I love Friends.¬†     And my friends ūüôā The older I get (lets not talk about that) and the crazier life gets (holy cow, lets definitely not talk about that) the more I appreciate how lucky I am to have a fabulous circle of friends. The Romance Bandits is the perfect example of how special friends can be. Most people who read the blog know our history, we all came together as Golden Heart finalists, so that and a love for writing were pretty much our common bonds. Within the group there were already tight friendships. Beth and Anna
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Winner For Jodi Thomas guest day!

Congratulations to KESTREL!¬† You’re the winner of a signed copy of WILD TEXAS ROSE by Jodi Thomas!! Send me your snail mail information to suzanne AT suzanneferrell DOT com and I’ll see that Jodi gets that book to you ASAP!  

School Daze

When I was a kid, I loved September ‚Äď going back to school and buying¬†new supplies. There was something magical about brand-new unsharpened pencils, three-ring binders and filler paper. There were no electric pencil sharpeners and I enjoyed sharpening them by hand, watching the fresh shavings drop to the floor. And crayons ‚Äď why does a freshly opened box of crayons have such a terrific scent?   Later, as a teacher, I enjoyed putting up¬†new bulletin boards with funky lettering¬†and making my classroom appealing with classic Beatles posters in spite of age-old linoleum (or often worn carpeting) and peeling walls.
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Braco Bombers

Recipes don’t come much easier than this, I promise! Ten minutes of cooking and prep, and dinner’s on the table. 2 Bratwurst, cooked and cut into small chunks Flour tortillas Shredded cheddar cheese or Mexican cheese blend Lettuce, tomato, onions Ranch dressing Warm the bratwurst chunks. Warm the tortillas for about 20 seconds each in a pan on the stove, flipping once. On each tortilla, pour some ranch dressing. Add all the other ingredients, roll up, and enjoy!

On the Run

The first year I lived in Minnesota, I discovered a truly wonderful thing.¬† The State Fair. ¬† I know I’ve posted about my abiding love of all things deep-fried & on-a-stick many times before, so I won’t bore you with the laundry list of everything I ate this year. ¬†Though I really ought to give a quick shout-out to the fried green beans with garlic dip that came with a side-dish of bag piper. ¬†(Seriously.) ¬†And the chocolate cannoli that rocked our world. ¬†And the sweet-corn-and-bacon pizza that was so good I swear I heard angels singing. ¬† But I’m
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NYT bestselling author, Jodi Thomas returns to the Lair!

  I stumbled upon Jodi Thomas in the grocery one day. Okay, not the actual person, Jodi Thomas, but one of her historical western romances. With three school age children in tow, my reading material was often bought on runs to pick up toilet paper and milk. So I took¬†BENEATH THE TEXAS SKY home and read it that night. I’ve been in love with Jodi’s writing and characters ever since. ¬† I recently went home to visit my mother and what book was she just finishing? Jodi’s latest WILD TEXAS ROSE, which she’d bought at the grocery! ¬† A number
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Heather Snow Prize winner!

Who said comment #13 wasn’t lucky? ANNE! You are our winner from Heather Snow’s guest appearance! Please email me at christina AT christina-brooke DOT com to claim your prize!

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Winners of Swag/books from RWA conference!

So, I’m a little behind this summer, but I haven’t forgotten that I promised some bags of swag and a few books from the RWA conference this year. So here are the winners from the blog, The Night The Lights Went Out! #1 MELODY MAY!! #2 DEB!! CONGRATULATIONS, MELODY AND DEB!!! Ladies, please send me your snailmail addy to suzanne AT suzanneferrell DOT com and I’ll get your bag of goodies to you ASAP! (Also, tell me what subgenre of books you like to read.)  

Mia Downing’s winner

The winner of a copy of Mia Downing’s Spy Games: Trained for Seduction is Nona Raines! Congratulations. Please contact me via the Mailroom pull-down menu above with your mailing address and e-mail address.

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