A SEAL’s Salvation Launch Celebration

Yay and whoohooo, there’s another Sexy SEAL on the shelves!!  That means it’s Launch Party Time!!!  I am ecstatic to share this book!  So happy that I think I might be able to get Sven and the boys to do a little dance for us (what?  You don’t want to see me dance.  They are much more fun!)  For today’s celebration, we’ll be doing something a little different.  Yes, of course there is a chocolate fountain, champagne and the margarita machine!!  It’s not a party without those. But we also have ice cold milk being brought around by the cabana
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The Year of Living Organizationally

So I’ve just handed in revisions on THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE (yay!) and my children started back at school this week. It’s time to haul my life back on course. 2014 is going to be my year of being organized, people! Yes, you heard it here first. I’m a person who doesn’t like routine but actually thrives on routine when I have one–perverse, I know! I’ve discovered that the more organized you are, the easier it is to live in the moment. You don’t have to constantly worry about the next thing because you know there will be time. You’ve
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Bandit Booty!

The winner of my release day prize of trade paperback editions of both LONDON’S LAST TRUE SCOUNDREL and THE GREATEST LOVER EVER is Cecilia Clark! Congratulations, Cecilia! Please contact me on christina AT christina-brooke DOT com to claim your prize.

Talent for Trouble

I didn’t mean to

My youngest child has a catch phrase:  “I didn’t mean to.” It’s become sort of her signature song.  Break something?  “I didn’t mean to!”  Forget something?  “I didn’t mean to!”  Tackle her older sister to the ground under the guise of giving her a hug?   “But I didn’t mean to!” What she’s saying (as I understand it) is that she didn’t intend to hurt her sister.  But, yes, she fully intended to tackle her.  In her seven-year-old mind, these events are completely unconnected.  A hug is fun! Affectionate!  A flying tackle of a hug is only more so. But,
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Baby It’s Cold Outside!

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere we’ve had a rather chilly winter. Oh, alright. It’s dang cold out there!! Temperatures have plummeted below freezing all over North America. In Minnesota, the reports from Bandita Susan is snow, ice and temperatures below zero, forcing school closings! (I thought they went to school up there no matter what, but I guess blizzard conditions prevent that!) My mom, (HEY MOM!) who reads the blog daily, reported yesterday that she had over 6 inches of snow Saturday, more was falling on Sunday…and she was “just plain sick of winter.” Hate to
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What??!! Your Mom’s a Lesbian?

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what I’m really taking about. Recently my son’s girlfriend’s best friend (are you lost yet?) flew from New York to be married here in Sacramento.  The woman, who is a lesbian, married a transgendered man (don’t ask – it’s confusing).  While they were visiting with my son and his girlfriend, one of them took a look at my books, displayed on the shelf, particularly at the author photo on the back (see above right). After a moment the guest said, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but your
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In Short…

Hi, everyone!  Today’s topic is one I wouldn’t have thought about before I had an ereader.   It’s short fiction–novellas and short stories.  The advent of ebooks makes it possible to buy one short story, one novella, not an entire anthology.  This was a boon to me because I usually found, in buying anthologies, that there was one story I didn’t like so much.  Sometimes I liked them all, but not every time.   And sometimes there was only one story that interested me at all. Pay $6.99 for one novella or short story?  Um, no.  Not unless I like
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Books as Design Inspiration

A friend of mine recently took All Summer Long by Susan Mallery to the paint store to find a pale lilac paint color that matched the cover. Then she painted her home office that color, and it looks fabulous. Which got me thinking about the cover of my next Bibliophile Mystery, THE BOOK STOPS HERE. I absolutely love the pop of color that the blue wing chair gives to the crowded old attic on the cover. It works, I think, because the walls are a neutral color, and that blue immediately draws the eye. (I hope it will draw readers’
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Terri Osburn’s Booty

We have a winner for Terri Osburn’s prize!  The winner gets a Kindle download of whichever one of Terri’s Anchor Island books she chooses!  And the winner is… Patty L Congratulations, Patty!  Please email Terri directly:  Terri AT Terri Osburn DOT com (no spaces) and let her know which book you prefer. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

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