My Future Jo Thanks My Past Jo

I just returned from a visit to New Jersey to spend time with my daughter and her family, and while I learned much about the dynamics of NJ, NY, and Kennan’s connection with the communities there, I also garnered a bit of wisdom from her.  My future self thanks my past self.  We stayed up very late each night, chattering on about different aspects of our lives, sharing new, and often strange moments we’d experienced.  Almost every night the dishes were left stacked on the counter by the dishwasher.  Who wanted to do dishes when such enticing alternatives were available?
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National Readers’ Choice Awards finalist

SEIZED by Suzanne Ferrell is a finalist in the National Readers’ Choice Awards for 2013, novella category. Winner will be announced at RWA National in San Antonio in July.

I can see clearly now…

True confessions time:  I have terrible eye sight. Now everybody says they have terrible eye sight, but I really do.  Oh, it’s definitely not as bad as it could be.  I mean, I don’t have bifocals yet (knock on wood) & my eye doctor (whom I visited just today) said my macula are immaculate.  But for some people, glasses are just helpful.  For me, they’re absolutely necessary.   I don’t have a bedside clock, for example.  I just wear my watch to bed.  It’s big & ugly, but it has indiglo & I can bring it right up to my nose without
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Summer Is Around The Corner

I know, I know. Some of you are just digging out of the frozen winter we just endured. **Waving at Bandita Susan.**  And some are heading into the fall of your year. **Waving at Banditas Anna C and Christina.** However, it’s been springish warm down here in Texas. In fact, the other day I spent a wonderful day sitting outside on my patio, writing and enjoying the blue skies. Our new puppy, Rusty, is just about 7 months old, so this is his first spring. Which means he tends to do very funny things. For a while he spent time
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Embracing the Unexpected

Do you know one of those people who always figures out the murderer in an Agatha Christie, or sees the twist in the tale coming long before it’s revealed? (I’m thinking of my buddy Anna Campbell, who probably hasn’t been surprised by a story twist since Dorothy landed in Oz). Aren’t they irritating? (Sorry, Anna! I mean that in the nicest possible way). Particularly if they guess the secret before you do–my husband still doesn’t believe I guessed The Crying Game secret immediately–that’s what I get for being too considerate to blurt it out before the end! It’s a bit
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Cross Springs In Bloom


The time between finishing one book and starting another is always odd for me.  Part of my brain wants to cling to the last book while another part wants to move on to these other people and their problems and hopes and dreams. With Sentinel out, I’m starting Warrior, Will Davis’s book, and I’m at that funny in-between stage again.   I’ve spent two novels and two novellas with Will, so I know him pretty well, but I’m still working on getting to know his Audra.   And then there are all these other people.  Nemesis, the next novel, is plotted. Avenger, the
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Bound by Moonlight Winner

Thanks everyone for celebrating the launch of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT with me.  It was a blast. The winner of a copy of the original book, The Trouble with Moonlight, is …… MARCY SCHULER !!!!!!! Marcy – if you go to and send me your address.  I’ll get that autographed copy in the mail to you as soon as I get back from Barbara Vey’s luncheon this weekend.   Thanks so much for joining the fun!  

Small Things Are Cute

There’s something intrinsically and undeniably adorable about miniature anythings. I remember once when I was a teenager, I saw a sample-sized tube of toothpaste. I grabbed it off the shelf and showed it to a friend, saying, “Awwww! It’s so cute!” It was a tube of toothpaste, people. Nothing cute about that! Except… it was tiny, and its mere tininess softened my heart. (Remember, I was a hormonal teenager at the time. Cut me some slack.) I have a tiny globe in my office that is utterly useless. You certainly couldn’t use it to figure out the location of a
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Allie Burton returns to the Lair!

  If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve met my friend, Allie Burton. Allie is the author of young adult paranormal romances, including the Lost Daughters Of Atlantis series. Today Allie is here to tell us about writing an underwater series. Please help me welcome my friend, Allie Burton back to the Bandit Lair! Reasons Why I Write In An Underwater World 1. I’ve always been fascinated with ocean life. When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist. Of course, getting seasick ruled out that career. Still, I loved the ocean and lived in
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