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Long ago and in a galaxy far away, the stars and the moon aligned and nineteen aspiring authors came together in a collision known as the 2006 Golden Heart Finalists. They joined forces, built the Lair, and started blogging about romance, reading and life.  Along the way, they published several books, took some esteemed writing contests by storm, and acquired a Golden Rooster with an exalted opinion of himself. Welcome to the Lair. And keep a wary eye out for that rascally bird.

On a Bender

by Nancy and Jeanne N: Jeanne and I both enjoy books that don’t fit squarely into a niche, romances or books with strong romantic elements that bend the genre lines. So today we’re chatting about those.J: You know, that always sounds hinky. In a Bend-it-like-Beckham kind of way. (Speaking of Genre Bending) N: Bwhahaha! I didn’t start out reading as much romance as I do now. I discovered science fiction (and comic books) and mystery first. I read YA romances without realizing that’s what they were, courtesy of my local library and the Scholastic Book Club, but I didn’t read
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The Cutest Guys of the New TV Season

Here in southern California, the average high temperature in August is 85 degrees. In September, it’s 83, and at night it gets down into the mid-sixties. We can’t exactly say “Fall is in the air.” No, here in the motion picture capital of the world, we say “Fall is on the air.” The change of seasons in sunny southern California happens on TV. It takes a lot to tempt me away from my books. And by “a lot,” I mean “cute guys.” And if there are a lot of cute guys on the show, I’m even more tempted! Here is
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Days of the Week

by KJ Howe Have you ever wondered where the names came from for the days of the week? I find the origins of these accepted standards intriguing, and I hope you will as well. Who decided on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the names of our 24-hour days of the week–and why? The names of the days of the week from the Roman period have been both named after the seven planets of astronomy and numbered, with Sunday as the beginning. In Slavic languages, a numbering system was adopted, but it began with Monday. An even
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Never Quit Learning!

by Donna MacMeans I was on the University of Cincinnati campus this weekend to see my two star general (retired) brother receive an award from his alma mater for achieving the highest rank of any UC ROTC graduate. That’s him in black accepting a plaque (below) …guess I needed a zoom attachment on my ipad (grin – you should see the one of him officiating the coin toss at the football game that followed this presentation – talk about tiny!) Classes start midweek on campus so besides the football game, there was an excitement in the air of moving in,
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RWA Nationals 2011

RWA Nationals 2010

Board Games – Quick 5

by Anna Sugden The other night, we were discussing the fad of playing board games. It used to be that everywhere you went, from family visits to dinner parties with friends, the board games would come out and off everyone would go. [We won’t mention the whole wives falling out with husbands, brothers and sisters not on speaking terms thing .] Though many of us remember the days of Life, Monopoly or Scrabble, and Kerplunk, Mousetrap or Operation, there was also Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and variations on the Charades theme. Two of my favourites were Celebrity Taboo and PSI. In
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Another Prize Winner!

The winner from Jo’s Sunday blog “Secrets” is . . . JANGA!!! Please contact me at to claim your prize. Congratulations!

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