It’s that time of year again…sigh…

Hi all – I just got back from Houston, TX last night and I could kick myself.  I should have bought a pair of cowboy boots (or are they cowgirl boots?) while there as their sale is exempt from sales tax.  Go figure!  I was in Houston for an RWA board meeting and didn’t have a lot of time to shop, or means to get to a shopping center, but I’m afraid that was an opportunity lost.  Cowboy boots are a part of the state’s identity and thus receives special treatment — which makes me think of other goofy tax
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Ssh…Caroline Warfield is talking sex

It’s Personal Sex. As my grandson would say, “Aaaawkward.” Let’s chat about it anyway. A few weeks ago someone asked me, “Is there sex in your books?” My first instinct was to shout, “Of course there is. It’s a romance. Sex happens!” My second thought was that the question is actually a more complicated than it sounds. I’ve heard a number of other authors complain that they’d gotten messages from readers saying their work had too much explicit sex. Others complain there isn’t enough. In the world of Fifty Shades, I for one have a hard time deciding just how
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Reminder – No one’s home :)

Hi guys –  Just a reminder that I’m not here today. I’m in Houston, Texas at a Romance Writers of America board meeting.  I had planned to fly home this morning, but today was the only day I could meet the auditors, so I’m still in Houston planning to fly home late tonight.  Hoping I can talk the office staff into partying with me until I absolutely have to go to the airport 🙂 but we’ll see. Don’t miss Caroline Warfield who is blogging tomorrow. I’ll be back on the blog on Wednesday, the 25th.  See you then.

Tiny Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! We’re celebrating with another free Tiny Treats anthology.  This one is officially Tiny Treats 2: a Saint Patrick’s Day Collection.  Like the Christmas version, this collection was compiled and edited by Trish Milburn. My story, “Green Beer,” was inspired by the amazement I felt the first time I beheld such a thing, on a long-ago St. Patrick’s Day in New York city.  Until then, it had never occurred to me that people might change the color of beer.  Brody Hamilton, the mage archer who is the story’s hero, thinks it’s kind of strange. But it’s also
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Bound by Moonlight in print!

Woohoo!!!  I was over at Amazon and just noticed that the print edition of Bound by Moonlight is now available! Now the ebook is still the better buy…and this is the same book as The Trouble With Moonlight that was released in 2008…but it’s still a fun read.  🙂  I’m working on the sequel as we speak.  If you haven’t read Bound by Moonlight, give it a try.  

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Spring Books, Springboks, Reeboks and Heading into Bloooom Time!

We got 10″ of snow in the DC area on Thursday.  The kids were off Friday too, thanks to that 10″ snowfall.  We’d already had a snow day on Monday, and two days off the previous week.  So, with that, we’ve had only two weeks since January 1 where the kids have been in school for a full 5-day week. Now, for the kids, this has been fun.  For those of us who are parents, trying to actually do jobs for which we get paid?  Its a nightmare.  As a writer who works from home, it’s already hard enough to get
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Hello again, everyone! Here are the prize winners from my Bon Voyage party. Thank you all for participating and also many thanks to the generous authors who joined in the fun and offered prizes.  Congratulations to all who won! Please email me at christina AT christina-brooke DOT com to claim your prize. WINNER: Louisa Cornell PRIZE: Copy of Angel in Armani Print or ebook AREA RESTRICTIONS OF PRIZE: For the ebook, you need to be an customerAUTHOR WEBSITE:   WINNER: Cathy P PRIZE: A Perfect Catch (signed) FORMAT OF PRIZE (Print, Audio, Ebook): Print AREA RESTRICTIONS OF PRIZE: International AUTHOR WEBSITE:     WINNER: Kim PRIZE: Why Earls
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March Coming Attractions

Finally March!  Can spring be far behind?  I sure hope not! Welcome to the first month of the new, laid-back Lair.  As you can see, we’ll be around from time to time, and we’ll also have guests on occasion.     Bandita Jeanne Adams will be in the Lair on March 8th to talk about Spring Books, Springboks, Reeboks and Heading Into Bloom Time (just kidding about the Springboks.  Wanted to see if you were paying attention!)  She’ll also be giving away a copy of her WWII Novella, Behind Enemy Lines.       On March 17, celebrate St. Patrick’s
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