A SEALs Surrender

A SEALs Seduction

2012 Reading Roundup

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!   Sven has canapes and hot punch ready, with champagne chilling for midnight.  So grab a seat, make yourself comfortable, and let’s talk about books and authors we discovered this year. The beauty of books is that a reader can discover an author’s debut long after the author has released many, many other books.  And that’s part of the joy of discovering such an author.  If I like one book, I can go out and find more without having to delay that gratification for months.  It’s kind of like having a first date with someone
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First Crush, First Kiss

Eight-year-old Max drags into his mother’s kitchen, clearly despondent and more than a bit worried. “What’s wrong?” Mom asks. Max shakes his head in despair and amazement at the predicament he’s in.  “Sarah – you know Sarah, right, Mom?” Mom nods while she stirs something on the stove. “Sarah says I’m her boyfriend now.” His handsome face wrinkles in perplexity.  “And now that I’m her boyfriend, tomorrow I have to bring her two packages of silly bands and a white rose.” A long, silent pause while Mom scouts for an appropriate answer and struggles not to laugh. “Mom, this is
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Games, games, games

It’s been something of a tradition in our house that our kids give my husband a game for Christmas.   Now my kids are 6 & 9, so I’m using the word tradition lightly, but every year for the past few years–as long as they’ve been old enough to be conscious of Christmas & their role as gift givers–they’ve wanted to give my husband a game.  This is because Mr. Sey is a game guy.  If there are cards, dice, or playing pieces involved, he’s there.  He’s equal opportunity, too.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.  He’s as
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What A Difference A Year Makes!

Wow, 2012 has been one big mass of change! It was a roller coaster year for my family, my work and my writing career! Here, let me show you: January: my daughter Lyndsey, (y’all have met her here) was laid off from the office managing job she’d had for nearly 8 years. Talk about a kick to the stomach to start the new year. She and her hubby have 3 small children, which she would love to stay home to care for, but finances might not let her do that. February: My friend Liliana Hart sat me down at lunch after a
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Boxing Day Bounty and more!!

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy holidays to stop by the Lair and join in the fun of celebrating my sale! Thanks too for taking part in our fun quiz. The answers were … 1. Beth Andrews – In This Town 2. Trish Milburn – Hill Country Hearts 3. Susan Sey – Kiss The Girl 4. Christina Brooke – A Duchess to Remember 5. Jeanne Adams – Deadly Charms 6. Me! – One of my favourite hockey hunks! 7. Anna Campbell – The Winter Wife 8. Tawny Weber – Nice & Naughty 9. Joan Kayse –
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Holiday Memories -and a 12 Day recap

Santa is tucked away in his bed, Mrs. Claus snuggled close.  The reindeer have munched down on their post-world-trip meal and are cozied in the hay for a recovery nap.  The elves shut down the toy factory for a well-needed break, their bags packed for the January vacation yet to come, while the repair crew is gearing up to retrotfit the factory for yet another technological upgrade (that technology, it just keeps on advancing).   And here in the lair, under the tree is bare.  Sven and the crew are all enjoying their holiday gifts, and hoping for a little
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12 Days of Bandita Christmas Grand Prize Winner

Drum roll, please, for the 12 Bandita Days of Christmas Grand Prize winner…. Congratulations, Pissenlit! Pissenlit, please contact Nancy with snail mail and download info via her website contact form (www.NancyNorthcott.com) or her FB page. Here’s a list of the package contents: The Truth about the Sullivans trilogy by Beth Andrews Tawny Weber, Nice & Naughty Donna MacMeans, Casanova Code Deb Marlowe, Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick and Tall, Dark and Disreputable Autographed copy of Last Chance to Run plus a certificate for Nowhere Safe (due February) by Dianna Love, plus a Keeper Kase loaded with cards from Dianna (via Cassondra) Paperback of Defying Her Desert Duty by Annie West Download of “The Perfect Gift” and
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Happy Boxing Day!!!

Yes, it’s time for the annual Boxing Day celebration, hosted by the Lair’s one and only Brit! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever festival you celebrate, but aren’t too full to join in the fun. Especially, as we’re hosting an extra-special party in the Lair today. The hockey hunks have taken over the grand ballroom and turned it into their own party rink. (Don’t worry, Ermingarde has been locked in her tower for the duration.) The bar is stocked with your favourite drinks – with lots of ice, naturally. Sven, Paolo and the gang have prepared delicious nibbles (no,
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