Quick Five – Let’s Talk Cookies!

I rarely go to a grocery store these days, as most of our grocery shopping is done online and delivered to our front door. However, recently, we had to go to a local supermarket to pick up some things for my father-in-law. Because he has a sweet tooth, we ended up in the biscuits and cakes aisle. Those of you know me, know I’m usually tempted more by savoury snacks than sweet. So, I didn’t see this as a problem aisle … until I spotted some childhood favourites! Before you could say chocolate chip cookie, several packets of biscuits had
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RITA Finalist 2012!

We’re so proud that Christina Brooke’s Heiress in Love is a 2012 RITA finalist! For those of you who don’t know what that means, a RITA is the romance industry’s equivalent of the Oscars for published authors! You may recall that the Banditas are all Golden Heart finalists – the industry’s equivalent of the Oscar for unpublished authors. Romance Writers of America honours the best in published romance novels, as judged by their published members. The winners will be announced at their annual conference in July, in Anaheim.

Shipping and Shippers — It’s Not About Transportation

I’m probably behind the times, but I recently learned a new term used primarily among fans of  television series. It’s called “shipping.”  I now realize I’ve been shipping since I was a girl, at least in my head.  When a movie or television show didn’t connect the right characters, when Perry Mason didn’t fall for his trusted Della Street or Scully and Mulder didn’t hook up, I fantasized about a new world in which they belonged together, got married, had children. Turns out this is called “shipping.”  Who knew?  It’s all the rage now among middle-agers and young folks alike.  It’s part of
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Potter Fever

My house has been struck by Harry Potter Fever.  Again. It usually strikes for the first time about the age a kid can read a decent chapter book.  We had our first go round maybe three years ago & I was happy to roll with it.  I put the brakes on after Book Three, though, because Book Four–The Goblet of Fire–is where things Get Real, as they say.   People start dying, the Nazi-esque overtones get more obvious.  My kids already have a propensity to end up in my bed.  I didn’t want to exacerbate to the situation.  So we
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Technical Difficulties

The Romance Bandits site, along with others on the web, is having technical difficulties and is currently inaccessible to most of the bandits and many of our visitors.  We suspect hi-jinks by the Golden Rooster, but he’s making himself scarce today.  Possibly because he fears Demetrius will corner and question him.  Our web gurus are working on this.  As soon as the situation resolves, we will return to our regular posting schedule. We thank you for your patience.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Updated to note: I am so sorry, there is a glitch with the site and it keeps bouncing me today so I couldn’t comment. But I have been able to get into the dashboard, so I’ve posted the answers for everyone to see (in red, below). Wonder if anyone got them all right? Thanks so much for participating and I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to do the same! This is not my usual blog day so I thought we’d try a fun game of guess what book this line came from? (With random pictures of nice-looking men who
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A Ride in the Wayback Machine

Last week, the boy was home for Spring break.  He mostly hung out with his friends who were also on break or still in high school, but on Saturday, he asked if we could go see The Secret Life of Arietty. This is Ghibli Studios’ anime adaptation of Mary Norton’s The Borrowers, the story of a tiny girl and her tiny family who live secretly in big people’s homes and “borrow” what they need to keep going (much as we would “borrow” a Kleenex, with no intention of giving it back, except that the “lenders” are unaware of the borrowing).
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Morgan Malone – Come on Down!

The winner of the Welcome to the Hunger Games post is Morgan Malone (Debbi).  Morgan please send your contact information to www.DonnaMacMeans.com and let me know which of my backlist books you’d prefer. Thanks everyone for commenting and May the odds be EVER in your favor!

Susan Mallery on BAREFOOT SEASON

Kate: I want to welcome my good friend Susan Mallery to the Lair today. Susan’s latest book, BAREFOOT SEASON, is the first book of her new series, set on picturesque Blackberry Island, Washington. BAREFOOT SEASON has romance in it – two, actually – but it’s really the story about the healing of a friendship between women who fell in love with the same man. Welcome, Susan! Susan: Thank you so much for inviting me to join you at Romance Bandits. I’m a little disconcerted. Last time I visited, your website looked much different than it does today. Don’t get me
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