedback on that.  Plus we have some guests to the lair.  So check on us often.     On July 14th, Nancy Herriman will be with us discussing the challenges of developing a love story over a number of books in an historical mystery series.   I’ll be
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