Temple Rivers’ Winner

The winner of a $10 gift certificate from Amazon goes to             Anne!!!!       The Golden Rooster says congratulations, Anne.  Please send your email addy to me at:      jo.lewisrobertson@yahoo.com and we’ll see that you receive your gift!

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Ellen Hartman’s Winners

The winners of copies of Ellen’s THE LONG SHOT are: Laney4 Maureen and our own Jeanne Adams! Please contact Ellen at: ellen@ellenhartman.com and let her know if you’d like a paper or electronic copy of her wonderful story!

Sandy Blair talks about her Scot

 Today I have one of my favorite people and authors in the whole world visiting, Sandy Blair, author of five historical Scottish novels and three novellas. Sandy took a leap of faith last year and e published The King’s Mistress. I love Geneen and her brawny Scot, Brit so much. He tends to make her crazy and she him. Want to know how Sandy writes these heroes so well? She lives with one! So here’s Sandy to give you a glimpse on life with a brawny Scot! Tales from the Caves #1: The Scot’s and mine  The SCOT  There’s a 6 foot,
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Guest Debut Author Temple Rivers

Today we have special guest author Temple Rivers, the pseudonym for a romance author who wishes to remain anonymous.  To protect the innocent, as they say, tee hee. Please welcome erotica debut author Temple Rivers, who is showcasing her first historical erotic novella, “Willing Seduction.”   Jo:            Temple, tell us what prompted you to sashay into the world of erotica. Temple:           Accident, pure accident!  I had entered this short piece into one of Harlequin’s “Spice” contests.  The novella got no action (pun intended), but I thought it might work on the electronic circuit, so I published it myself at Amazon’s
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How did I miss that?

I’m a huge Little Women fan.  I’m sure this shocks nobody, but it’s true.  I read it for the first time when I was about nine, & I still give it a read at least once a year.  Sometimes that’s enough, but sometimes it’s just a jumping off point.  Sometimes I spiral into a Louisa May Alcott binge that won’t be satisfied until I’ve torn through her entire backlist.   When my firstborn turned out to be a girl, I tried to name her Louisa.  My husband vetoed that for inscrutable reasons, so I suggested Josephine.  Who doesn’t love Jo,
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It’s Memorial Day in the United States. It used to be called Decoration Day and we honor all our war veterans, living and deceased. It used to always be celebrated on May 30th. Why? Uhm, because at the time, that was a day with no know battles on it and it was meant to honor those soldiers who died in the Civil War. After World War I it became a way to honor veterans of all wars. But I always think of my”Granpa Sherm” on Memorial Day.  William Sherman Lewis was born in March, 1888, in western North Carolina. His family eventually
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Wild Bandita Booty

Woot and thank you to everyone who joined in to celebrate the launch of Wild Thing with me.  I’m so appreciative of all the book love, and how much you enjoy pets in stories 🙂   I turned to the handy dandy random number generator for help choosing a winner, and it chose Catslady!  Congratulations.  If you’ll email me with your shipping info, I’ll get your copy of Blazing Bedtime Stories volume VII right out to you. 

Wild Thing Launch Party

Woot! It’s Launch Time here in the lair. My 15th (that’s FIFTEEN, baby! Yikes) release is out now!!! WILD THING is a part of the Blazing Bedtime Stories volume VII anthology, with one of my favorite authors – Rhonda Nelson  Here’s the official blurb: It’s bedtime—and bestselling authors Rhonda Nelson and Tawny Weber have two deliciously wicked tales to tell you… Just call him Prince Charming… Compared to her beautiful siblings, groomer Andrea Tanner always felt like an ugly stepsister.  But when she’s left tied up and fuming, her prize pooch, Medusa, stolen, Andrea can’t help hoping her prince will
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Isn’t that a great word, “sold?”  I haven’t been all that fond of it for a while.  It always applied to someone else’s book, never mine, so hearing it generated a little envy and a lot of longing.  There was also a degree of fear that it would never apply to a book of mine. Well, now it does, and I think it’s a fabulous word, a splendid word, an amazing word! Yeah, okay, stopping now. *g* My agent has sold the first two books in my contemporary mage series, The Protectors, to Grand Central’s new electronic and PoD line,
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Off with Their Heads!

Every family has one – a mother or uncle or grandparent who can’t seem to keep everyone’s head in the picture. If you’re lucky, you get from the chin down, so at least you can see how your smile has matured over the years. In my family, we have all sorts of pictures with one or more headless kids. Lots of scabbed knees, but very few foreheads in evidence. And my poor dad didn’t stand a chance at all – since he was the tallest of us, whenever mom was behind the camera, he suffered a bloodless yet still grisly
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